Brothers and former Jodeci stars K-Ci and JoJo are about to appear in their very own reality show called K-Ci  & JoJo… Come Clean.

Former A-list stars reduced to appearing in a reality vehicle. Desperate times folks… desperate times…..

This is just sad….

Will you be tuning in?

[Thanks Ronke]

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  1. Do ‘famous’ people have no friends? Someone couldnt be real with them and tell them this is all levels of wrong??? Was the high pony tail and shades Devante? “A dream that we almost messed up…” almost? Why did I scrap with my friend for a Diary of A Mad Band poster…

  2. i will be tuning in…. I think if this is done in honesty it can help a lot of people. Plus i’m sure it will be good tv. I look at it like this…weather they had real friends or not…they had money. And they also had a mother…and if she couldn’t get them to stop….no one could. So i don’t judge things like this because it could have been me or you for that matter. All it takes is one time…and you can be hooked. So lets just hope these brothers are for real. And that they really want help. And i will say this i seen them in concert years back…they are really good live.

  3. There are very few artists who I will PAY money for to listen to their matierial. When I say few I’m talking about Mariah and Linkin Park. K-Ci and JoJo were also on that list. Eveything else I teef online. But WTH happened to them man? I love their music and rather than get more material from them we will now have this. They are so talented, and although they weren’t they eye candy of Jodeci they certainly were the voices behind it. They should be charting, touring, and on the red carpet. I miss their presence in the music industry.

  4. I don’t see what the big deal is… People have issues…. and hopfully they have over come them. It will be interesting to see…don’t you think???

  5. The fact that they are doing a reality show tells alot. For some reason these reality shows don’t deliver. A documentary, may be, a song, yes 4 me. Reality show, not really.

  6. @Moreno it’ll be car crash TV in the same vein as Being Bobby Brown. The TV companies are not producing this because it’ll have a magical happy ending…

  7. @melissadelic…. i think you might be right….. And now that i think about it…it will be a car crash. They would have not produced this if it didn’t have a lot of drama…… Right you are sista…. I guess it was just wishful thinking….

  8. If I were an alcoholic I doubt this would help me, as lati said, it’s not a documentary. Some things should be done in private. If this turns out to be as humiliating as that clip shows, I hope their so called friends/advisors stick around. I can’t see the alcoholics/drug addicts I work with being the slightest bit interested in watching this. This is sensationalism to revive their career, probably wasn’t pitched to them like that but it is what it is.

  9. I think people who do reality shows have developed perfect excuses for doing them that people are caught between emotional guilt traps and seeing it for what it really is. It is just a chance to revive their career indeed. But really, how many have managed to even revive their careers from doing reality shows. They all seem to be trapped in the reality show cycle, from one reality show to another to another, it has beome a job really for their own benefit really. It is what it is. The fact that many of them are doing reality shows for survival, tells alot.

  10. Well, we all fuck up at some point, let’s hope they actually pull themselves together and make full recovries.

    I’m alarmed at that dude at 1:33 – is that Devante?!! Damn…to think I idolised him as a teen. He looks even more of a mess now than he did at that catastrophic V-Day concert Jodeci did a few yrs ago.

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