Nicki Minaj and Will.Iam came out looking like this (see below) for their pre-show VMA performance.


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  1. People were outraged he turned up in ‘black face’, now I see the pic, I’m not seeing what the fuss was all about. It’s not like he dressed up as a gollywog. I just see it as he wore a black superhero suit and painted his face to match it. why has every damn thing gotta be racial?

    Let me get this straight, those that were complaining were mad because as a black man he blacked up his face. I wonder how many of those same people feel no way about using the N word. Both things black folks get mad when white folks do (quite rightly so), but allow it for themselves. So not understanding how a black face on a black man in this context sparked so much outrage. I just think he looks dumb.

    As for HER….I can’t stand her. she’s a gimmick and the quicker her career falls faster than 50 Cent’s, the happier I’ll be.

    They both look ridiculous. It’s amazing what will people will do for attention, just to get talked about on Twitter/blogs.

  2. I was expecting painted on white lips to go with a painted face and clownish clothes. He just looks like a silly cartoon. I just think it’s sad that this is what they think they have to do to generate some hype.

    @LondonDiva – you just know some black people were complaining like “That NIGGA wearing blackface!”

  3. Pheva :
    @LondonDiva – you just know some black people were complaining like “That NIGGA wearing blackface!”

    I did genuinely LOL @ that. There isn’t much going on with Will.I.Am at the moment so what better way to get his name out there than dress up like this and do it with the person everybody is talking about.

  4. Personally, I actually liked the whole superhero getup on both of them. Hey, if Gaga could dress as a butcher’s chopping block…

  5. He needs to watch Baboozled by Spike Lee then after that listen to “The Minstrel Show” by Lil’ Brother. He’ll get why it’s a problem after that.

    The thing is he probably intended to do something “different” and didn’t mean any harm but you cant just do anything as if you live in a cultural vacuum

  6. He looks like an ass, but if people think this is ‘blackface’ then they don’t know what blackface really is. I expected something a lot worse. if he was Drake’s colour and did this then i’d understand the outrage, but damn i struggled to find where he painted his face. seriously get a grip people.

  7. My God! Who is Will.I.Am supposed to be, Captain Africa? Incredible Shaft?! This is ridiculous and childish. I swear one of these days i’m going to turn up NAKED at an awards show with only a bow tie or ribbon tied to my “engine”! Better yet, i might even wear ROAD KILL !!

  8. This is not Blackface, my god! When a model is covered in black is that blackface too. People read up ! A superhero is guess what, not of the human race they can be whatever damn colour they want to be. Black illiteracy on black history, whatever next

  9. Lets mock it 4 attention. Can’t see anything more 2 it. Its Will i am and Nicki. Am not bothered. I don’t do their music anyway.

  10. I guess he missed out the lipstick to complete the outfit hehehehe!

    To me it was laughable. I can understand how folks could react negatively to it. I mean when Chelsea Handler referred to Kanye West as “the big fat elephant” in the room I saw my American folks on Twitter react. Also when Chelsea had loads of black men slapping her ass in the intro I saw the same reaction

    basically in America folks are so sensitive to issues that have any racial connotation. Well that’s what i’ve observed.

  11. If you want to generate hype so fast, mock anything related to black racism. And then see a fire spread so fast.

    He looks like one of the characters in x-men 2. LOL!

  12. Oooops that what I meant to type “big fat black elephant” the Americans on my timeline reacted to that and many other jokes she cracked

    Thanks Janice!

  13. Uhm they look ridiculous but I did not take this as black face… he is already black…so no… only when a white person does it and only does the very front of the face is it officially black face… o__________O

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