Willow Smith has very famous parents. For those who don’t know her parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

 9 year old Willow is clearly being groomed for musical superstardom. The choice of clothing, adult hairstyle, public appearances and photoshoot in Paris all make sense now.

Anyway check out Willow’s debut single Whip My Hair


Young girls (6-10 year olds) will LOVE this track. It’s cute and catchy.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Well, its better to have her sing to the kids than have Rihanna sing Rude bwoy to the kids . So i guess its a good thing. As long as she’s staying a kid and singing kiddy things to kids, it can’t be bad for those who will consume it.

  2. she singing about her hair, seems appropriate as her hair gets talked about a lot. it sounds like a hit. lets hope and pray she stays a child whilst she is a child

  3. Love it, downloaded it and have been playing it on my ipod all day. No shame in my game and I’m 31 years old!

    The lil girl killed it, and I’m GLAD she held her own on the whole track without a rapper spitting a verse anywhere on it. Something tells me though there will be a remix version.

    Not worried for this lil kid, she has some great parents behind her unlike Britney and Lindsay’s mothers who aren’t in the industry and were pretty much pushy mothers. With Will and Jada being in it [the industry], they’ll get a different kind of guidance from their parents.

    I wish her the best of luck. I’m fan of the whole Smith family.

    And I’m also glad this overtook what could have been another day of Cher Lloyd hyped up crap on Twitter/the net.

  4. This kid came out of no where I was wondering when she was going to come out… her brother is doing his thing.. she is adorable and I love the track.

    Very Auto Tune but I love it. She does have great parents so we know she won’t turn out like LILO aka Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears or like one of the child stars whose life is now in the shitter.

    Whats next for Willow? Some collabos with Justin Beiber? Ludacris? Mary J??

    She doing something with Niki Minaj??? I hope she keeps it clean by not associating herself with older raunchy known music people.

    I want her to knock Hannah Montana off her damn thrown!!!

    Long Live Willow!!! This is a little girl I would love for my neice to have stickers and posters of ….

    Sing it with me now! “I whip my hair back forth”…lol

  5. luv this sng im always lising 2 it and of couse she not gonna grow up 2 fast and turn into 1 ov those bad girlz because face it her dad woz lyk 1 ov da only rappers dat did not curse in his sng sh shes gonna be okaii

  6. on behalf of the british public, willow smith is showing more potential than most adult stars! keep doin ur thing willow! massive respect!

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