Last night 16 year old X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd performed Soulja Boy’s ‘Turn My Swag On’ (but the Keri Hilson version).

Today everyone seems to be praising Cher’s performance (e.g. “amazing” and “best audition so far” and “Cher murdered Keri on her own track”), including Keri Hilson herself who wrote,

I tweeted link to @iamCherLloyd on XFactor earlier…finally watched! She def turned her lil 16 y.o. swag on AND Simon liked? I approve!

And UK artist JME even went as far as calling her an “unbelievable talent”.

An “unbelievable talent” JME??? OH STOP!!! If you seriously believe that then you need to get out more.

People in this country have this strange habit of hyping up blatant mediocrity.

I watched her entire performance this morning and to be honest Cher wasn’t terrible but then again she wasn’t exactly outstanding.

All I saw was a 16-year-old girl, who at this point in time has limited vocal ability, trying her best to mimic Keri Hilson.

I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Your thoughts please…..

And check out Keri’s performance below filmed in 2009. Cher is more or less wearing the same outfit.

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  1. “I just don’t see what all the fuss is about” Me either! But I can see why everyone thinks she’s the second coming all they have is Tulisa and Cheryl Cole to compare her to…. and Keri Hikson is not excatly ‘good’ either! KMT

  2. I just watched her again on the X Factor repeat. She sounds better than most of the chicks I hear in the “teamUK” vids on Channel U or whatever it calls itself these days, so in comparison to them, then yeah JME was right in saying she was an “unbelievable talent” – decipher that as you will!

    I listened to her with my eyes shut and she still sounded good. I look forward to her next performance though to see just how varied her vocals are and if she still does those mad facial expressions. She’s only 16, she has loads of time to progress, get rid of those eyebrows and become a singer in her own right as opposed to straight up imitating the song she’s singing as she did with this Keri Hilson version.

    Her performance was a change from the usual ballads on X Factor and I give her props for steppping outside the box and doing a track you’d never have seen get airtime on X Factor 4 years ago!

  3. i watched the clip a couple of times and i think she did ok,but it did seem a little contrived and im curious to see how she handles different genres and jus how strong how her voice really is….but whats up with the Sylvester Stallone mouth movements that was weird.

    ps:hate to throw the race card but if this was some black girl from south london would she be getting this kindof attention…i don’t think i’ve ever seen a black act do ‘them’ at the initial audition stages.

  4. Finally pressed play…What’s up with her eyebrows & Syl lip movements? Had to pause ’cause I flatlined. Anyhoo, look at Simon’s eyes all glazed over with kerching & pound signs. She’s ok, i guess. I love how the producers always use uplifting music for their faves.

  5. oh hell naw!!! I think the mercy singer was way better. I cant say whether 16yr old Cher can truly sing as she didnt really sing. she did a mediocre impersonation of Keri Hilson and her swag was those ugly faces she pulls. Why didnt someone tell her stop trying to ugly up yourself when you sing.

    I dont care what anyone says. her whole performance came across as forced. she clearly was not being her self. if she had sung it as opposed to try imitate she could have had a half decent audition.

    I was not impressed by little Cher. do better missy. ooh i wonder if she will get through to judges houses mmmm

  6. I think she’s did ok and amongst the young folks she could be a favourite. She’s a lil’ 16 year old white girl imitating a genre she’s a fan of. She has time and you know if they notice the public is taking to her she can be given that “industry makeover” and become another “product” in the pop market.

    I’m just interested in the public reaction if she makes it to the final 12. That’ll be interesting.

  7. BIG FAT Kiss teet!!

    No one is talking about Ruth the 16yr old black girl who can sing this chick under the water. Or John the other guy right after Ruth with great vocals …instead it was all about Liam and Cher, both of who were average to me.

    Black folks like to get all excited when white folks sings a lil soulful/R&B tune.

    I can’t take this girls face, and what was with her looking like a puppet when dancing.

    So she’s allowed to do her ‘act’ and prance over the stage, but when Storm was singing (who I liked) Simon told him to calm it down when he really wasn’t doing all that much.

  8. If its a black folk doing it, there’s always familiarity and it sounds normal kind of seen it, heard it all be4. However, if its a white person, it sounds and looks diff’t even if its mediocrity. Just the way it comes off. Unless you have a Leona Voice, no chance of a decent break thru anyway thru xfactor.

  9. I think she was good!!….her movements were a but awkward (trying too hard to give the attitude)….but her voice aint bad!!!….I think ‘chicks’ need to take a leaf from her book and do something relevant and edgy rather than auditioning singing an 80’s Whitney Houston track!!!…but if this girl does well and gets marketed as the new rnb sensation and Alexandra Burke is still singing songs for the YMCA I will be vex!!!

  10. LOL yall are hilarious!

    I never saw or heard Keri Hilson perform this song… this is a very wedding singer version…

    I don’t think she sounds bad but she ain’t going to make it far imitating other singers… and maybe with some vocal coaching she might sell a few records?? and who told her she could get a hand tatt? o__O

    Her eyebrows are scary and that outfit is too old for her… she is only 16 for crying out loud!!

    Also she looks old already… she need to scale back a little bit….

  11. Most of these kids don’t know the backgrounds of the genres they take on anyway. They will always come off as fake. Bless their cotton socks. The greedy industry is 2 blame. They just go along with whatever, as long as they get famous.

  12. tbh I think you’re all talkin rubbish. I found Cher amazin and if anything her look helps (yes including her lip). She’s just got pure raw talent and I loved her.

  13. @Codker – TBH I think YOU’RE talking rubbish (are you a member of her street team?!). How in hell does her look help?! Oh don’t tell me, it was YOU who painted her eyebrows on right? I get it ..

    @Janice KMT! I can’’s too late and I’m going to my bed!

  14. @Codker – thank you for your not at all generic response…Apparently, you don’t talk rubbish…
    Anyhoo, 20+ comments… Wow, I feel like I’ve done something productive today.

  15. “CherLloydX: Wait, wait, wait… Now I’ve got a question for you guys, are you ready for the Cher swagger!?”

    This is England… My green card needs to hurry up…

  16. well some fols intially need to get ‘inspired’ or for a lack of a better word swagger jack at the beginning of their careers before they gain their own confidence…look at Beyonce when she strated her solo career she was pretty much possessed by Tina Turner.

  17. I’ve been hearing about this Cher girl all weekend and have just watched the clip….

    ….she was ok, but the facial acrobatics are really off-putting. I’d like to hear her sing something else now, and not just a re-hash of someone else’s version.

  18. Quite clear that her voice is still not developed and slightly weak. But as you’re saying, she is still 16. Why be so upset about her copying Keri? She might look mature, but mentally she is only 16. So she makes decisions like imitating a performance by Keri, or trying to look like Cheryl because she is a big fan of hers, because she isn’t mature enough to rely on her on style. Quite understandable. She might not have the best voice, but she is a ready package for the pop world. She has the confidence, a voice which can be trained, some sense of style, and looks – which whether you like it or not – is so important for fame. And on one hand you call her a copy but at the same time you complain about her making faces or her eyebrows (what?), even though that brought some uniqueness to her performance. How does that equation work out? Chill out people. A few years more and this Cher girl will find herself. Whether she deserves to win the whole competition I don’t know, but she did deserve to qualify for next rounds.

  19. At 16 years old, I was good at mimicking other artists performances too! She’s young and is yet to find where she fits, I’ll give her that. I suspect that she has practised this particular song about 1000 times and hasn’t thought much passed her audition track. Its the kind of track you could appear to ride well with any voice. It’ll be interesting to see what she does next. I have a sneaking suspicion that she only does one thing ‘well’ and is a bit of a on trick pony, if this is even considered a well performed trick….

  20. Besides, this is xfactor, expecting alot is asking 2 much. They don’t nature talent/auntheticity. They panel- beat. :-D:-D

  21. well first off here vocals were not that bad. I mean they were not great either… But i can see people over there giving her a lot of attention. She’s a so called cute white girl who cam off so so shy….you guys will eat that up. But i must say she had no stage presence….none at all…. To me i thought it was a big joke! Here in American we have the American Idol….watched 2 shows and never watched it again… I see they vote for whom they like and not on talent….so what’s the point. This lil white girl with clean up….watch and see.. Because there will be so many Black people…holding her jock because she sung a song that is Black. mOST will be like d@mn she is rocking that song….when in all reality…she sort of sucked the big one! I just don’t think acting shy …is talent. But i’m sure in the next round she will look different…and you guys will eat it up. Then she will be…OMG SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL…still with little talent… I’m just tired of the so called cute white girl thing….por favor people…you have to have better than this over there. And just the reactions from the judges…i can’t believe! Simon over here when doing American Idol…would have chewed her up and spit her out….. I wonder…peace

  22. just watched the original Ms Keri baby and omd not only is cher a swagger jacker she is clothes teef ok copycat and it is so clear she tried to move like Kerri but obviously needs to work on her groove as she was stiff to the core.

    the reason people in the uk are going crazy for her because if you look at the uk music industry the popular singers tend to be pretty much mediocre and nothing special. which is why not many great singers ever win these talent shows. Think about it. Simon knows what sells and a lot of the acts that are put through in the uk would never be spat on in the usa. then watch the live shows and all talented people or the better singers are voted out leaving the likes of Jedward. its only very rare when good singers get through in the uk and that is fact.

    I will go so far as to say Shardinay is more original than this teen called Cher from worcester. If cher could develop her own identity she would be ok. people cant use her age for lack of self identity when in the uk 16yr olds start making choices for themselves.

  23. Xfactor is not there to help people find identity, but to give them one. Whichever brings in the pounds. 😀

  24. I’d like to see any of you try to impress the crowd and judges see how easy it is to criticise others then.

  25. Don’t hate on cher she goes to my school (well did she left now) but i know her sis and bro and i think she has got a great voice and a great stage presence and as far as x factor goes she could go all the way! And where she lives which is malvern doesnt get on telly or news at all so cher is bringing in the popularity don’t put her down!

  26. SoFrolushes (September 6, 2010 at 3:20 pm | #35):

    You’re not making any sense. I’ve taken your advice and am “thinking about it”, but I don’t get your post.

    So are people going crazy for her because singers on these shows in the UK usually are bad but now she is exceptionally good? Because I understood that you don’t like her? Or do people like Cher precisely because she supposedly is bad?
    And because “popular singers tend to be pretty mediocre”, great singers don’t win these talent shows? Do “popular singers” take part in these competitions in the UK but do not win? Or are you saying that the low quality of competitors is a result of the low quality of the British music industry? (As far as I know the British music industry is the second biggest exporter of music in the world. That kind of suggests that it has great appeal among the general public, despite your personal opinion.)

    And talented singers are voted off, and bad singers remain, is Cher a bad or a good one since she got to stay without voting? And Simon knows what sells and therefore he does what, allows bad singers to continue (which does not lead to high sales) or allows good singers to continue (which indicates that these competitions are likely to have good singers and not bad ones as you say)? Do Britons consistently vote off good singers so that only bad remains, and what has this got to do with the popularity of Cher’s performance?

    And about your last comment. True, 16-year-olds do make decisions in the UK by themselves. But that doesn’t make them mature, and that means their decisions might not be that smart either. Her identity might still be developing and she might still be slightly lost with how to present herself, despite the fact that she already is allowed to make decisions by herself.

  27. I think that Cher moves better than Keri and her voice is also good.. whoever can do better is welcome to try, she gave a try, most people liked her so…Y r u so hard on her???

  28. Keri Hilsons’ voice is much better in comparison to Cher Lloyd’s voice. Keri is a Professional musician and this is expected.

    Cher Lloyd’s performance, acting and total body expression from Head-to-toe on the X factor is outstanding. Cher Lloyds singing is Average but she is only 16 years old and has a lot of time to develop her vocals. What will sell Cher Lloyd is her Acting when she sings. Look at her Nose, Eyes, Mouth, body expression, hands and movements when she sings. Cher Lloyd Acts and its extremely interesting to watch her Act & sing, even if the singing is only average.

  29. lol I just watched Miss Keri’s version for the first time yeap Cher stole it all! Wow O__O but Cher has no swag so…. moving on…like I said before this version is very wedding singerish

  30. Simon Cowell knows what sells in the UK because any crap sells in the UK. The fact that you have a NO.1 single is no longer a measure of how talented you are as an artist. I could go to Brixton market and get a toothless crackhead (she’d be skinny at least), give her a weave, some make up and autotune her vocals over a trashy europop beat. Get a black dark skinned rapper to spit for 10 secs just for the sake of it. Then go on Twitter and TELL people she is the next big star and she’d make top ten easy!

    If Simon Cowell knew anything about the music industry today he would have spotted that she was copying Keri Hilson and should have pulled her up on it. He knows how to make money, which is all the UK music industry is about. Not talent.

    Simon Cowell also said Jennifer Hudson would never make it as a singer… But Cher will yeah? LMFAO!

  31. pop :Don’t hate on cher she goes to my school (well did she left now) but i know her sis and bro and i think she has got a great voice and a great stage presence and as far as x factor goes she could go all the way! And where she lives which is malvern doesnt get on telly or news at all so cher is bringing in the popularity don’t put her down!

    I went to the Chase when she was there.. she was a total bitch to everyone.
    She started fights for no reason, turned people against her friends.
    She doesn’t deserve any fame, and I trust that the videos from year 9 will reach the news soon.

  32. First of all – ignore half of those Twitter pages – they’re fake – it’s not called TWITter for nothing!

    Secondly, she was very good. She’s 16 remember! Tons and tons of potential. If she can do what she did, at 16, off her own bat, imagine what she can do with the likes of Cowell behind her. The dollar signs were going ‘ka-ching’ in his eyes as he watched.

    What was good about her is that she’s a performer thru and thru. Watch the video again and see the nervous kid turn into confident performer as soon as the music starts….it’s dramatic…she lifts her shoulders, stands straight and delivers. It was a well thought-out audition and she carried it off really well. And she has a good musical ear and can sing in tune.

    All the haters need to chill a bit….and give the kid a break…she’s good and gonna be big whether you like it or not.

  33. Why does she remind me of Diana Vickers? The girl is releasing hits now, and she didn’t even win. All Cher has to do is sound and act different throughout the show but not so annoyingly, as people get fed up, they like to see the nicey nicey image and not so confident image (it doesn’t work and help when you are over confident and good, for some reason people don’t vote that).

    Most of these xfactor contestants go through an identity crisis on the show because they are made into what the show and audience want and not waht they originally had in mind. who remembers the identity crisis Racheal went through? Her crisis must have been the worst i have ever seen on xfactor. Cher will be fine, i mean this is xfactor, so am not mad at her, if anything i blame the organisers of the show, they are the ones who have shaped the whole show into this kind of thing, and not forgetting us who watch it and vote. :-)))

    And she has really done her Job, she is going to get the xfactor ratings high up coz we all want to see what she does next and how she looks next. Anybody remember Susan Boyle? hahahaha

  34. @ Argon – stop trying to get all poetic and twisting up words. someone said it up above. to be successful in the uk you do not have to have true talent. plus if you look up in the dictionary you will see that medicore means average as in not excellent. you just have to be good at lyp synching – and dancing and singing is no excuse because Sisqo can cartwheel backflip land and still hit that note.

    the saddest thing is that people are calling her little Cheryl – poor ting – lets hope she does not beat up any toilet attendants after her stint on the show.

    anyway. The FACT still remains she was not the best singer on the audition show. There were two people who could sing her off the stage Liam Payne and that little girl with the afro puffs. This fact alone proves that her singing ability is not what did it. she sang something different to what people expected but that does not mean she was excellent. she was an average singer with severe facial movements.

    anyway the fact that Cher looked and dressed older than her age should be a warning sign.

    FURTHERMORE – if this child teen who looks old before her time did not want people to say the tuppence about her she would or should not have got on stage.

    fingers crossed the stylist will sort her and maybe get some facial elocution lessons and she will be good to go somewhere I just dont where though lol

    people taking this way too serious and I keep writing essays kmt!!

  35. You say what she is wearing is the same.. Didn’t u consider that she may use keri as an icon.. Shes 16 years old with a great voice and the right attitude. She is going to do well in this years Xfactor

  36. @Adaobi, LOL! got an email address? Or make up one. LOL! You know the royal mail can be friendly. LOL!

  37. I think haters need to get a life, tired of hearing about the “black thing” blah blah blah, it was a good audition, it was different and the show is looking for potential not perfection. Give the girl a break, she can sing, how well, we will find out in the later stages. As for the impersonataing of another star, well is that not how most people start out, and then add their unique twist? Micheal Jackson was an inspiration for most of the stars that have been producing music over the last 10 -15 years, Usher, J.t Chris Brown etc, even Beyonce has a little Tina Turner in her style, it is how trends develop. Get a life haters, constructive critisism is welcomed but anything else is jelousy and vindictive. Oh by the way….US.A american idol, we get it here and no not so great, you have produced amazing singers, Fantasia jenifer, but from a country that has states larger then our whole island, not so impressive, you yanks drive me nuts with your “we’re so great a wonerful attitude” all you are really is ignorant to the mojority of the world, damn half of you don’t even know what goes on outside your own state!

  38. To Janice and her comment that if Cher were a black girl from South London she would only have been give 60secs. What an idiot. Leona Lewis is from Hackney, South London and has a black father, so that makes your comment just what it is, spiteful racism

  39. What are you talking about!!! haha She was awesome. She was harmonising all the parts her self and doing the little rap parts!!! haha she turned my swag on!!
    Shes only young and obviously not much live performance experience but imagine in a few years when her confidence grows. shes going to be a star!!!

  40. i went to the same school as this bitch and she started so many fights ! she claims she gets bullied but she IS the bully ….. i reallllly CANNOT wait for that video to surface and for the world to see who she really is ! she is a total bitch and she doesnt deserve shit !

  41. When i read your comment….i thought to myself…should i respond or not. Then i said why the hell not. Miss Janice everyday has a new topic for anyone to comment on…so that’s what we do. We all give our opinion….and that’s exactly what it is an opinion. Now if you ‘re so in love with chick who i think has little talent….well that’s you. I though that she was ok…but it would not have been someone i would have picked. Now that is my opinion and i have every right to say what i feel. Now if you don’t like what this American has to say then tuff titty! I am for one not a hatter i can give and opinion and move on from it. I can give and opinion and know that others may not agree. And no one has to as well…but that doesn’t change how i feel. Now I’m going to give my opinion about some of the ignorant comments you made about Americans.. For one you know nothing about me or any other American! You know nothing about what we know or where we have been. I know many things out side the states because i have traveled in Europe many time. I have friends in many places in Europe…that i talk to daily. Because your world and your mind is small don’t think that others are as well. I i said I may have watched American Idol 3 times since it has been on air here in the USA. Only because i think it is some bullshit and i don’t like the way things are done. People don’t vote for talent they vote for who they like. But i have watched it those 3 times because they had Black finalist. Yes i said Black finalist…because i love my Black people and i support them…even ones in the UK. And because i love Black people don’t mean i hate anyone!!! People seem to think that if you love your own…you hate others….not true. But believe what you will….i can see there is not a lot going on up there… And i say that only because you made the general statement about Americans…and you know nothing about us…obviously. And as for “we’re so great and wonderful….i think that is what you!” I’m just me a Black man doing what he need to do to make it in this cold..cold world. And doing what he need to deal with ignorant people like you. I think your head is so far up this girls ass that you’re feet are dangling….sista come up for some air…… in the words of my dad….no mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hahahahaaa, X Factor is strange. These kids will never find themselves and never have. Not even the adults who ever won were able to do what they really wanted. If people call doing covers finding yourself, when you are just starting your career with no original material at all to back up your aunthenticity, then it is very sad. But hey, to each their own. Cher might have potential, but i doubt she will have the opportunity to develope that potential as a product of x factor. If anyone knows any x factor real winner that has managed to realise their possible potential since it started apart from Leona, please let us know.

  43. I think people should turn their swag on to X factor organisors and give them a severe backlash… tthat would be nice, hahahaa

  44. I think she is a breath of fresh air in X-factor…she might not be perfect but she atleast brougt something different to the show.. i heard both versions.. keri´s and then cher´s.. and they really different.. and come on the girl is 16…and like any other normal person she looks up to celebrities to fill up her closet?? she is a little hiphop devil.. and lets just see how she does.. i liked her performance.. because she becomes confident as soon as she begins to sing…

  45. Based on some replys it is obvious that many of you can not sing themselves, it is easier to judge others isn’t it? ..

    Nothing wrong with the faces she makes. It is her way of expressing and every cell in her body is doing just that: expressing the emotion..

    i hope she wont get ‘brainwashed to change it
    too many ‘botox’ characters out there anyway

  46. mereno pls get over the black thing, support who you like but for the right reasons, not just the colour of their skin. I apologise if your were offended by my comments, but as you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. And I stand by it. I think that you need a little education on rasism in the contemporary world, your comments are racists but against a white girl. And due to the worlds madness at being “politicly correct” no. If -one wants to point that out. If I made any comments like that about a black contestant……need I say more

  47. Leelee……well first off i will never ever get over the black thing as you said… And if you’re black you will never get over the black thing either. Black is part of who i am…it’s the first thing people see when they look at me. Now it’s not me in totality….but still Black none the less. How could you or i do that if we are black. I don’t know what kind of world you live in. But as for me i have to fight every damn day for some kind of equality. I have to work harder than my white counterparts just to hear job well done. I don’t smile and grin in my white co workers faces just so they can say they like Juan Kevin Tito Moreno. I do my job and i keep it professional. I have no idea why you think i don’t support people i like. I do! I do it for my right reasons…now if a contestant was black and sounded like this girl i would say she sounded OK…..just like i did. Now i don’t see where i was being racist by say “I’m over the so called cute white girl thing.” I was just stating how i was feeling about her performance….as a young white girl. Did that mean i didn’t like her….hell i don’t know her and I’m sure you don’t either. All you see is an image of someone not the real them….you dig! Yes you do have an opinion and i respect that ….but i have mine as well and i expressed that. Now i could have gone easier in what i said….for that i apologize because I’m not against you. Leelee i just see things differently … Now as for me needing an education on racism in the contemporary world. Let me just say this…i know all too well about racism in the so called contemporary world. Racism is embedded in people and it has gotten more subtle…like a snake. Do i treat people differently because they are not Black or Latino….hell yeah. And what i mean by that normally there is a certain kind of understanding you have with people who look like you to a point. Do i treat non Blacks or Latinos badly…no! I treat everyone kindly until they show me differently . I don’t have to skin and grin in OTHERS faces and raise my voice to high pitched sound ….which is ridiculous in my opinion…to be accepted. I talk the way i talk and i can still speak correct English…without sounding like others. I guess for me I’m not impressed with white people…just that simple. Do i hate them….no way…but i don’t hold them in high esteem because they are white and the world says they are better.. NO!!!! My non Black friends like me because i say what i feel. They like me because i don’t pretend nor do i try to fit in. They like me because I’m not like them in so many ways. But in some ways i am… They love hearing about the Black culture… From the way we dance to the way we may speak slang…to the foods we eat. I don’t diminish who i am to make others feel comfortable.if you like who i am then cool…if you don’t cool as well…..See i know who i am and i know where i come from and i accept that and i embrace it as well. I have no need to impress anyone with whom i am…and my Blackness… My Blackness is in me…and i love it… So in closing….i don’t hate anyone because i love my own. Now are Black people prefect…hell…no! But that’s my community ..and i love being apart of it as well.And your community over there if you are Black is mine as well. And i have love for you…toooooooooo….just because… And just because we don’t agree don’t make either of us bad people…

  48. @Grace

    “it is easier to judge others isn’t it? ..”

    Yes it is. That’s why Simon, Cheryl and Louis do it for a living.

    “Nothing wrong with the faces she makes. It is her way of expressing and every cell in her body is doing just that: expressing the emotion.”

    Yes.. of course it is….


  49. Yes Adaobi, we are getting to 100.

    I don’t think these kids on x factor deserve to be critiqued so harshly. They are doing only what they know, based on what they have seen. This is how x factor is, i would really like to blame the kids but i can’t, because i know the brains behind this show ARE the problem. and it is an easy way to fame, and make money. Give them one good reason why they should not go on it and do it? I don’t think it is a matter of black or white in this case, it is a matter of misguided kids, doing what they know based on what they have seen. Just look at the judges, Cheryl??? Danni???? errr musicians of the century, right????

    Do people actually expect any better? And why is Simon and his crew not getting the blame for this whole mess, and corrupting these kids in a way??

    And as for many of us not being able to sing, i don’t and can’t or wouldn’t sing to save my life, that is why i did the right thing and didn’t do music as a career…LOL… my strengths are else where, so i went elsewhere, not even auto tune would save me..LOL.., i don’t hate on good singers/musicians and that’s why i only put me money on good musicians…LOl… it is as simple as ABC or 123…LOL, if everyone applied the same ethic, the music would be a better place and people would spend their money on people who actually work hard and give their all and best, and also have something better and constructive to say…but hey to each their own… some people it just goes over their heads :-D.

    I had a dream that the underground scene was the new mainstream, and then i woke up to the truth, the harsh truth.

  50. chere is amazing i love her look she is fabulos her voice is brill she is just fantastic!!!<3

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