Kimora Lee has announced via Twitter that she has parted ways with the Kellwood Corporation who now own Baby Phat/Phat Fashions.

In 2004 Kimora’s  former husband Russell Simmons sold Phat Fashions into a partnership with clothing company Kellwood for $140 million, and Kimora later stayed on to become the President/Creative Director of Phat Fashions.

Rhymes With Snitch reports,

It started with fans asking Kimora about this years Baby Phat Fashion Show.

Kimora told her followers there wasn’t going to be one this year and after several questions why, she went on and told them that as of Sept she’ll no long be with the company. After that, Kimora retweeted tons of posts of followers consoling her and saying what a bone headed move it was and how Baby Phat would fail without her.

Well it’s the end of an era folks!

I remember going through the Baby Phat section in Macy’s when I was in New York several years ago, and I wasn’t impressed.

The clothing always looked good in the promotional campaigns, but up close and personal they just looked like cheap market stall tat.

And I’m not really surprised that Kimora and Kellwood have decided to part company. After Kimora and Russell divorced interest in the former model and her business ventures seemed to wane.

It’s also been said that the ‘elite’ began to shun her annual fashion shows because Russell stopped attending the shows.

I don’t think the Phat brand has been performing particularly well over the past 4/5 years. It therefore wouldn’t surprise me if Kellwood handed Kimora her walking papers.

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  1. Oh yes uncle Russ what the man of the hour, she got attention because of her association with him. I’m not surprise that things are falling apart the main pillar of that structure has move on.

  2. @B. Princess

    Kimora’s achievements have always been grossly exaggerated over the years. The reality is she married in to extreme wealth and Russell’s money/influence opened doors for her.

  3. She won’t be begging on the streets anytime soon with Russel being the father of her two children anyway.

    I wonder if she is still doing that reality show of hers.

  4. Would anyone still know Baby Phat made clothes if it wasnt for that reality show? The clothes are market quality so she is really the only thing that kept them selling. The company must be discontinuing the brand because there would be not point going on without Kimora.

  5. Now everything makes sense! That explains why when Kellwood took over the marketing ads changed and the designs changed. Now I understand why the brand took a turn for the worse. I was never a fan after this era. I wonder if the Russells now regret selling to Kellwood?

  6. Well well well,at last someone’s had the guts to fire this loud mouthed oriental b*tch. I guess there was nothing “fabulousity” about her creations afterall. The executives at Kellwood deserve a much needed break! She had to go! Imagine all the loud shrieks,an entourage of ultra-camp hard headed pint sized gay guys,the constant weeping,the need to be glorified EVERYTIME, the stupid catch phrases that constantly roll out of her mouth and all the ‘default settings’ nastiness that come with an egotistical human being. Ladies and gentlemen, Kellwood Clothing Company executives had had enough! They now need to go for counselling..Pray for them.

    I’d like to add more but they(some pirate station) are playing songs by that woman-boxer, Chris “Beat em Down” Brown… It’s time to pick up the phone and make yet another complaint..BRB

  7. Oh well.. I did make an announcement via Twitter weeks ago that they were discontinuing her plus size line… I have my eye on a dress the first and only garment that I liked by her to be marked the hell down!!! Come on Macy’s I ain’t got all day! I will give you $20 for it!

    No more company nepotism…. I hope she invested and saved… for the record Kimora was modeling and making bank, when Russell pursued her! She didn’t go after him trust and believe that! Russell collects women like baseball cards. When a more valuable player becomes available he is dumping the current one!!

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