Day: August 10, 2010


Today an enthusiastic individual typed in the the words “World Premiere” before going on to announce the release of Bashy’s latest video for his new single Fantasy. I almost choked on my bread stick. Anyway judging by Bashy’s latest offering it sounds as if he’s going down the rap/techno dance route, which seems to be all the rage now. If you want to infiltrate the mainstream chart feature a sample from a popular 90s dance track, rap over the beat and just []


Hard Way is the first video taken from Stylah’s forthcoming album ‘Treading Water‘ produced by Show N Prove! Why do Hip Hop producers in the country still insist on speeding up singing vocals on tracks?  The year is 2010 not 2004! Anyway  Stylah isn’t a bad lyricist but this track which basically harps on about “the hardships” some face here is just dark and dull.   Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?


Singer Alesha Dixon is back with her new single Drummer Boy, which will probably get decent air play and do well in the chart. I have never rated Alesha as an artist and never will.  Her music just does nothing for me. But she seems like a nice woman. The video – The director obviously spent the weeks leading up to this video shoot watching Beyonce videos and the film Drumline starring Nick Cannon. Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?