Nadja Benaissa

Via BBC News

A singer from German girl band No Angels has admitted to having unprotected sex with several partners without warning them she was HIV-positive.

Nadja Benaissa, 28, was speaking at the opening of her trial in the German city of Darmstadt.

“I am so sorry,” Ms Benaissa told the court. However, she denied deliberately infecting anyone. Continue Reading….

If Nadia didn’t deliberately set out to infect her former partners (so she says), then she must have been living in some serious denial with regards to her condition.

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  1. I can’t help but feel sorry for her. It must super hard to learn that you are infected at the age of 16. People go through a period of denial after learning they are infected it can alst for a few years until the understand that they can’t pray this illness away.She is very lucky her 10 year old daughter was born without the virus.I saw her Croatian mother cry on TV.

  2. It’s the stigma that has always been there that creates these situations. On the one hand i can see why they are mad at her, but on the other hand, if she contracted the virus at a young age, no way was she going to be accepting of her situation when life was just starting. I mean even people much older than her struggle to come to terms with living with HIV, even when they have lost their partners to the virus.

    There’s too much stigma surrounding this topic and sometimes it is like a taboo subject. It cannot be easy for everyone involved.

  3. Fact is she knew she had the diesease, she had the power to give her lovers the choice of having “relations” with her. She took that choice and handed them an early death sentence. Sorry, she needs to go to jail

  4. I don’t see how going to jail is going to reverse anything that has happened. I guess the lesson is that they need to educate people more about it and create more awareness where by we are all responsible for ourselves and others in a way. She is not the first and will not be the last, sadly.

  5. Most reprucussions of crimes can’t be reversed too, so should other murderers (or other criminals) not go to jail either.

  6. This is a disease, not gun crime. If they were to arrest everyone who infected the other, who in turn infected another, where would we end? Let us add the blood transfusion cases, etc.. But am aware that HIV has a shameful label of it being sexually transmitted there4 very embarrasing.

  7. Im sorry that fact that she KNEW she had this deadly virus and witheld that information from her lovers shows she had complate lack of respect and responsibility to her lovers. She knowingly handed them a death sentence when she could have given them every opportunity to tell them what her medical status was before she slept with them. She played Russian Roulette with the lives of others, when she could have prevented any of this from happening. The key to this case is the fact that she KNEW all along what she had. Jail isnt going to take away from the fact that they now have the virus, but maybe people will exercise some responsibilty when their actions effect the lives of others.

  8. I am not excusing what she did. All am saying is that placing total blame on her and full responsibility doesn’t help. We have to all take some responsibility 4 ourselves one way or another. And pray that we never have to be in those shoes. I wonder how she got the virus at such a young age and
    Who was responsible???

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