Last year songstress Beverley Knight launched her own cosmetics range K by Beverley Knight and less than a year later beauty blog Vex In The City reports that the range has been withdrawn from London department store Selfridges.

Click HERE to read all about it.

This is sad news but I can’t say I’m surprised.


1) The promotion/marketing of the brand was practically non-existent.  What happened Beverley???

2) Only stocking the brand in high-end department stores Selfridges and John Lewis was a BIG mistake. Bev and her team should have approached popular high street chain SuperDrug first.

and again….

3) The promotion/marketing of the brand was practically non-existent.  What happened Beverley???

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  1. would be interesting to know why Bev and her team let this one slip away so easily. makeup no matter what the cost is usually a win win. I wonder is she is back in the studio.

  2. I will tell you what happen: she should have hired me to do her marketing. We don’t have many brands that cater to women of brown skin. It should have been a no brainer. I would have made her a household name! She hired the wrong ppl who didn’t share her vision. Sad sad sad! Bev if you want to give it another go and retract your bankruptcy give me a call!!

  3. Divakatt

    that Promo picture is airbrushed like muthaphucka , them girls look like they were posing for Madame Tousseaux . This where the problem lies.unpolished promotional stuff. a basically non-viral internet promo. Instead of investing they cut corners.

    what is the name of the model on the right though ? that girl looks like a hot meal

  4. It sure is, but most photos 99.9% are airbrushed the make up is lack luster and I don’t know who the model is… she got some bad advice and she didn’t have me… so there you go!

  5. OMG. i can’t belive this really happened.i looooooooooooooooooove, love her products especially her primer. i tried other products in the market but didn’t do it for me. i am not the only one but my friends too. i got to know about it through my friend who goes from usa to london alot and actually my other friend was looking forward to get some her trip this summer and to find out they didnb’t have them anylonger.It was a shock to me that most people in the united states didn’t even get to here about her products.I am very disapointed.

  6. Disgusting badly applied make-up on the promo pics .
    Never put your face on your own cosmetics line ,Tacky .
    Brand looks cheap ,bad marketing ,non excisting PR

  7. I worked with the brand, they were actually very good quality and I’m not just saying. The eyeshadows are a bit like nars with a bit of mac but blends better in my opinion, the matt compact was a must have, personally the best powder i have ever used still using cos a bought quite a few when it discontinued and this is just to name a few. I am trained in cosmetic science and the raw materials used were very new and innovative.
    I have worked with other brands with women of colour and the truth is most black people don’t really spend unless they are familiar with the name so a lot of marketing and promo was essential but it wasn’t done much which led to the brands downfall.

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