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England manager Fabio Capello announced several days ago that David Beckham would no longer be a part of the England team, and those who lack common sense have taken the news badly, including Beckham himself.

After England’s DIRE performance during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Fabio no longer wants to coach a bunch of pampered waste men and has seen sense. He now wants to focus on nurturing the next generation of players.

When asked by reporters (again) if Beckham would remain in the squad he replied,

David is a fantastic man and a fantastic player. My relationship with him is really good. I am 100% sure he will play the next friendly game if he is fit.Beckham”No. I am changing everything and we are going forward. David

“But we need young players and we need talented players and the players we used against Hungary are young and they have talent.”

The media harps on about how great Beckham was when he played for England and how great a captain he was.  But if my memory serves me correctly the team still crashed out of tournaments and failed to bring home the World Cup while he was there and under his captaincy.

Anyway Beckham, who seems to spend most of his time these days nursing injuries, modelling underpants and sometimes plays for LA Galaxy (a stupid move motivated by financial gain) is 35 years old, not as fast as he once was, and is at an age where most players are preparing to hang up their boots.

Beckham at this point in his career cannot help the England squad move forward effectively on the pitch and needs to graciously step aside.

Give the next generation of England players the opportunity to grow and prove themselves.

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  1. You think people can see past celebrity status? Ha.. Beckham is not only a player but a celebrity, he’s like a trophy you can take everywhere and be proud of. Whether he can still kick the ball and triumph, that is another story.

  2. Oh yes.. the Football Association will want to hold on to BRAND Beckham for as long as they can. Don’t be surprised if they overide Capello’s decision and Beckham’s playing in the next World Cup when he’s almost 40.

  3. Hahahaha , poor Capello. He deserves all the money they are paying him. It’s a tough job this. LOL!

  4. agreed! He see’s sense now, its the first step of many that need to be made for England to stand any chance

  5. Will they let him do his job anyway? His way and not their way? He has to fight their mentalities first to get somewhere. I mean the media.

    The fact that that he is a foreign manager is also a disadvantage because they don’t trust him to make the best decisions that are in their best interest. They feel they know better than him and know their players better than him, but then you have to wonder why they don’t hire the English born. Either way, Capello still has a tough job on his hands, especially convincing the public and its media that he is good for the job and is making the best decisions. Poor him.

  6. No loyalty to their own. The leadership, honed skills and morale Becks would be capable of bringing to an English club might elicit a far bigger payoff for them. Shallow, short term thinking, infused with a spot of bottom line ageism. Their loss.

  7. I have never seen him play but he is fioone! Let him model underwear that is injury free and it is visually appealing. I have always heard he couldn’t play even if they kicked it for him but that movie Bend it Like Beckham was still good!

    Ha ha

  8. I think the whole situation is a mess and Fabio capello is a little disrespectful still, but David Beckham needs to swallow it, no matter how the news came to him, he cannot deny that it makes sense, how the heck is he gonna play any position on the pitch for England being 35 now? when their are younger players in every position that he would struggle to take the place of. (imo) i mean I haven’t seen him play lately but I get the feeling he wouldn’t get a starting place at any of the top clubs in England!.

  9. England are good at playing a certain game…the blame game!

    In 1998,they blamed David Beckham.

    In 2000,they blamed the manager.

    In 2002,they blamed their goal keeper,David Semen/Seamen.

    In 2004,they blamed it on Wayne Rooney’s injury.

    In 2006,they blamed it on their goalie David James. “Donkey James”, they called him.

    In 2008,they blamed it on the wags.

    In 2010,they blamed the ball..(the freaking lightning fast Jabulani ball),Ian Heskey,sea level and the vuvuzela!

    What about taking a long look in the f*cking mirror and admitting that England are just GARBAGE at everything?! Overhyped,over pampered,under skilled,overweight(fat Frank Lampard),over paid self loving useless morons make up the England team! Now,we hear “we need young and talented players”… WHERE THE F*CK FROM?! THIS IS ENGLAND! The ONLY talented player they have is Ashley Cole and they DON’T EVEN LIKE HIM!! Sign my grandmother and check out the miracles she’ll perform! Diving headers,sliding tackles,scissor kicks…she does it all.

  10. ‘Sign my grandmother and check out the miracles she’ll perform! Diving headers,sliding tackles,scissor kicks…she does it all.’


    It’s true about Ashley Cole. I personally witnessed racial abuse from a bunch of Manu fans in London towards Ashley Cole. I cringed and put earphones into my ears (obviously), and an English man who was sitting next to me was sooo uncomfortable that he got onto his phone and called his wife and was chatting to her about the racial abuse. I guess because he was sitting next to me, it made it worse for him (poor man). But yeah, they really don’t like him, yet he is the most skilled amongst the bunch.

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