Ms Dynamite keeps asking on this track What You Talkin About? But my question is.. what are YOU talkin about Ms D???

The track is fast paced and quite frankly just all over the place.

The video – I like it!

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I mean I’ve got much respect for Miss Dynamite, but this one seems all thrown together. Seems like she want to make some money and basically just looked at what was ‘hot’ last year really. Its a mixture of Major Lazer, MIA, Rhianna and more. The 80’s Jeans, earrings, 90’s colours…woah it’s just too much going on. I think this might go down well with the under 12’s.

  2. did I hear some mockney cockney accent ala ndubz stylee in this. Ms Dynamite can do better. The video was so sketchy I could not bare to watch it. Her song Wile Out is far better and of much better quality. she can do so much better.

  3. What Michelle said. I kinda understand what she’s tried to do, but it’s just ended up as a load of noise. I still think she may have relative success with this though – the kids may like it.

  4. does she also need to change her pitch /tone and even accents during delivery of lyrics, that is so annoying if not done very very well, anyway when did it become hot to do that, she has a nice tone and can ride any riddim neatly, so the dodgy pitches and screw boat business just isn’t a good look for her at all, if this was lady sov, I’d be like gwarn (it would be a decent look from her lol) but not miss dyna-mit-tee-hee, Come On Sis, we know you can do sooo much better, so we won’t really accept this #Fail (car she ain’t that young anymore!)

  5. You know what? I like this track, it’s not really her track she got featured on it by Redlight so they must’ve thrown the beat her way and she wrote whatever. It’s like a rave/club track which means it is kinda meaningless lol

    I love the irony of the fact that all through the song I am asking Ms Dynamite the same question “what you talkin’ about?” LOL!

    Hasn’t she always done the accent thing from the beginning? like when she did “Boo!” with Sticky

  6. Ahh, it ain’t so bad. I mean, yeah, she’s produced this mockney accent from somewhere, and I didn’t see the need to switch to Jamaican and then sing too. It’s a bit too much but I would give it 3 out of 5. It’s better than those poppy sellout tunes that the likes of Dizzy Rascal and Roll Deep are putting out.

  7. This track is stupidly amazing! It’s really well done…ms dynamite is the only mc that doesnt piss the hell out of me, the track is well produced, and her skillz are amazing! do you know how incredibly hard it is to sing or put lyrics over dubstep ?? all you ever hear are samples. this track has energy. i have NO idea what she’s talking about….maybe that’s the point!! it doesnt matter cos its soooo sick! why are you judging it on style?? what she’s wearing might of been in fashion last year…fuck that. its amazing. it’s her style… and its wicked! what does fashion have to do with music anyway? she is so much better than rhianna, mia, anyone like that…Ms dynamite is a pop star with talet, heart, energy, originality, love, passion…we got her down in exeter recently…blew my socks off! I don’t understand how people like cheryl cole…who looks like a bratz doll (big hair, massive head, tiny body) and she sings like shes doing kareoke get so much praise and love…when there are people like Ms D! madness.
    Can’t really be botherd to get involved with it…I think I am gonna stay underground! where the music is better, the people are full of real stuff, and the fashion is whatever looks amazing!!

  8. I Think i know what she talking about. lol.

    She is refering to these other artist out here just rapping off the wall shit. she saying that i dont what the hell you talking about (you aint talking about shit) you need to start holding it down and come real or end up with a foot in ya mouth. Its pretty simple.

    She is bragging on her flows and she comes real and correct. Where as these other ones are just talking nonsense..

  9. Fair comments all round, but this tune is massive and unfortunately a little before it’s time. Banger “Nuff said”

  10. i love the song and i love her! i think it may bring her out more commercially and it’s a commercial dance/club dubstep track and it’s catchy as well i love the beginning cos it’s easy to spit! don’t know why she’s asking what you talking about the whole time but come on this woman is gold! uk has something that the U.S. have lost and that’s originality,genuinity and something unique and unspoiled among artists; What i love is that there is still underground artists which make it all the more special. everything is the same over there and i fear the uk might be heading that direction if we try to change the culture here; asking why is she mixing in the accent’s her thing and i swear she’s been doing it for ages..! Most grime/garage/ dubstep tunes have that as well..let’s keep it local guys! Even i can say that the uk cinema is actually looking good trying to break into the Us popuated film industry with in-betweeners. The american film industry is turning boring now making the same old generic shit…aren’t you guys tired of the same sexed up american commercial romcoms and 3d and 2D or whatever remakes of classic movies? ALso haven’t you guys had enough of crazy transvestite gaga/joe calderone whatever, cartoon barbie wannabe nicki minaj , katy perry with her new alien look, kanye west’s douchebaggery and justin bieber (we’re very grateful he’s hit puberty but then so what?) Let’s big up the uk- florence welch, leona lewis, adele,uk rock bands, grime, uk r and b and the late amy winehouse may she r.i.p. And cheryl cole is a sellout! why is she even mentioned over here???

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