This is just INSANE!

Some of you may remember Bangs, a Sudanese rapper who is now based in Australia and became somewhat of an Internet ‘sensation’ last year.

If not then click HERE to jog your memories.

Anyway Bangs is now featured in the new Australian Honda commercial

Spotted @ I am London Diva

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

But congratulations Bangs. The worst rapper of all time is getting paid!

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  1. They are just taking the mickey out of him especially coming from Australia, the tune is absolutely terrible. The guy’s rapping skills goe lower than Simpletonism. I was constructing instrumentals like this on a basic Casio keyboard when I was 6 years old. Do you realise the pain I went through just trying to watch the whole commercial, stop, start, stop, start and I still couldn’t gut the whole thing. This guy is just being marketed as a laughing stock for the Australian public who we already know are all too keen to mock and stick their noses up at Black people. Just look at what they have done to the Aborigines, the original people of the land, nuff said.

  2. Verbs you’ve got it spot on! They are definitely staking the pi$$ out of him. The whole advert is clearly a joke! He either has no sense and/or bad management!

  3. He is living the dream. Thatisall. The one planted in his head, it will take time to unplant it.

    If you told him that they were taking the piss out of him, i am sure you would get a totally different reaction. But i am sure with time and experience, he will learn different.

    ‘How much rap can you pack in a jazz?’ Priceless quote.

  4. I wonder how much he’s getting paid

    without being in this video he’s been clowning himself anyway. I mean any other song he’s done is a joke ting. I mean “can I take you to da moooooviiiiiiiies?” LOL

    might as well make some money out of it right? LOL

  5. On some real… Times is hard. Bangs is doing a great job with getting through the time with lots of reviews, favoritism and this Honda Commercial. I am glad for the man. He is well entertaining. I have had a great enjoyment watching. Truly speaking I think his career belongs to continue. He has good spirit- very up keep. I could see him performing in South Park the cartoons if they could ever figure it out that it would be a great idea. The G is getting paid and he’s productive in his time… Who’s not to love that? He’s skillful for a person that has only learned english in the past five years.

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