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The problem was I got a bit soft, I got a bit friendly i got a bit emotional. I started worrying and focusing too much on helping others. And I did help a lot of people. I don’t need to name them, I know who they are, You know who they are, they know who they are.

I was always on this – “Gotta write a part for that guy, Gotta bring in that girl”. How can i help this person, how can i help that person. “yeah I’ll call that guy for you” “yeah, i’ll drag my arse round london with your scenes and get you an agent”.

Of course that didn’t/hasn’t left me a lot of time to focus on me. I wasn’t writing as much as i used to I was being loyal to others to see how i could help them.

Actor/director/writer Noel Clarke fired some subliminal shots last night via his blog at those who he claims have stabbed him in the back , and ONCE AGAIN talks about how much he’s done for people in the past, and the doors he has helped to open.

But anyway, I chose to highlight the above section from Noel’s post because I believe everything he wrote to be true.

Since his first film Kidulthood, Noel has gone out of his way to cast individuals in projects who really have NO BUSINESS starring in feature films (excluding Adam Deacon and Aml Ameen).  And out of loyalty he then went on to create random characters so that those same faces could be featured in his other projects.

It’s obvious that Noel was keen and focused on opening doors for individuals with whom he had developed close ties with. But in reality most needed to enroll on an intensive acting course, while others needed to gain more acting experience appearing in TV dramas like Eastenders, Holby City, Casualty and The Bill first. (e.g. one individual in particular who starred in his latest film as one of the female leads – BIG MISTAKE)

Towards the end of the post Noel says,

I’ll still give opportunities to people coming up if i can, but now nobody gets anything unless it’s earned.

Well if this means that from now on he plans on helping people who can actually act, and he will refrain from hastily creating characters so that a bunch of inexperienced randoms from within the UK ‘urban’ scene can enjoy some big screen time, then that’s a good thing.

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  1. I’m not even gonna click on the link to see who you’re talking about, but if you’re talking Shanika, I agree. The three other female leads were very good, more experienced and convincing actresses. Even Noel’s brother in law who played her brother in the film did a good job.

    I agree with Noel’s latest blog, and this post right here. Now let me go see if we’re on the same page as the same chick. I hope no one come up here on some ‘hater’ ish. Sorry, she didn’t come across as convincing on screen and seemed extremely forced.

  2. It is a learning curve 4 him. He’s
    Still young and will learn along the way and hopefully achieve bigger and better things.

  3. Shanika just yelled her way through the film lol
    Poor Noel, I understand. When you put yourself out there for people, and they get above and beyond their station, sometime you have to let it be known.

  4. yeah, we must thank Noel for the wide and varied roles that he applied to his equally wide and progressive thinking films that have truly highlighted that there is more to life in the UK than urbanisms….too deep too deep..

  5. Dude is very average & from interviews i’ve seen and watched, he’s quite arrogant too. And I don’t understand why, he got a bit of fame doing a film that was very current & of a certain time. He’s created nothing on a par of what Spike Lee or The Hughes Brothers did when they started.

  6. I hear what Noel is saying here, guess he is learning, I can’t even be bothered to compare the exposure and career paths opened upto those involved with Noels first film and those that were involved in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing,…but if he had made smarter choices in regards to casting and other departments, he would have saved himself much hassle.

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