Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes is now facing a three-year prison sentence for evading over $15 million in taxes, after he lost his recent appeal against the sentence.

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You’re an idiot if you think you can get away with something like this.

The government will always find you in the end.

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  1. Story…he broke the law, no matter how much you sugar coat it…remember nothing is certain except death & taxes.
    It stopped being reasonable when he decided to pull a Polanski with a fake passport to South Africa.

  2. What law???? Show me the law and I will recuse myself. You cannot dodge a law that doesn’t exist in the first place.

  3. Verbs is 1000% correct.

    There is no law on the books in the US that REQUIRES one to pay taxes to the federal government.

    I’m not sure about the intricate logistics of Snipes’ case, but he should fight this tooth and nail. His victory could spell trouble for the IRS and enlightenment for everyone else.

  4. @ Verbsis that is your site with the link verbs21…it is so shocking and quite gruesome,i need to read it in small doses.

  5. @Lulu

    Absolutely, I have to expose the truth about how this world really works and what really happens in it as the mainstream media just won’t do its job but they are happy to bring us fluff news about Lebron James, Linsey Lohan and Simon Cowell’s lovelife. The chasm between the image that the mainstream media paints us of the world vs the real world is a large one to get across. Thanks for dropping by. I promise once you get past the pictures, you will pick up some useful information.

  6. if theres no law requiring one to pay taxes and wesley snipes has soo much money- then why is he in prison?

  7. Zeez Zeez

    Because governments are a bunch of criminals themselves, this is what criminal mafias do, they shake you down for money and if you don’t pay up, you’re toast. Do not assume that because you are dealing with the government that there is honesty involved on their part, far from it.

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