Check out UK artist Orie’s launch party which took place in February of this year…


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  1. Just stop, right now.

    WHY ARE THEY ENCOURAGING THIS MADNESS?!! Not.One.Single.Person in that ‘mixtape’ launch would invest a SINGLE penny in that mess.

    I mean. Oh my word. I have nothing else to say.

  2. watched 2.31mins

    I am now thanking God for the friends I have, they would NEVER let me loose to embarass myself like that. I’m tempted to watch more just to see if any of them pull the mic away from him..methinks that aint happening.

  3. I had to go be nosey…curiosity killed my bloody eardrums! ALL LEVELS OF WRONG!

  4. KMT! Look, I’m sure the guy is a nice enough person but that racket needs to put to rest. He sounds like a broken record – literally. Autotune, OUT OF TUNE!! Your friends are LYING to you!

  5. I saw the tweet last night when I got in about this blog. Saw Orie’s name and slid into bed REFUSING to turn my PC on. After Wednesday I was scared and scarred. Thursday morning in my head at my desk I heard “my unborn child…daddy loves you” on repeat in my head. It was torture.

    haven’t yet peeped the vid and can’t from work. But will check it out later on tonight. Orie has NOT responded to my honest tweets where I told him NOT to sing, put out and album or sing to the baby.

    Orie needs an intervention and it’s name is LondonDiva.

    Is there an MP we can contact to make sure things like this are actually deemed illegal?

  6. @London Diva. I just burnt my lip on my green tean reading your comments, haaaaa!
    Intervention is right!
    Maybe Janice can have a word in his ear lol

  7. WTF?? smh…..*big sigh*….what a load of poop….

    London Diva, i applaud your suggestion – I’m on board…we have to stop him….NOW

  8. My thoughts whilst watching this.

    17 SECONDS IN: This man thinks he’s a proper don, just look at him!
    Who are these pum pumms encouraging this mess at his so-called launch party?
    Absolute crap!!

    I want to interview this man and ask him a ton of questions? Namely why???
    A waste of my life. This man has been the cause of my vexation over the past 3 days. This must not be allowed to continue.

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