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Via The Daily Mail 

Premier League footballer Calum Davenport called his pregnant sister a ‘whore’ and a ‘form of cancer’ before headbutting her and biting her face, a court heard today. 

Davenport, a former West Ham defender, launched the ferocious attack on his sister Cara after she fell pregnant to her mixed-race boyfriend, Luton Crown Court in Bedfordshire heard. 

Prosecutor Beverley Cripps said Miss Whitehurst, 29, was asleep in the house along with her four-year-old mixed race son, Calum Junior, when Davenport and his father woke her up. 

She said: ‘He went there when he was drunk and his father was also drunk. Cara was pregnant at the time and that fact seems to have caused the family, including Mr Davenport, a great deal of concern. 

‘At the house they started putting questions to her. Unfortunately the questions were made in terms that were very abusive. Cara’s son Calum Junior is mixed race and his father is unfortunately in jail.   

‘The father of the child she was carrying is also a mixed race gentleman.’  

The prosecutor said Calum Davenport, who sat in the dock in a grey shirt and yellow and grey tie, called his sister a ‘whore’ and made abusive comments. 

She said the family claimed they had to take financial responsibility for Calum Junior. 

Her father called her ‘n****r meat’, it was alleged. Continue Reading…. 

Cara’s boyfriend Worrell Whitehurst paid her brother Calum a visit after hearing about the alleged attack and stabbed him in both legs.  Whitehurst has pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and is currently awaiting sentencing. 

“Nigger meat” ….well that’s a new one! 

This family just sounds sick and dysfunctional. 

I feel sorry for the children.

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  1. Well, we whities are completely justified in our actions, we need to preserve our bloodline to bring forth more superior stock. We cannot have mixing with lower grade filthy animals such as you Negroes, it would be extremely detrimental to our species, after all you blacks are only fit for serving us as slaves and your women occasionally for gratification purposes. Yes, we will admit that occasionally we have a taste for black flesh. We actually concluded in the olden days that you blacks were only 3/5 part human thus rightly using you for any purposes that we saw fit. We actually picked the terms Negro and Black to name you by, to hide your true origins and who you really are historically.

    Of course the young gentleman here was right to attack his sister and show her what utter shame she has brought to the Davenport family tree by mingling her seed with such gutter trash as the black male who’s only occupations seem to be of crime, sexual deviancy, not wearing clothes especially trousers in the correct fashion and playing loud music full of profanity on public transport. We must also take our hats off to her father who correctly labelled his daughter, I mean if this kind of intermixing continues, this planet will be overrun by inferior trash, we cannot allow this to happen.

    This specimen of a boyfriend was well in the wrong to attack this Davenport fellow and defend his girlfriend, it was totally out of order. On the other hand, Mr Davenport was completely justified in his actions and I give him 3 hoo-rars for his outstanding efforts to bring his sister back from the gates of hell and the curse of Cain. I mean, what on earth was this woman thinking, to mingle with the abominable race once before was treachery in itself, but to return to the same filth and choose to wollow in the mire with a slave asset a second time is unthinkable.


    Do black people in the UK think anything has changed just because they have been allowed to step up in this society to a somewhat reasonable basic standard of living? When the excrement hits the fan in this country then you will see the true colours of Paul, Simon, Samantha and Vicky. The race war is coming and everybody knows it. A large number of black people need to stop being in denial and admit that we are simply not liked and only tolerated by the people of this country. I’m not saying that we should hate white people but what I am saying is we should recognise hostile behaviour when it is displayed and call it out for what it is. This business of whites calling blacks every conceivable word under the sun but turning round to you and saying “not you Delroy, you are alright” has to stop. We either stand together and support each other in this coming war or we perish like true domesticated, slack jawed, chicken neck slugs.

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