British actor Idris Elba has been out there promoting his musical endeavours for sometime now, but this is the first time I’ve actually bothered to listen to one of his tracks, and I’m now wishing I hadn’t bothered clicking on the play button.

Idris should stick to what he is good at  – ACTING!!!

I am guessing that he  surrounds himself with a bunch of sycophant ‘yes men” because Hold On is hilariously bad.

And can somebody please tell me when Idris decided to become a Jamaican reggae artist?

“A big raas claat tune” – SIT DOWN Idris!

To quote fellow blogger LondonDiva, “Why murder a genre with the most awful and cringe worthy patois.?”

Why Idris why???

This is just a classic example of a celebrity who has done extremely well in his chosen field (in Idris’ case acting), and who now believes he can do anything.

Idris concentrate on bringing us UK viewers a second series of Luther, and for all our sakes please slowly STEP AWAY from the music scene.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. This is absolutely terrible. A squealing pig and a cheap keyboard can achieve wonders in this failing music industry thesedays.

  2. Wow! I have to say this…is! What was my brota! maybe the next track will be better……….no way Idris…..

  3. You see why I never really bother about clicking the play button…It saves a whole lot of time. Remember kiddies, don’t press play.

  4. I should have listened to you Adaobi. Atrocious, The man cannot even pull off the image (maybe i am used to seeing his kinda clean image that i cannot figure out what this reverse cap thingi is all about, but anyway it does not fit or look right but whatever). And isn’t this the same man who was going on about UK folks picking American style and so on? And what does he do? Exactly that, and in a worse way. I watched upto 2 mins, could not take anymore. Embarrassed on his behalf.SMH

  5. I LIKE IT!!!… well ok, I see some of your points still, I think this is Idris ‘Being Idris’ and for me the song is quite fun his accent is nothing new artists have been playing with accents for years,… Khardinal comes to mind and many others Rodney P etc etc… My only snag is that his word play didn’t seem to poetic as if it lack actual rhymes lol.. but yeah I think it’s ok and I like the fact its just him doing him.

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