James Corden with England Captain Steven Gerrard


I have been watching actor/’comedian’ James Corden’s new World Cup Live show (TFI Friday rip off) on ITV 1 and ITV 4 since the tournament kicked off in South Africa on June 11th, and it is quite entertaining.  However his interviews with individual members from the ridiculously lacklustre England squad (waste men) has so far been embarrassing to watch.

I know that James is a huge football fan and that footballers in this country are treated like “Gods”, but he seriously needs to calm down, and needs to get a grip of himself.

So far the star has interviewed England’s team captain Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Peter Crouch, who actually looked as if they enjoyed spending time with a brown-nosing/over excited James. But it makes for uncomfortable viewing watching a grown man giggle like a groupie, who then follows that up with an over exaggerated high-pitched laugh whenever anything mildly amusing passes each man’s lips.

It also makes for uncomfortable viewing when he tries to be overly funny, then becomes animated, invades their personal space by sitting/standing too close, and makes it blatantly obvious that he craves their acceptance.

I cannot help but cringe.  It’s all so desperate.

To my UK-based visitors who have not seen James Corden’s World Cup Live, tune in to ITV 1 tomorrow night (Wednesday 23rd June) at 9.30pm, and you will see exactly what I mean.

*Footage of his interviews might now also be available to watch on YouTube.*

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  1. Meh…after their lacklustre performances, they’re no longer my back up team. And don’t get me started on my actual team, after promising myself not to watch the World Cup, I keep watching Naij fuck up (apart from Vincent Enyeama, if that dude isn’t the 1st choice goalkeeper of an European Premiere League team at the beginning of the new season, then the negotiators should be fired). Thank God they’re not going to show the final group B match for Naij, apparently Argentina & Wimbledon is more valuable. It’s not even going to smell the red button.

    Oh & Kaita, get your aboki ass back to your local farm. Onye ala…At some point, I won’t be pissed off with that dude, until then ode buruku, ode oshi, with your hulk dumb ass covering up your dumb ass face with your dumb ass shirt, surprised he didn’t hit the wall of the tunnel with his dumb ass…**sighs** I feel slightly better.

  2. whoever bought an England shirt your third and final wear will be 2morro along with the show.

    James doesn’t surprise me one bit, he’s football crazy, a true fanatic, if john terry said “wash my cock please mate”, he’d do it with pleasure.

    The England team is a reincarnation of Frank Bruno.

  3. “James doesn’t surprise me one bit, he’s football crazy, a true fanatic, if john terry said “wash my cock please mate”, he’d do it with pleasure.”


    The reincarnation of Frank Bruno.. LMAO.. that’s so wrong.

  4. ahhh dear…. where to start!!! firstly…

    @ Adaobi… after that clanger the Naija Goal keeper pulled on that freekick, in your last game, I’ll be surprised if the interest in him actually continues now, I was watching that game and hoping, but it wasn’t to be i guess.

    @ The Real NV… Actually I’ll be wearing my England shirt a little longer, thank you… Ha! and also please explain as I’m interested and want to know just how exactly you think the England Team is a reincarnation of FRank Bruno??

  5. They played like a proper team this game and Jermaine was always needed. You get to wash and iron those creases out for Sunday’s game. I hope they get far I enjoy them gettin far then seeing fans in the pub cry after losing the penalty shootouts like they really believed had a shoot at picking up the cup lol cant wait!!! laughing already.

    If you’ve watched an ITV Frank Bruno vs Tyson fight from build up to knock out you’d know exactly what I mean (weigh in, dressing room, commentry, tips from Boring McGuigan). If you havent watched and seen England’s stewwwpidly unrealistc spirit of hope for yourself then you wont understand and it cant be explained.

  6. @fr…I saw the highlights, both Davids (James & Seaman) have done some down right badass-never-to-be-spoken-in-public-again clangers, so there’s still a slim chance. Enyeama held his own against Argentina & even the not-so ambitious Greeks. He was Man of the Match in both games, even though we lost. At least, he didn’t blame the ball…

    Looks like I’m back on England as my back-up team. Like its citizens, I am fickle. Now if BBC News 24, could just STFU about it…

  7. hahahahahaha i dont think ive ever laughed so much in my life when the fat guys just walked in the painting rooom hahahahhaha !

  8. LoL well I havent laughed so much in a long time watching peoples faces crumble like they thought they could beat a far superior team like Germany. And to think I was gonna go to a comedy club hahaha
    Frank Bruno has left the building!
    Stamp on that shirt and bin it, if you haven’t already.

    I couldn’t resist rubbing it in hehehe!

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