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South Africa is hosting the biggest show on earth (The World Cup) and now here come the jokes….

Via The Guardian

TV/radio personality Chris Evans has apologised for posting a joke about poverty in Africa and the World Cup on Twitter.

Evans retweeted a joke about African football fans and the noisy horns known as vuvuzelas that had been circulating on the micro-blogging site.

“Apologies for last retweet didn’t read it properly,” he said. “Never meant to offend. Not funny at all.”

The 44-year-old Evans, who has more than 84,000 followers on Twitter, said:

“You give an African £2 a month and what do they do? Buy a bloody trumpet.”

The comment sparked criticism from some of his followers, with one calling it a “bit Bernard Manning”. Another wrote: “Chris Evans is a backward racist. I used to like this fool. Let’s make jokes about gingers and see how he likes it!”

Evans soon removed the tweet and apologised, claiming he had not read the joke properly before retweeting it to his followers.

Chris you know you laughed out loud after reading that joke that’s why you retweeted it to your followers.

Claiming that you had not read it properly…. now that’s funny!!!

ha ha ha!

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  1. He’s one of those clueless ones. Not surprised at all. I tell ya, people are allergic 2 foreign, football is their life, its the english way or u get this. We still have how many weeks 2 go of this? *sighs*

  2. I’m glad he said it, now we know what this scallywag is really all about. Apologised for what, because he was genuinely sorry(I don’t think so) or because other people took offence to the statement and called it out for what it was, racist(this reasoning more fits the bill). We shouldn’t be surprised anymore at racist statements from white Britain, what, surely we didn’t think that the Caucasians in England have accepted us and now like us.

  3. These apologies are insults. They’ve been trashing SA since the world cup bid. We know, they know. They can save us the pretense. Hopefully England will win. Hehehe.LOL

  4. lol @ lati last comment. about Evans comments.. well not all jokes should be shared with everyone. guess common sense is not that common after all.

  5. @Reclaimin’, exactly, the amount of non-PC ish I say on a daily basis, if I was a “celeb”, people will probably lynch me. It’s your opinion, no matter how stupid it is or racist it is. Apologising for it is an added insult, unless if you’ve genuinely learnt from your mistake. This is probably why I like Frankie Boyle & always want to bitchslap Kanye after he does something stupid, then apologises for it, then deletes his apology.
    The sad bit is… I kinda find the joke funny.

  6. in all honesty im tired of english people behaving like they are the highest most possible race- the team is a dissapointing bunch- the fans were booing thier own team?? its obvious they were just in africa- they learnt nothing from it!!!! What was meant to be a game is turning into a battle- how ridiculous. No wonder they turn into barbarians at football fields! Players fustrated on the field?? what is this about!!! WE ARE MEANT TO ENJOY THIS!!!!!
    Now look at this fools comment?? i can do nothing but smh its unfortunate i come out of my house every day and meet someone on the street sayin he/she is ‘helping’ children in africa, ‘charity’ is a business and we all know it!! I et pictures of dieying children through my letterbox. . . donate they say only they know where the money is going! The joke is not funny- its not funny at all its actually rascist and if you havent observed that please read it again. kmt i think alot of people need to revisit thier roots

  7. I don’t know if Chris Evans is or isn’t a Racist, but the Joke is a racist joke, that doesn’t make the person who said it, or retweeted a racist, but still, anyway, I found that comment somebody said about saying Ginger jokes on twitter and seeing how He [Chris Evans] likes it quite funny.

  8. Adaobi- I chuckled too and love Frankie.
    I think intelligent people of all races should try to read between the lines of risque and out and out racism.
    I actually am gonna take it somewhere pretty effed up now or some may say deep:

    I think that black folk have too long been the martyr in history that could proclaim vulnerability and victimdom (is that a word! doubt!)due to a very sorry tale in our collective history. However, just like a the Jews can be criticised for creating an industry around the Holocaust not forgetting their own bizarre exploits with Palestinians…many black people now enjoy a lazy perspective on racism which sees them constantly as the victim even though it is more likely that you are to hear a black person talk about white people in an unflinching racist way expecting no comeuppance. It is more likely that you hear homophopic vitriol spewed on these boards by black folk when the topic of it arises and it is more likely that you will hear black people defending criminally minded individuals who are black.
    Funny how the Jews are now the perpetrators of racism in Israel and how Germans have become some of the least nationalistic, open-minded people since their dirty part in 20th century history.
    Are we to become the new Jew who scream every time a hint of a comment is made towards us or will we rise above it?
    At the end of the day, there needs to be a little accountability and less of the moral highground when a tiny irrelevant joke is said. Yes it was racist, but to what true detriment has this caused to any of us reading these boards. We need to focus on racism that has power and influence and stop getting het up about trivia.

  9. Funny thing is the english are vex about the ABE shirts in scotland. They want them 2 be banned and are saying they are racist. Hehehe, Strange and interesting indeed. Is it about race or just a disrespect and disregard of others who are not english? Ummm ‘shrugs’, guess its not funny after all especially football time.hehehe, but i wish the players the best, coz its about 2 get ummm. Anyway off 2 listen to ‘optimistic’ by sound of blackness.

  10. I’m very surprised that you would attempt to merge homosexuality and race on the same parallel seeing as there is absolutely no link between the two. Homosexuality is a clear lifestyle choice which can be exited and entered at any time as apposed to race, which is a genetical heritage completely beyond a person’s control. Another issue is, what is the definition of “homophobia” as it seems that anyone who has a different view on homosexuality is conveniently slapped down with this Rockefella manufactured and funded slogan.

    To be honest I feel that many black people in the UK have just been domesticated and castrated. Give them a house, couch, a television and a Tescos up the street and they are good to go and prepared to let anything slip by them. I agree with the accountability part of your statement, I will call out black scum, white scum and any other trash equally without bias. Where I believe blacks need to advance is to deal with racism and racist statements themselves head on instead of crying out to the nanny state to take action on our behalf.

    We are still very much wounded as a people even today from that very sorry tale in our history that you mentioned. A tiny relevant joke maybe, but still enough to flare up a wound which hasn’t yet fully healed.

  11. Verbs2010, I think you are mistaken when you say that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. I expect you are hetro or you would not have been able to make such a comment. Is your sexuality a lifestyle choice? If not, why do you think that other peoples are. The black community have a long way to go, even more than the white community, before homosexuals can be fully accepted. Racism and homophobia are equally evil, equally dangerous and equally understandable as long as ignorance and prejudice walk this land.

  12. @verbs2010. Love your comment. I was made to understand that because of my race, I had no right to dislike “homosexuality” because I could easily be disliked for being black….so I guess my gay black friends and cousins are basically screwed from all angles, then, ay?!?

    Back to Mr. Evans’ comment. What is so disturbing about his comment is (1) He is a radio personality – with a huge amount of followers (2) The uninformed mind might decide to stop giving charity because of his comments. But I think that the most unfair and disturbing aspect of his comment is it’s level of ignorance: The northern hemisphere TAKES in excess of £62 Billion per month from Africa as continent by way of unfairly acquired quantities of Crude Oil, Diamonds, Uranium, Coffee, Copper, Gold, Cocoa, other precious stones, materials for making mobile phones etc..and then some how, the northern hemisphere thinks that donating £2 per month somehow offsets the imbalance which they created – which perpertuates suffering in the lives of Africans in Africa?

    The southern hemisphere (Africa especially) finances the Northern Hemisphere so Chris Evans should be conscious of this when joking about the people who inhabit the land – whose resources where “stolen” to make his ever expanding collection od cars. Please watch the movie documentary: The End of Poverty?

  13. @David

    If you are attempting to travel down the gay gene road, forget it as that has already been put to bed years ago and even then, it was merely used as a stalling weapon by homosexual groups who knew full well that what they were and are doing is out of choice and not some biological fate. Homosexuality is a straight up choice. Homosexuals merely go with their feelings instead of using their logic and thinking through their actions before they execute them. When overcome with emotions and lust, it is easy to then say that “well, this is just the way it is”. You can change your lifestyle from homosexual to heterosexual however, you cannot change your genetical skin colour.

    My sexuality is a choice in the normal direction and the natural flow of life. I have mentioned before on numerous occasions that the average age for a homosexual male is 39-42 years of age in comparison to that of 75 years for their heterosexual counterparts. Does an average age of 39 years seem normal to you sir? Does that drop in an average age by half raise any red flags in your corner sir?

    For the most part the black community has shunned homosexuality and rightly so. We knew it was a nasty, foreign, dark and unnatural lifestyle. It has only since we have been domesticated by the westernised regimes we have been exposed to, that we have put down our guard and allowed western societies to teach us that things which are abominable are now all of a sudden good and normal.

    Again sir, you are merely using a heavily funded slogan put out there into the mainstream arena to stall heterosexuals from taking action against the homosexual lifestyle, thus giving the homosexuals a free reign to push their agendas through with little resistance . You need to define what homophobia means sir!?!!

    I apologise to other readers here as I realise that this subject has now gone off the original topic, however I am sick of homosexuals and lesbians thinking that the trails and tribulations of being gay are akin to those of a black person.

  14. @ Adaobi,

    What movies are out now that are watchable? Thought of going to see Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock movie but not sure. Thought of Alice in wonderland, but nah. Any ideas?

  15. @lati, I refuse to watch Death at a Funeral, since I loved the original, what’s with all the remakes? How can you remake an English film that’s not even 3 years old yet. If I see another remake of my fave Japanese/Korean/English/American movies, imma bitchslap a random executive.
    Anyhoo, I watched Wild Target yesterday, I liked it. Although Bill Nighy holds the gun in a very weird ass way. Alice in….was meh, I was indifferent after watching it, was expecting so much more from Tim Burton. Date Night is awesome. Waiting for Get Him to the Greek (if you like Judd Apatow’s stuff)…err…When in Rome* was ok (sorry, soft spots for any kind of romantic comedy or action movies e.g Ninja Assassin, She’s Out of My League)…Dunno. I need to think a little bit. I watch a lot of random stuff. I enjoyed The Losers*, mindless explosions good. Problem is I have a very dodgy schedule, I tend to watch films…err…earlier* If you want specifics, you can always comment later, yes I watch too much telly/films.

    *don’t know if they’re officially out. Some were previews, some…

  16. I know this thread is old now, but I came across it when doing some research for work and I just couldn’t help adding something.
    Firstly – Verbs, are you for real?! Surely not. I find your views quite disgusting, and on the grounds of what you have said about homosexuals, I cannot take a single one of your comments about racism on board.
    Secondly – Not all English people are nasty, racist, ignorant, disrespectful, arrogant barbarians. And to be honest, bad mouthing the entire English race – is that not in itself, slightly racist? Perhaps as racist as say, ‘retweeting’ some silly little joke. I don’t see myself as racist, in that, I would not treat somebody any differently because of the colour of their skin. I cannot say, however, that I have never laughed at a racist joke. But then I also can’t say that, being a blonde female, I’ve never laughed at a women/sexist joke, gay joke, hetero joke, white joke, blonde joke etc etc. Everyone just needs to chillllll out a bit.

  17. I gave facts in relation to homosexuals, not my opinion, get it right. I’ve done the research into the lifestyle especially into the so called “gay gene” debate and all I found were a load of maybes, possible, could be, probably, might haves etc, no conclusive data on this topic to date. Therefore until there is empirical evidence to convert the gay gene theory to fact, the lifestyle by default is a choice.

    If you have a problem with the comments I made about homosexuals then take it up with the people before me who have conducted the research, I never said it, they said it. I have just merely repeated their research. I suggest you conduct your own research into the topic before you launch an attack at me emotionally. It doesn’t matter how you feel, the facts remain the same.

    As for English people, let us see how they will treat black people and other nationalities when the coming food shortages hit this country and food rationing is implemented by the EU. The true testimony of who people truly are is revealed in times of adversity, scarcity and tribulation not when things are available in abundance and in plentiful supply.

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