It’s been reported that Christina Aguilera’s comeback album sales where the lowest of her career to date.

According to the Hits Daily Double website Bionic has only sold 111,838 copies in it’s first week.

Christina also recently cancelled her 20-date summer tour.


Mary J Blige predicted that this would happen!

Several years ago BBC radio personality Trevor Nelson interviewed Mary and she let it be known (on television) that she was not a Christina Aguilera fan.

Mary told Trevor that Britney Spears would come out on top in the long run because she was “sweet” and was always “respectful to others” (including her fans). But Christina was disrespectful, had a “nasty little attitude” and revealed that when she was first introduced to Christina, she held up her hand to Mary’s face, which gave the impression that she wanted Mary to kiss it.   

Ha Ha.

Mary then went on to add that the bad attitude towards others within the industry and in general would be her downfall.

Throughout the years there have been many who have commented on Christina’s off- key behaviour.

Anyway back to the album sales!  It’s still early days and the album may go on to become a huge success.

But the problem is it’s like she’s trying to compete with Lady GaGa. But Christina is a TRILLION times better than that joke of an artist, who now looks like she’s on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

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  1. I dont know about her behavior in person. But she can sing. This is what she should have kept focussing on, not the fantical outfits & videos with no real voice in it plus music on a cheap level.

  2. I used to really like Christina, and I agree she should have let her talent do the talking rather than lowering herself to compete with artists who are not even on her level (in terms of vocal ability etc.)

    A wise man once said that your talent, your natural gift will make a way for you, a path if you like, but, your character will keep you there.

  3. yeah xtina always seemed have a mightier than thou attitude,so many artists have voiced this,but the girl can sing hopefuly she will learn..who knows Beyonce cud be the biggest bitch but she definately knows how to keepit humble and smile.

  4. But what’s with all the android shchizzle? Ain’t that a blatant Janelle Monae rip off?

  5. Christina has a sneer and looks very mean. She isolated her fans because of this. Lady GaGa seems a lot nicer.

  6. this is only a matter in USA, why? because in USA people think their idols need to play the sweet innocent kitty face otherwise they don’t like it. if people were only interest in music and talent then we’ll be telling a whole diferent story. who does mary j blige think she is??? she’s just a… singer? with a lot of hood acent??? i don’t BELIVE her telling such things about Christina.

  7. Hey lulu i totally agree with you about Beyonce she is not as innocent and sweet and nicer as she picture herself ahahaha good eye!

    Xtina and Beyonce are the best gaga?? who is gaga? and why beyonce played gaga’s bitch twice?????????

  8. Everybody & their mama wants to be Gaga, I finally heard one of the songs, Not Myself Tonight…yes she really wasn’t herself. Couldn’t be assed to look up to watch the actual video, gave it 30s, hissed then changed the channel.

    @J, don’t this Gaga now, she’s not that bad, yes, she needs to rest before she blows.

    @Lulu & Outsider, the entertainer is not the same as the person. Beyonce reminds me of Aishwarya Rai, if you ever watch an Aish interview, the chic gives this weird ass praticed laugh. Shey, you know, it’s not by force to laugh? In the earlier years, B would slip, you’d see the crazy… now she’s Voltron, now that’s bionic, with that bloody annoying Sasha glove. They have to sell a persona to the masses, that makes them approachable & marketable.

    As for MJB, she probably has a valid point but after the whole “Don’t Understand Estimate Her Intelligents” tweet, it’s very hard to take her seriously. Some people should just let their PR do their work…

  9. It’s why they stoop so low with their gifts that i don’t understand. But anyway, i guess Gaga is the hot thing for now, between her and Beyonce, have no clue why though. I mean, everyone wants to look or pick up something from them and add it to their ‘artistry’. These artists are just allover the place, you don’t know whether they are cooming or going. Most probably going. Where though? lol

    @ Adaobi, i wish they would put more energy into the quality of their work as much as their image. It would be great.

    Apart from her voice(christina), i don’t find her work that memorable, apart from that song she did with MIA, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim and Pink.

    The only song i like of Gaga or which had gaga on it was that one she did with Micheal Bolton, but even then, i was hoping that she was not in it. It’s decent thanks to micheal Bolton.

  10. These artists just cannot help themselves but hide their esoteric illuminati symbolism in plain sight. There is always a reason for artwork on an album that doesn’t make any sense, these clips should help bring you up to speed as to why all of a sudden we are being shown these man/machine fusions, what they are really all about and what you are being prepared for:

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