It’s been reported that singer Chris Brown has been denied access into Europe, which has resulted in all of his shows being cancelled.

Brown issued an apology to his fans  via Twitter which said,

“SORRY to all the fans in europe!!! my tour is cancelled. I’m pretty sure y’all know. my entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY!!”

So he’s been denied entry in to every European country?

hmmmm I smell a case of poor ticket sales.

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  1. Surely you can’t be this dense. It’s the European UNION now dunce, which means that its similar to the United States. The EU denied him entrance, which they do now since they are a union. The concerts were SOLD OUT.

  2. it wasn’t poor ticket sales! he all sold out excpet ONE date in ireland! so stfu!

  3. Oh dear janice, you can’t catch a break.

    Who’s got the popcorn?


  4. I know. You would think you were hating on PRINCE. I would be hating on you if it was PRINCE, but nah. Not this.


  5. Popcorn!
    Ahh…the sweet musings of delusional fans…Last time I checked my visa’s for UK, not the EU or the rest of Europe. Unless, there’s a combo deal for entertainers or something. Err…not all the European countries are in the EU. Plus, going all Voltron isn’t going to miraculously undo the cancellation.
    Sidebar: Trina & Lauren: The Weezy F Baby Connection. Boredom is a biatch…

  6. @Adaobi

    Exactly not all European countries are in the EU.. poor old Trina got it wrong. But I don’t think she lives in Europe, so we should forgive her ignorance. lol

    I don’t think she realised that this is a UK /European site.

  7. LOL@ Adaobi.

    But what has he been doing music wise since he got himself into bother? How has he been doing in the states anyway. @ Trina and Lauren. Has he been forgiven yet in the US?

  8. @ Lati
    No he hasn’t, the boy mess up big time first with RiRi and then he had the nerves to attach Oprah that put the icing on the cake for him. Perhaps his management was hoping a come back thru Europe but since he was denied access I guess they’re on the cumbaya train with the US. Chris and his management need to light a candle a pray hard because they sure need some light in that darkness he created.

  9. i reckon chris brown will be signed to yung money within 12 months fan of a fan mixtape is gettin love. and tour cancellation is probably down to work permit issues, he aint been denied entry cos hes already been in london for fashion week.. suttin fishy? yea i reckon, but poor sales? nah cos airhead chicks + Chris Brown live = €asy money

  10. @ B P, thanks. I guess all his management is interested in is making money off him. He could have done with proper time out after the incident but they pushed on, even released an album in the middle of a storm. Anyway his career looks foggy at the moment. He still has and needs alot of growing up 2 do. But i doubt his management care.

  11. thing is his management do care, tina davis has been with him since he started off, one of the reason maybe that they pushed him to carry on during the rihanna incident to take his mind off of it, since then he has done Graffiti, In my Zone and Fan of a Fan ft Tyga, which those mixtapes and album are class. Whats the point in bringing up the past for CB now that has just put him down more, just let him do what he does best PERFORM (in the EU).

  12. it’s all a bit weird, he was here a couple of months back so I don’t see what could have happened the past few weeks that would have lead them to deny entry.

  13. @ anthiny, artists do music for fans not themselves. IF his past was not dealt with approriately, then it will always affect him. HE WAS NOT THE VICTIM, Rihanna was, so doing things to put his mind off his own problems does not make sense. It’s no wonder he has been making continuos stupid mistakes that will work against him. If he was properly forgiven in the US, things would be easier on the outside. he still has alot of grovelling to do.

  14. I wonder if he’s going to pull a R. Kelly/Snipes/Chappelle i.e. motherland loving? Oh well, he’s been to Naij before…

  15. @lati

    They were victims, but most of you would never admit it. I bet Ozzy can perform. I’m not going to even fight with you hypocrites.

  16. Yes Ozzy can perform. Funny enough the only people who have not forgiven Chris are black folks. Correct me if iam wrong. White folks have had him running the fashion shows, right?

  17. I mean he has had the most backlash from black folks more, maybe black folks are not ready to forgive him, yes i know even Charlie Sheen is still earning millions. Well Chris is not Charlie Sheen or Ozzy, is he?

  18. @ Janice

    That’s correct according to ABC News because he pleaded guilty and he’s on probation for the Rihanna assault he was denied access.

    @ Lati

    You’re correct as well, the problem here is that when black folks mess up they don’t know how to be humble and pretend that they’re remorseful even if they don’t mean it like white folks do.

  19. Latest on

    It was postponed “due to unforeseen circumstances,” according to the website promoting the tour. Fans were advised to hold on to their tickets with the possibility of the dates being re-arranged.

    The Home Office said: “We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns. Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits.”

    Brown has the right to appeal.

    (Reporting by Mike Collett-White, editing by Paul Casciato)

    COPYRIGHT: (c) Reuters 2010.

  20. So they are saying chris brown is a threat to public safety, just like all the Jamaican artists who promote homophobia, but all the ex drug dealing convicted felon US rappers who sing about ‘killin a Ni****’ are not????

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