Last night (May 18th) I attended my first music business networking event, and I must admit that I found the experience a bit daunting at first because I didn’t really know what to expect. But I needn’t of worried because I ended up meeting some positive and progressive individuals.

Yes I was having fun and was in a good mood.

However any feeling of happiness I felt disappeared minutes before leaving the venue.

A lady who greeted me when I first arrived on first impressions seemed really cool and friendly . I later learned that she managed top UK producer DaVinChe (amongst others) and runs her own music management company, Jackie Davidson Management (click HERE to view website).

Anyway while I sat waiting for the friend who had kindly invited me  along to the event, I decided to take a quick snap shot of my friend while she stood ‘holding court’, sternly giving some much-needed advice to a few of her clients present.

After I took the picture this set the stage for the most ridiculous over-reaction ever, which bordered on comical.

Ms Management beckoned me over to where she was standing and told me that she didn’t want HER picture taken.

‘Err.. what???’

Confused? Yeah so was I!

At first I thought ‘this has to be a joke’, so I laughed and informed Ms Manager that I didn’t take a picture of her (WHY THE HELL WOULD I???). I was taking a picture “of “MY FRIEND, who is standing “OVER THERE” (Please note that she wasn’t standing anywhere near my friend when I took the picture).

But Ms Management refused to listen and stated again that she didn’t want me to take HER picture, and went on about people uploading images on social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), which was clearly a matter of concern to her.

I tried to reassure the woman that no picture had been taken of her.

My word obviously wasn’t good enough though, because she then demanded to see the picture that I had just taken with my Blackberry. I have never been any good at taking pictures with my Blackberry, so there was nothing to see. I told her this. But she still insisted on seeing the picture.

‘Can an individual really be this vain’ I thought while laughing. Vain enough to believe that I was actually taking her picture? Is she really this pathetic or was this her attempt at humour? Is she a comedian?????

The last time I checked The Voice wasn’t employing me to submit “exclusive” photographs of  random UK industry folk at “Urban” music business networking events. Neither have I developed a taste for taking pictures of randoms and posting them on social networking sites, just for the sake of it!

You would expect a delusional minor celebrity, or a member of their tiny entourage to behave in this fashion. They happen to notice the flash of a camera, stupidly presume their picture has been taken, and then attempt to draw attention to themselves by shouting “NO PICTURES! NO PICTURES! GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!”.

Anyway, still thinking that she had to be joking because at this point I found her reaction strange and hilarious, (and she gave the impression that she was joking), I showed her the almost pitch dark image.

A gentleman who had the misfortune of witnessing her bizarre behaviour walked over and gently explained that I did not take a picture of her.

I then added that if I was interested in taking her picture, I would have sort permission first.

It was then when I realised that this woman was in fact being serious. Serious like a judge folks!

Why this woman thought I would waste my Blackberry battery taking a picture of her is above and beyond me.

I thought I saw a flicker of embarrassment across her face, but she offered no apology for her ridiculousness. Instead she just mumbled “yeah alright…” (words to that effect) turned her back on me and resumed her conversation with a group of men.

I walked away thinking ‘what the hell was that all about?’ and proceeded to laugh it off.

It was just too bizarre.

But then not long after I soon stopped laughing (an annoying case of delayed reaction) because it suddenly dawned on me that I had just let this woman get away with affectively bullying me in to showing her an image (well there was nothing to see anyway but still!) stored on my Blackberry. My personal property.

(Hmmmm.. how would Verbs have handled this? lol)

Who does this woman think she is? Does she look in the mirror in the mornings and depending on the day see Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell staring back at her?

If at that time I failed to see the humour in it all, I would have handled her differently.  But a part of me is glad I didn’t because I hate losing my temper and arguing in public.  Turning in to a female Vybz Kartel and warring at an “Urban” music networking event held in the trendy Carbon Bar, would have just lowered the tone and killed a generally nice vibe.

Thinking back, at one point during the evening I sensed that Ms Management had taken some what of a disliking to me when we spoke briefly for the second time.

Why? I do not know. I didn’t know her backside from Adam.

Maybe she sensed that I was new to the whole “urban” music networking scene” (which is true) and came across a little reserved/unsure, so decided to take advantage of that fact.

Or maybe she was just jealous of my new hairstyle courtesy of Afro/European Hair & Cosmetics in South East London.

Who knows…. who cares!

Perhaps I am just being paranoid but I definitely sensed a off-key/slightly aggressive vibe wafting my way during our brief conversation.

But Ms Management’s behaviour  towards me over something that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her was rude and totally uncalled for.

This woman who up until last night’s event I’d never even heard of , went out of her way for some warped reason I feel, to embarrass me at what was supposed to be a relaxed and chilled networking event set in a social environment.

I sat on the train home mulling over our encounter and also came to the conclusion that this woman must have thought I was younger than my years. Hence the rudeness and dismissive attitude after I told her more than once that I wasn’t taking her bloody picture.

For the record I’m a grown woman not a naughty teenager.

I understand that Ms Management has worked and achieved a lot within a male dominated industry (well that’s what I was told), where when you’re a woman (a black woman in particular) you have to scream and shout to be heard.

But leave the bullying antics and damn right disrespectful behaviour in the boardroom. Don’t try to intimidate and embarrass others who you perceive as being fair game and beneath you, or try to exert your “power” over them.

And don’t bring it to my door.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, this was my first time attending a networking seminar of this nature. I don’t go to many industry events and I haven’t met many of the different characters who work within the industry.

Those who come across individuals like Ms Management on a daily basis will think nothing of what happened to me.  They deal with obnoxious characters who behave bizarrely for no reason everyday.

I on the other-hand don’t! So it was a real eye opener for me watching a sad egomaniac in action.

I don’t take to kindly to being disrespected when I haven’t done anything wrong, and I won’t be in a hurry to attend this organisation’s next networking event.

My brief  encounter with Ms Management has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s so bad right now that not even orange juice will succeed in getting rid of the bitterness.

I admittedly let my guard down on this occasion because of the environment I was in. But mark my words that won’t ever happen again.

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  1. Janice, you gave that woman far too much off your time. I would have just walked off leaving her to talk to herself. You already told her the photo wasnt off her, why she thought you would need a photo of her is beyond me (who is she???)
    Some people just “overfeel” themselves.

  2. @Miss Lala

    I know I should have. But you know when you’re a bit shocked. thinking hold on is this person for real? LOL.. no.. seriously… you are JOKING right? LOL

    I think she’s high up in the industry, but seeing as I don’t go to the events and pay attention to that stuff, all I know for now is that she’s DaVinche’s manager. nothing else.

  3. Awwww man! I remember her – but don’t let that put you off the whole networking thing; she’s gotta to be the exception. How random!?! 😦 SMH

  4. When ppl seem decidely off key and u have taken the time to consder their behaviour to know that it was not justified, give it back to them.. I knnw it’s annoying to think of it after, I have changed considerably over the years. I can switch very easily and abruptly give ppl their nonsense back to mull over instead of carrying their crap with me for the rest of that day questioning myself liek a mad woman!
    HOWEVER, yesterday night was a full moon I think cos I had a tramp SPIT IN MY FACE in Brixton because I did not give him a pound when he asked and turned my bacl on him to continue my convo! I have not hit anyone since I was 11 but I leapt out of the window of the bar and decked him- SPIT IN MY FACE U KNOW!! Violence has its place 🙂

  5. What a facety smaddy (somebody). Entertainment industry folk are the biggest set of egomanics to walk the planet, so can’t say I’m too surprised. And don’t you hate when in the shock of the moment words fail you, but when you’ve had time to process the the information you’ve got a million and one things you wish you had said? LOL. You didn’t need to show her anything Jan, but like you said – she took you by surprise… Don’t let her deter you from attending future events. If it was beneficial to you then go for it.

  6. I was STEAMING this morning. LOL

    I hear about the egomaniacs but have never experienced their foolishness up close. It was a real eye opener I tell ya. It was so weird.. I just couldn’t take her seriously at the time.. but then after she left, and on the train home that is when the red mist set in.

    I won’t let her deter me. I’ve calmed down now.

  7. Hahaha… Jan, this sounds like a Jeremy Kyle show or Tyra Banks. Surreal, i tells you. Are sure this happened? lol

  8. Poor Janice lol
    I know the after thought of someone talking to you like your an EIDIAT! must have really got you. It happens to the best of us.
    Dont worry, Karma has a way of dealing with folk like that. It always comes round to bit them on the ass when they least expect it.

  9. Wow…! I know sometimes, it buns us a little that we unawre at the time let somebody get away with some real bullshit behaviour that normally one would not allow to slip past our radar, I hate when that shhh happens though.

    as for the tramp in brixton, I would of got myself arrested kicking his ass down the street! lol I’m not even the aggressive type, but I wouldn’t lost my calm nature completey and become a raging mad man, shit, the Nerve of the tramp! lol

  10. @fr, my hubbie finished him off by knocking out three of his teeth so he will have something to think about today-believe! We left the scenw VERY quickly! Everyone who asked when told what he did, congratulated us…lol!

  11. KMT you gave her waaaaayyyy to much time J, Its your phone you can take a picture of whoever you damn well please really.

    That’s why i dont do music industry, its been like that for ages and its getting worse!!

    But dont worry tho, you’ll meet up with her again, paybacks a bitch!

  12. As far as I’m aware she manages wayne hector, but I thought he was managed by a white woman so I may be wrong. I think she has a nerve assuming you were taking a picture of her, I for one am very disappointed that you didn’t use your phone to konk her on the head and knock some sence into her as it sounds like she was trying to impress at your expense. I’m so sorry you were subjected to such ill treatment at a social event please don’t let it put you off going to others in future. HOWEVER may I suggest that you don’t bring out your camera in such places as it can give the impression that you are either a groupie or maybe a journalist and this maybe way the she thought she could get away with treating you like that. Either way she still sounds like a persumptious egotistical tart!

  13. This took several hours to read, hey I needed my dose of yesterday’s US telly.
    Anyhoo, don’t really know what goes on in the heads of delusional self-obsessed [& maybe slightly] hungry kooks, who need photographic evidence of their existence. Maybe… she just wanted a hug?

  14. I honestly don’t know what to say!

    Some individuals believe their own hype a little too much!

    Hope she’s reading this and feeling ashamed at her own behaviour!

  15. We cannot ever forget that we are dealing with and interacting with fluoride, tv heads on a daily basis regardless of the environment. The worst part of this type of scenario is the gutted feeling you get when you realise that you never dealt with the situation as you ought to have done. This situation catches many out because of the domestication we have received in this country through the media, especially television.

    We as black people have been told that we are too “emotional” and we have to deal with issues in a “calm, professional” manner. Noooooooo, we have to ignite the wild side when warranted and not make up excuses as to why to hold back the wrath. This “stiff upper lip” attitude is what has brought so much abuse in our direction. Idiots, retards and decadents must be stamped out immediately otherwise they will think themselves to be wise in their foolishness and think that they can get away with pushing their crap in your face.

    Anybody who wants to start barking orders at me had better introduce themselves first, at least this will ease the punishment they receive afterwards. We have to start blasting back according to the merits of each situation and shake out of our domestication.

    As for Reclaimin’s incident, I’m surprised that the people that inquired about the event actually sided with what you’d done and didn’t tell you that the tramp had a right to spit in your face because he was poor and had to vent his poverty frustrations in some way, though it was wise for you to swiftly depart the scene as I’m sure those kind of reprobate mind thinkers were there lurking, waiting for another like minded fool to utter some stupidity in order to pluck up the courage to front you with their mind also(tag team). I mean, is that kind of response too extreme to expect from a reprobate and decadent society?

    We all have been caught out once in a while and live and learn from it. How would Verbs have handled this? Verbally blasted Ms Management back to Skegness on a skateboard, single fare. By all means ,you had full rights to slap her in the chop for not introducing herself to you first, do not think for a minute that this course of action would have been too “extreme”.

  16. @ Reclaimin’….

    LAWDDD… I’m creasin’ up, 3!!! teeth LOOOL! and then you left the scene very quickly!…oh man, LMAO!!!

    Brixton is a special place indeed 😉

    LOve Mad news, and everyone You’s!

  17. @ Verbs?…. REALLY????


    “By all means ,you had full rights to slap her in the chop for not introducing herself to you first, do not think for a minute that this course of action would have been too “extreme”.”

    My eyes are watering 😉

  18. When you speak from a hateful place in your head verbs, no one listens. I am not listening to your crap. Nooooooo and i am luvin it. Gone are the days. Keeping a close eye on your music son? LOOOOL!

  19. Why do you always feel the need to follow comment on everything I say? I’ve just given my opinion here like everyone else, my comment isn’t more valid than anybody else’s here, its my individual opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion. I cannot help the fact that you are a lazy domesticated decadent slob who cannot conduct research, who is not very articulate, who watches that television endlessly and relies on it heavily for information aswell as an emotional fix, who cannot think for herself and who needs the mainstream media to tell her what actions to take on issues and what to think.

    I have merely mirrored what all others have said here, “don’t take any crap from anyone”. Since when is it hateful to rep a person for outlandish and stupid behaviour? I have always cut straight to the point with plain words, nothing has changed and nothing is going to change because you feel emotionally charged and upset at the facts.

    Instead of always shooting the messenger because the messages are always rocking your emotions and cutting to the core of your world view paradigm, why don’t you take the info presented, verify it to be true or false, if false expose it with counter info, if true build on it, educate yourself and become more informed about what is going on in the world?

    Noooooooo, this would be too hard for you, you might have to start reading books, articles and documents instead of watching Eastenders, Corrie, Folly Oaks, American Idolatry, Britain’s Got Talent and the rest of the other fluff they put on that box to condition you with. Can’t you lay your emotions aside for one moment?

  20. Loooord what a retarded rant. loool i’ll my emotions when you lay your idiocy aside. Untill then, enjoy the ride, it is about to get bumpy. looool

  21. The woman needs a kick, a box and a good old beat down. How dare she? Yet there are so many egomaniacs in the entertainment world who are so up their own backsides. She sounds like she has psychological issues and clearly has self esteem issues if she feels the need to bully others. Don’t pay her another moments notice because karma is a bitch and I am sure she will get hers.

  22. @Fr

    We have let people get away with too much in this society, that is why things are so bad now and people feel that they can deal with anybody anyhow. Not saying excuse me when asking for the time or asking for directions and often times not saying thank you, holding a door open for someone and not receiving a thank you or getting a door slammed in your face from somebody who saw you coming and chose to not hold it open for you, being barged by others and them not saying sorry(especially in central London), having you foot trodden on in a packed tube/train carriage and the person looking the other way as if nothing happened.

    We ignored these types of behaviour as we were “taught” to but this was the wrong method as we can see the ill effects today. We need to bring it back to the old days and simply show people that we will not tolerate rude behaviour and that they need to show others respect.

  23. Keep drinking your fluoride tap water and taking your shots Dera, they are good for you, the government loves you and everything is ok.

  24. Everyone to a degree in different areas of our lives. You’re just like a kid, foaming at the mouth, looking for answers but reproaching anybody who comes forward with some. WE, are the people who now think outside of the box, who do not trust a government that has shafted us every which way from Sunday and has been caught lying to the public times uncountable, who recognise the television for what it is, an indoctrination weapon, who want to maintain and hold on to their individuality, who recognise that something is not only wrong in society but also in the world, who see that everything is not OK and are willing to take a stand for truth and not continue to lie to ourselves just so that we can preserve our world view bubble, who in light of the truth being presented, will take the necessary steps to prepare for the rough road ahead.

    You are simply not ready to take these steps and free yourself from the system shackles, in fact you love your chains of servitude and bondage and are dependent on them so much that anybody who attempts to show you a way of liberty and freedom, you savage with fierce attacks. You actually believe that holding onto the lies that prop up your world view bubble will stop reality and the wrath from coming to your doorstep.

  25. My my my did not see that coming. Not in my wildest dreams. Uhuh tell me more. You got my full attention now. Oooweee

  26. Yet again, the comments have gone waaaay off topic and are becoming like a personal tennis match a.k.a. vendetta

    Tek time people, life is too short……..

  27. All of you should hang your heads in shame. Looking back at all the outbursts on mad news and how they have developed, it would be fair to say that the person who has hauled abuse most is Verbs. Can we have some sort of honesty on this?

    It does not matter whether he has supported the blog longer because that seems not to be where the problem started, I say this, what gives him the right to spit the venom he does to other contributers and then not expect it in return? Is this a fair statement? Anyone?

  28. It looks as if you’re going to have to dedicate an entire post to Verbs and include has past comments so people can vent. LOL

    But getting back to the actual topic!

    I know Ms Manager . The woman’s just hoggish. Don’t let that beast prevent you from moving forward.

  29. Oh dear, same ol same ol.

    Somethings are never going to change. The sooner we accept it the better. When Dera and Verbs go at eachother, please step aside and don’t interfere. lol

    Who wants a cuppa of tea or hot chocolate or coffee or a soft drink, and whatever helps you calm down *shrugs and walks out*

  30. The fact that she was willing to create a scene over a pic tell me she was clearly looking for some attention. People that really matter don’t take the time to question someone because they believe they photo has been taking it’s ridiculous.

    I think you should send her a thank you note for giving you some 101 in bullying at social event, if you happen to find yourself in a situation like this again you will know exactly what to do.

  31. This is soooo funny!…..someone would of got a big side eye and kiss my teet if they tried that with me…..what a cheek!

  32. no worries love you handled it well, nobody likes to feel bullied, nxt time u can turn ‘black’ on her ass and give her a loud KMT!!!!! like 10seconds long and mumble ‘idiot’ in an african accent!

  33. Wow Jan you are better than me because I would have went off on that bish and set her straight! The nerve, she don’t know you or what you are about. Bish please… I would have rocked her jaw. I need to work on my temper… o_O LOL

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