When I first posted Woman’s World on the site several months ago I said that I liked it, and still do.

However I still think that they could have done without the guest rapper on the track.

There are songs out there that don’t require a rapper to spit bars. This is one of them.

But regardless I think the song will be a hit.

The video – They all look beautiful standing in front of the black background, but the other shots featuring plastic flowers and leaves (which I’m guessing represent the Garden of Eden)  just lack that wow factor.  I feel that those scenes should look more visually seductive and powerful.

But the girls look beautiful.

In case you’re wondering who the guy is (mark 1.55) wearing shades that almost cover his entire face, that’s the producer of the track DaVinChe.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. HIT HIT HIT! I really like this. Makes a change from the bootyshaking mentality. Vid is cool too. Not that I like to make comparisons but hell, imma do it anyway – Selah reminds me of a ‘Monica’, the attitude, the style of vocals…Monica is one of my fave artists ever so its a big thumbs up from me!

  2. I really like Selah’s voice, never heard of her till this song but I’m gonna watch out for her, as for Sadie and Brat, not really a fan, they’re both pretty girls but their voices are extremely annoying.

  3. Yeah I like it too, and have to agree Jan, there was no need for the rapping, spitting, I just locked it off at that point…

    hummm, but the Chorus though,.. women MADE man????…NO, lets not get it twisted GOD MADE man,, awoh!

    besides that I like the track a lot LOL!!!!

    and I’m also really feeling Selah’s Vibe!

  4. I agree with Ya’ll. The tracks Cool! But it sooo doesn’t need the rap it really spoils it.

    I have to say cuz theres some concreate evidence to suggest Woman did make Man as much as I’d love to think otherwise, Reality Bites. Your mum spent 9 whole months making you. Take a look at the Male and female chromasones and you’ll find the mans Y is really a broken X. Meaning we are a woman with things missing or lesser form of a Human Being as to speak, Meaning we are formed from the blueprint of a woman, which again proves woman was created before man. We are designed as Hunters/Protectors, less emotionally connected, no multitasking to help focus on one thing (woman can Multitask), physical build etc.

  5. ok track – nothing too special. I think Sadie sounds weak on it. It may as well had been a Selah track (this is the first time I have heard her voice)

    Janice – I think the “concept” was the four seasons in a year. If they were gonna buy plastic flowers, they could have hit the 99p store and spent a bit more / made a real effort.

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