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I announced on Mad News earlier this year that British actor Aml Ameen (Kidulthood and The Bill) had bagged a role in the new US drama Harry’s Law.

Now check out the preview below.

I follow a few British actors/entertainers on Twitter and any day now their huge heads will explode in to a thousand pieces.

A little success and an avalanche of compliments received via Twitter, and they turn fool.

But I don’t get that big-headed vibe from Aml. This is one homegrown actor that I am genuinely happy for.

Congratulations Aml.

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  1. Surprised you haven’t mentioned Gugu Mbatha-Raw as lead actress (with Boris Kodjoe) in Undercovers. Since it’s by J. J. Abrams, I’m hoping it will be more than it seems. WARNING: The trailer gives everything away.

  2. I just watched the trailer.. hmmmmm.. What it this the black version of 80s drama Hart II Hart?

    I’d be surprised if they decide to air it here, and I have a feeling that NBC might cancel this show before it’s even got off the ground.

  3. This guy is doing well for himself, I’ve watched him elevate through the ranks without getting a big head. I wish him success.

  4. I only know her from Doctor Who (as Martha’s sister). Since it’s JJ, I keep hoping it’s better than it looks.

  5. NBC have a habit of canceling shows, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ Damn!… I got into that show, they cancelled it and never aired the last episode,. they may have never of even filmed it! I’m still pissed at that! lol (am I confusing NBC with ABC? kmt -all I know is CW is running tings lol Desperate Housewives, Smallville, Gossip Girl!!! YEAH BOI!! lol)

    *getting back on topic lol*

    but Gugu Mbatha-Raw, ahh man, Glad for her, so glad for her, she was in a fantastic film by Roy Williams, called ‘Fallout’ also with Aml Ameen, and one of my fav’ young British actors Charles Mnene, link below… can watch it online 😉 it’s worth watching for the cast alone, the black girl from E20 (soon to be on Eastenders 😉 is it, and Lennie James, it’s good trust!

    As for Undercovers, I’m not sure I’m gonna watch it, reminds me of series called ‘Chuck’ which I just refuse to watch lol… plus I’m well into Flash Forward, Gossip Girl and Treme – New show by the makers of the Wire -quite insightful -3 months after Katrina down in New Orleans, good series it is 😉

  6. I’m really excited for Aml – the trailer looks really good, I’ll defo be tuning in. Also it features an English actor (the dude with the dark hair, I forget his name), that used to star in a British comedy with Samantha Janus (Eastenders) that I TOTALLY LOVED during the 90’s… the name of the show escapes me but it was jokes.

    Anyhow, onwards and up wards to Black British talent… you’re struggle looks like it’s easing off a bit! On that note; did anyone see the double page article in Evening Standard regarding black actors getting lead roles for major productions? If not, check out the article Shame the article didn’t mention Aml or another great Black British actor Jimmy Akingbola.

  7. I’m really excited to see my Black brothers and sisters on a major network here in the USA. I will be watching as well as my friends…we support our own…bigtime. Boris is a down brotha… And like someone said on here…i only remember her from Dr. Who… But hey…it’s all good i wish everyone luck…. And lets just hope enough people will watch….so it can stay on the air… Oh and this other import…from the UK..will support him as well…..

  8. Gugulethu Mbatha and Boris Kodjoe Na wao , mulattos are replacing us blacks.We are now relegated to fossils and antiquities. These two mulattos are not even talented. What is Carmen Ejogaux doing these days ?

    All those DSM, FF were supposed to disappear .I only watched FF cos it seemed good at first; but the show was so slow and some of the characters would disappear for weeks then pop up all of sudden when nobody cares. I don’t even know what Gabrielle’s character was doing in the show.ABC and NBC have the worst writers.

    I’m gon’ stick to the wire if this is still on.

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