UK rapper and Peckham resident Giggs is turning in to a right little entrepreneur.

Giggs has now entered into the world of fashion and has ‘created’ his own clothing line SN1 Wear.

Check out the stunning photographs and video footage below…


The House of Sean John must be quaking in their boots right now.

There’s nothing particularly special about the menswear. It’s okay.

But the womens wear looks dated and tacky. Women were wearing those types of dresses back in the early nineties. We are now in 2010.

Who are they hoping to market those creations to?  Who is their demographic?

I wish Giggs the best of luck with this venture, but feel all those involved need to do their homework first when it comes to the business of fashion and textiles.

Just stamping a logo/slogans on a bunch of shirts and tacky jumper dresses  isn’t going to cut it in the long term.

Also the photographs featured in the video footage promoting the clothing line are terrible. In particular the ones featuring the female models.  From what I can tell not much thought went in to how they would present themselves while modeling the items.

But like I said, I wish Giggs the best of luck with this venture.

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  1. Hey i hate to say it….but so far…his clothing line…is really nothing special… I wish him….luck…but he has to come stronger than that…

  2. There’s nothing really original about the logo or the designs of the clothes. The women look like they’re advertising the necklaces rather than the dresses they’re wearing.

    I understand that they’re is a common trend of music artists coming out with they’re own clothing label, but it there’s nothing individual about yours then, how well is it going do?

    Anyway good luck to him.

  3. UK rappers are trying to follow the US rapper/entrepreneur blueprint. and there is nothing wrong with that. But people like Puff Daddy have PASSION about their business, they get involved in the clothes, the fragrances etc and are not doing just because it is to be done. What is it about Giggs own personal style that would inspire a clothing line?? KMT

  4. @Brown Eyez

    I’m guessing the 15-18 year old demographic.


    I agree. They are definitely trying to follow the Americans particularly Diddy. But what they don’t understand is that he did his RESEARCH first before jumping in to create his clothing line. So many US rappers clothing lines failed because they never bothered to do their home work.. They never bothered to educate themselves. They just thought that all they had to do was hire a few designers, agree to the designs and that would be it. Their stardom was enough to sell the product. Wrong!

  5. I think alot of clothing lines, like this one come about as artists desire to wear their OWN clothes / designs rather than continue to splash out on a next persons, ( and not so much because they want to have a successful clothing line) I believe he started off small… t-shirts and hoodies, woolie hats, for him and his crew to rock, but then as he grew in popularity so did the desire for what he was wearing the ‘SN1 Wear’…

    Then the lightbulb effect kicked in and he thought well if there is a desire, why not give the people what they want?

    I read in a paper recently that the ‘SN1 Wear’ shop was packed on a daily basis, even people queuing outside the shop before it opened (which was not 9am lol, but more like before midday)

    I think there is defiantly a market for what they are offering, but for them to really be successful, alot of research should have been done before hand, but I understand a lot of people who venture into the supply and demand regions of business fail to do adequate research, research that will empower them to the [point that they can be assured that their product remains strong within it’s market place.

    some of the clothing was decent enough, nothing special to me, but nice enough i guess, if their style of dress is up ones alley and one feels connected to the whole ‘SN1’ movement… either through music, or where they lay their heads at night, or the whole ethos behind ‘SN1’

  6. lets be far, unless you have a mind for business, or have business people around you, it is easy to over look the importance of market research, it’s a mistake that many, many many a people have made.

  7. He never looks or sounds enthused. Even in his music. The female clothing line, ummm…you have to be a certain shape, size and age to dare it. Body hugging and showing stuff.

  8. @fr..

    I understand why he started producing the clothing, But 2 printed t shirts and some hats for fans is called MERCHANDISE, not a clothing line!

  9. i think if he is following like Diddy here in the USA… that’s fine. We all get inspired by someone or something. I just hope that he kicks up the style a bit more. To me it seems a lil boring…and too plain. The ladies…dresses…nothing specail. Needs a bit more flair and be diverse …not just the preppy look. That’s so 80’s. But i do wish him luck…i always wish my brotha and sista’s luck in anything that they are doing that is positive. Now for the mens line…it’s cool…but over here in the USA…we tend to add a little more flair… not just jeans and t’s….

  10. @lati

    That’s poor organisation, every designer ( he ain’t one but ) knows how to discuss colours , fabric, shape, inspiration and the demographic (s ) they are cattering to.That alone spans 3 mn if recorded.

    I hope he will make some money off off the clothe line,it lis just new tags on random fabric. I buy very few clothes ; I’d much rather buy eletronic gadgets. I am tired of anything american.It doesn’t arouse me anymore whatever the form it comes in.

  11. Hey lechatnoir…what’s wrong with american??? Do you have issues with american? Do tell…very interested in you…point. Basically because i’m american


  12. @ MellissaDelicious …I didn’t say they were for his FANS, as that would be MERCHANDISE, I said there were for his crew!… his entourage, his boys etc… and the desire grew from there… anyway, it really isn’t a big deal.

    @Janice, I agree, I think rather then do a photoshop that is fairly deaded, boring… they would have been better off planning more, researching more and doing the whole thing properly, without cutting corners lol.

  13. The line is hideous!! Where are the stylist, make up, hair?? The one jacket looks like it was made for his baby brother…I can’t believe all those people cosigned that hawt mess! O_O WTF I am not giving him no high five on this… As mother who purchases her son’s clothes ain’t no way in hell am I buying this for my kid!!! O_O

    Uhm Diddy isn’t a rapper *coughs* he doesn’t do low level streetwear and has a house of designers, stylists, and marketing teams working for him producing his line not to mention a bunch of factories in China!

    This list is for you Giggs either research or scrap your shit and stick to the MIC damn can he even rap?!!

    In no particular order!!!
    Apple Bottom (Nelly)
    Phat Farm (Russell Simmons) non rapper
    Wu Tang (failed)
    Vokal (failed)
    Outkast (failed)
    Snoop Dogg (failed)
    Shady LTD Eminem (failed)
    P Miller by Master P (failed)
    BBC Ice Cream by Pharell (failed)
    G Unit (failed)
    State Property (failed)
    FJ560 by Fat Joe (failed)
    DMX by DMX (failed)
    Respect M.E. by Missy Elliott (failed) later teamed with Adiddas
    Rich Yung by Fabolous (failed) Giggs logo looks oddly familar… O_O
    Double U by Lil Wayne (failed)
    Fallacy of Rome by Lupe Fiasco (failed)
    Trilly & Trully by Lupe Fiasco (failed)
    Nostic by Jan’s favorite rapper and ex-boyfriend Jim Scum Jones (failed)
    Benjamin Bixby by Andre 3000 (failed) As much as I love me some Andre!
    Fly Society by Currency (failed) I ain’t never heard of this dude! o_O
    Softwear by Common (failed) but enjoyed mild success O_O
    Pastelle by Kanye West (failed) Karma is a bitch ain’t it?!
    FUBU non rapper
    Cross Colors waaay back in the day
    LL Cool J aligned himself with Sears o_O
    Rocawear by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Damon Dash aka Bruk Pocket in like 95 or 99

    You have to have a style, or a sense of style… a point of view… there are tons of urban gear labels that this Giggs is going up against and he has to step up his game!! Lawd have mercy if he took that mess to Magic in Vegas they would laugh him out of his booth …. smh

    *drops mic and kicks soap box*

    p.s. I am a former fashion whore…well kinda still am O_O

  14. DKG lol… you speak with a passion, I was feeling Andre’s line Benjamin Bixby and was hoping it made it out here but it didn’t sadly, it’s a wrap on that line already??

    w lol…

  15. @fr… I loved the line but was expensive. You still might score some pieces from Barney’s or if you are a member of luxury shopping sites you may be able to getchu a piece 😉

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