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Via The Sunday Mirror

Alexandra Burke’s mum has launched a devastating attack on her superstar X Factor daughter just days before the release of her new {single.

Bitter Melissa, whose own pop career flopped after she quit Soul II Soul in 1997, claims lucky Alex whose debut album went double platinum and whose hotly-tipped new single is out this month only won The X Factor because of her.

Alex owes it all to me, says Melissa, who kicked out her daughter when she was just 16. She would never have won The X Factor if it hadnt been for me my experience, my tuition, my guidance.

I used to record my version of hersongs on a dictaphone which I gave to her before each show. For her hit single Hallelujah, I recorded four versions and Alex took something from each one.

To be honest, Im a better singer than she is. But she is thinner than me maybe too thin. I was 18 stone in my heyday. But its all about image these days, more than talent.

Lets face it, if Alex ever got fat Simon Cowell would drop her like a stone.

Melissa even moans that her stunning daughter who won a s1million recording contract with Cowell, and releases her new single All Night Long on May 17 hasnt given her any of her s150,000 advance. Continue Reading…..

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After reading that article I feel sorry for Alexandra.

Melissa just comes across as being a nasty and envious piece of work.

It’s almost as if Alex’s current fame and success is slowly eating Melissa up and turning her in to a raving jealous lunatic.

I’m not jealous. I’m a fantastic song- writer but Alex hasn’t written one yet. And I’ve told her that her fame could all end next week. Its such a fickle business. I had one of the best voices in the world but made just £200 a night.

Alex, who lives in a rented flat inBarnet, North London, does pay for her mums groceries. But Melissa,46, complains: She has it delivered because she’s too busy to bring it herself. And she gets it all from Asda, not Waitrose. And she always forgets my favourite biscuits.

Melissa you have a 17-year-old son and a 24-year-old daughter who currently live with you. Why not ask them to buy your shopping from Waitrose, along with your favourite biscuits?

When Alex comes to my house, I’m the boss. The fame stops at my front door. I tell her to do the washing up, scrub the floors and feed my dogs.

This is a spiteful mother secretly praying for her daughter’s downfall.

Melissa’s autobiography Heart & Soul (Alexandra tried to block it’s release) is out now (£17.99).

I don’t see this going on to become a best seller. In fact I see the words ‘ MAJOR FAIL’ on the horizon.

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  1. My God this woman is horrible, as a mother you’re supposed to be proud of your kids achievements not use it to put down your kid and make money off it.

    I totally understand why Alexandra distanced herself from her mother now.

  2. Any publicity is good publicity. I don’t buy this animosity. Doesn’t add up.

  3. @Lati ditto….Mon is using her daughters fame to promote herself. It’s disgraceful shame on mama.

  4. @ B Princess, mum releasing a book and daughter a single. 2 birds with one stone.

  5. Janice,may be she’s like that, but x factor time, she came off as supportive. This is a 180 degree turn and for what? Why?

  6. It seems to be timely, then it goes quiet and back again when needed. They need a new

  7. If this is all true…and her mother feels this way… All i can say is….she’s sad. My mother would never ever…say things like this about me to anyone… let alone the media. I remember the group Soul II Soul….if was big over here in the USA. Man with a mother like that….who needs enemies…..

  8. “Alex, who lives in a rented flat in Barnet, North London, does pay for her mums groceries. But Melissa,46, complains: She has it {delivered {because shes too busy to bring it herself. And she gets it all from Asda, not {Waitrose. And she always forgets my {favourite {biscuits.”

    Seriously !!! The article is poorly written and seems too ridiculous to be true. 😦

  9. Rah! If these quotes came out of Melissa’s mouth then…rah!
    “…I tell her to do the washing up, scrub the floors and feed my dogs” – she forgot to say “…and lick my boots”. No wonder she has the shopping delivered. Would you want to go round there?

  10. To be franked I’m from Jamaica, I just come across the the XFactor in 2011 which I was routing for Misha B, then word she’s a bully and saying mean things to Tulisa girls ( a guess Little Mix) its cost her the Xfactor, Little Mix won.

    Alex oh she was fantastic am still watching it she’s amazing, oh people should leave their hatchets behind no need for that now. Alex gain from her mom, her mom gain from her, they should have been one big happy family. Mother don ride on your child back and push her to wrath, stop it man stop it thats envy

  11. OMG, jealously is a disease it’s like cancer and it can only be contracted by those who sit and counting others peoples belssings. I suffer at the hands of envy and jealous people. It’s the worse enemy one can have, one was so jealous of me that she call the police on me and have me arrested for threathing to have her killed., even though she constantly saying how much she wish she was like me. I knew she admired me a lot and I took it as a compliment but then it just got out of hand.

    Everything I buy, she buys the same, my mannerism, my hair styles and she even wants to be friend with my friends, thats how bad it gets, jealousy was eating her up so much. It’s very important to have your own identity and be your own self and find out who you are. There’s nothing wrong in admiring someone, but when you wants to live in that persons shadows, it’s like stealing someones indentity. Her constanst reminder to me everyday would be, you are just your own individual. How powerful was her words then she plan to carried out her dirty works. She teaches me a vital lesson, never take words that simple anymore.

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