According to the Daily Mail singer Alexandra Burke and MTV presenter/Kiss FM DJ Ricky Haywood-Williams are now a couple.

A “source” told the newspaper that the pair were seen “getting very cosy, kissing and cuddling” in the Cirque Du Soir club.

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If they are in fact together then I wish them all the best. They make a nice couple.

But something tells me that they are just friends because black British successful males in the public eye NEVER date or marry black women.

Social suicide folks!  😀

So I am willing to bet that they are just really good friends.

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  1. Wait a minute…. what do you mean a Black British successful males in the public eye NEVER date or marry black women Social suicide folks! What is so wrong with a Black man dating and marrying a Black woman?? I’m appauled to hear this is how my UK brotha’s and sista’s get down. Well at least here in the USA we do marry our own…for the most part. but that does happen here ….sometimes. I look at it like this…if you don’t like your own…then you don’t like yourself. I don’t mind anyone dating another ethnicity.. But when it comes to Black men and women dating and marrying others….just because you think it makes you look better….it’s sad…when you don’t like yourself enough to have pride in our women. Black women all over gets such a bad rap…even in the UK i see. I think all Black women are beautiful…and would never ….ever date or marry anyone other than a Black woman. I just hate hearing this kind of talk… My mom is Black and so are my sister and aunts…they are beautiful and successful…. I wish we as Black people would stop …letting others tell us what is beautiful and who is beautiful… Black has always been beautiful….even though some Blacks seem to forget… I guess it comes down to having that slave mentality. Oh i forgot you guys didn’t have that…right? Well the residue…from it has spread to the Uk …sad….sad…sad…

  2. @Moreno

    “Wait a minute…. what do you mean a Black British successful males in the public eye NEVER date or marry black women Social suicide folks!”

    It’s true. They never date us. And I believe they think it would be “social suicide” to be seen with one of us.

    “I guess it comes down to having that slave mentality. Oh i forgot you guys didn’t have that…right?”

    Yep that slave mentality is rife here too.

    Slaves were here and were also brought to the Carribean. My slave ancestors “settled” in Jamaica.

  3. “black British successful males in the public eye NEVER date or marry black women” – it’s rare, but some do. I’m thinking of, um…Lennox Lewis, and er…ex-footballer Mark Bright (now sadly separated, but let’s see who he hooks up with next!)…and…I’m sure there’s more.

  4. Who said this ricky guy is successful? Alex is successful and pretty when she blows up in the states she will get a real baller who deserves her not a black guy who feels he deserves a blond. This is a media tactic to ruin the black family unit

  5. I have to agree that when Black British males make it big they never date black women. I cant honestly think of 1 person.I must say that ive seen Ricki out and about and he is also a facebook friend and i have never seen him with a black girl ever .

  6. how funny is it that every blak person was thinkin the same thing, well i 4 1 am glad its nice to see and i hope it is true ricky with a black girl?! lol! i never thought id see the day….

  7. Unfortunately, I can understand why that poster made that comment about successful black males rarely seen with black women.

    They really look cute together but something in my mind makes me think he is using her to gain publicity. Regardless, I still like that they are seen together even if its just for show. At least I can believe for a moment that a black school girl feels beautiful for once.

    God knows the media rarely show us love.

  8. I am a U.K. black male, that has never dated black women, but I would love to date Alex, if I wasn’t already in love! She is fundamentally an amazing person and a cut above the rest. She is beautiful no matter her colour.

  9. Woah! This is too much people! This page reeks of so much cynicism! There are a multitude of successful black British males in business that date or are married to black women – Alexander Amosu and Tim Campbell come to mind.

    There is a shallowness on this page that attributes success to showbiz and singing and dancing – open your eyes and look further than the tv and you may just find yourself a successful Black British male!

    And stop blaming us black males for in some way letting you down by not seeking you out! If you do see a brother with a white women it could be that they genuinely love each other and are not conspiring against you. And also bear in mind that being in the racial minority and not having the racial cohesion they have in the States (Black Brits are more diverse – we have blacks here that originate from very different countries) it is not unrealistic to find someone from outside your race.

    Perhaps the negative female posters on this page should shake off their negative preconceived notions of us and abandon their unrealistic and shallow wants for pinup/poster boy black males and they will see the real picture! Give us a break sisters the tight rope is hard enough to navigate without having stones thrown by our own!

    Oh and one last thing if Ricky and Alexandra break up maybe, just maybe it’s something to do with the nature of celeb life and the inconceivable pressures that all celeb couplings have and nothing to do with the fact that Ricky was making a point or was jumping on her success or is now tired of dating black women!

  10. I know Ricky from school and even then he was into white girls so its not that hes famous or made it that makes him chhose non-blacks

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