A volcanic cloud over Europe

Via BBC News

All flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south.

Up to 4,000 flights are being cancelled with airspace closed in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark among others.

The UK’s air traffic control service (Nats) said no flights would be allowed in UK airspace until at least 0700 BST on Friday amid fears of engine damage.

The airspace restriction was the worst in living memory, a spokesman said. Continue Reading….

Hmmmm is anybody buying this?

Where are my conspiracy theorists at???

Your thoughts please….

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  1. lets see – volcano – ash ice rock glass – lack of vision if any – airplanes – people – mmm not a good mix – that cloud of volcanic ash looks pretty from a far or simply in the pic – I wonder if and when the dust settles people will be able to find some gems diamonds rubies etc , recession supposed to be over

    oh yeah my friend is stranded up north cant get south – I bet the BA striking staff are a bit disgruntled now that they are actually grounded and not by choice if only for one day maybe too

    oh yh right thing to do – ironic it occured in iceland and effects so far away

  2. oh, lol! I guess to the hardcore conspiracy theorist there is no such thing as a natural disaster!

  3. YOU are spot on Pheva, spot on,…. as soon as I heard this news and what it was going to lead to I thought yes, watch them now nah, preparing for global martial law, or something like it,…, they say ‘natural’ I say ‘man made’ lol… (not in all cases of course, but I know of the absolute wickedness of man, and the powers that be that control this world system, and this looks like it could be their handy work to me,)

    the funny thing is,… I was hoping Jan posted this, but when I saw it I thought about commenting and thought nah, gonna keep my mad conspiracy idea’s to myself this time, but logging on this morning I noticed Jan’s last line inviting my conspiracist thoughts lol,

    we are still here Jan lol đŸ˜‰

  4. FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency… This will go hand in hand with Martial Law, they will say it’s all in OUR best interests, like OUR interests have EVER CONCERNED the wicked and corrupt – the powers that be.

    Verbs, where you at? lol…

  5. This is merely an acclimating exercise designed to get people accustomed to being locked down and their movements being restricted at any time by the state. I’m surprised at some of the relaxed comments on here, not bothering to look at the bigger picture. Haven’t folks learnt anything yet? The volcano is in the north hemisphere, why didn’t they just direct planes that were going south in a southern direction or fly the planes at a lower attitude? The volcano “may” have been a natural event but the shinnanigans that followed were certainly not.

    Have folks not heard of HAARP here? I suggest you all research it and its capabilities. It is also very interested that in the country that gave the bankers the middle finger said NO by a whopping 93% to the IMF bankster takeover and to pay the fake national debt, that all of a sudden they have a “natural disaster” on their hands. Look at the bigger picture folks, you are living through a script already plotted out.

  6. NEWS just in, flights may be grounded all up until nex week!!!!???? say what? they ain’t playing! no lol.

  7. ps… Verbs

    “This is merely an acclimating exercise designed to get people accustomed to being locked down and their movements being restricted at any time by the state.”

    real talk, nah the realest talk!

  8. I said – “I guess to the hardcore conspiracy theorist there is no such thing as a natural disaster”. And then Verbs informs us of HAARP which (after a quick Google expidition) is a technology that can apparently cause ‘natural’ disasters.

    People are already acclimatised to being locked down and having their movements restricted, “the powers that be” don’t need the airlines to lose millions in order to get the people used to it.

  9. While HAARP, bioprecipitation research and other weather control initiatives like the United States’ Weather Modification Operations and Research Board do exist (and, theoretically/scientifically, for GOOD reasons), this was strictly a natural disaster.

    While Verbs does bring up a valid point regarding flight redirection, et. al., this was not some global conspiracy (THIS time) to control Northern Europe.

    Not THIS time, anyways…LOL

    Anyway, I suggest some of you familiarize yourself w/the theoretical Kardashev scale. We’re just barely a Type 0 civilization, but some of the aforementioned programs could, if researched and implemented carefully and w/o malice (yeah I know…these are our world governments we’re talking about…LOL) could actually yield tremendous benefits for energy and resource conservation, putting us firmly on the path to Type 1 and beyond…

  10. It is very sad to see how humanity has been domesticated to the degree that it has. Even pet dogs and cats can sense danger and when something is not right. A mere fox will circumnavigate, sniff at and proceed with extreme caution around anything new that appears in its daily path, why, because it has to do this to survive.

    We on the other hand accept everything around us with open arms like cancer and mercury filled vaccines which we take and give to our children, fluoridated water, toxic waste for detergents, shampoos, body lotions, shower gels etc, chem trails, propaganda and other fluff handed out by the media and trust the government and its “version” of events given to us. Are we surprised that we are suffering and being wiped out?

  11. You know what I have not the time to convince anybody, for one is free to believe what ever one wants to believe.

    I understand that not many see just how serious this is, “it’s just another natural disaster” everything we are seeing now is preparing us for the soon to come future, setting the pace for it, as Verbs said.

    they will come with hope (for a better future, a better world, for you, me and EVERYBODY) in one hand and chains in the other…

    For years the cover-ups, top sheet, top layer has been ‘A GOOD CAUSE’ when whats REALLY going on -cannot be described as GOOD in any way at all.

  12. I was one of those thousands of people that didn’t get to fly out
    today. When I heard what was going on I too just thought ‘WHAT the hell our they up to now? ‘. On seeing the video evidence of this Hurricane, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was OLD Footage being displayed on my screen.

  13. @ Verbs – people are acclimatised in the sense that if the authorities tell them they can’t move for their own good (terrorist threats, severe bad weather), people comply. It’s a step away from telling people they can’t move and “to just trust them – they know best” and to then tell them they can’t move “and shut up!”

    @ Michelle – so it crossed your mind that there is NO current eruption and they were showing an old eruption from somewhere?

    I guess the authorities are like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. They tell so much lie that when they tell the truth nobody will believe them!

  14. The only good thing I can say that has come out of this is at least we are not getting bombarded with barium and aluminium salts being sprayed out in the form of chemical trails from the plane exhausts, different from condensation trails which disappear behind the plane almost immediately. Take at look at your skies people in the UK and note how blue and clear the skies are with no air traffic. Then take note of your skies when air traffic resumes. Wonder why you do not see much sun here, when the planes start flying again, you will fill in the blanks yourself.

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