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The BBC’s digital radio station 1Xtra will reportedly drop its “Love Black Music, Love 1Xtra” slogan as part of a rebranding exercise to bring it closer to parent network Radio 1.

According to The Guardian, the rebrand will see 1Xtra adopt two new straplines – “Xtra RnB” and “Xtra Hip Hop” – to better indicate it as Radio 1’s urban music spin-off. The station will also get a new logo blending the two station’s branding.

The rebranding of 1Xtra is part of the BBC’s new strategy for its radio stations, including the controversial planned closure of 6 Music and the Asian Network.

1Xtra currently has a relatively low weekly reach, which has led to calls for it to be shut instead of 6 Music. Tim Westwood, the station’s most high-profile DJ, recently complained that he had been broadcasting “to absolutely nobody for the last three hours – it’s soul-destroying”.

The BBC said that 1Xtra’s new “Xtra RnB” and “Xtra Hip Hop” straplines will help create a “front door” for the station’s wider musical playlist, which includes dancehall, dubstep and house music.

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Poor Tim Westwood –  HA HA HA HA HA!

This is just the beginning folks….

Anyway your thoughts please…..

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  1. they would have listeners, if they played what the people dem wan hear!,… it’s not rocket science!

  2. I heard that broadcast when Tim complained, the whole studio went quite when he said it lol lol lol lol
    You mean to say the UK messiah of all that is Hip Hop is losing his threshold on the UK Hip Hop fans, NEVER! lol

  3. 1xtra has never been releant to BLACK music – its new diversion to xtra will mean cheryl tweedy will feature on there – so now more of the audience you want will have more reason not to tune in. hahaha bbc

    I wonder who did they consult when this station came about. The BBC should tune into some pirate radio stations that cater to BLACK music up and down the country and listen to what the people actually want to hear.

    I think I need to set up my own radio station and join a campaign to get rid of the BBC tax called TV license – sheeesh it serves me no purpose

  4. Co signing Karl’s Comment…

    “It’s true they need to listen to the audience if they want more of the audience to listen to them”

  5. I totally agree with all the previous comments.

    Personally, I think it’s also just another way to justify stripping another radio station (the first being Choice FM) of “colour”. They knew that if they tried to get rid of 1Xtra instead of Asian Network there would have been a bigger uproar. Let’s be honest some rich Asian guy is wealthy enough to BUY the Asian Network and us Black people, well… need to renew our TV licenses! lol

    Listen to pirate radio, listen to REAL black music and play it on the damn station! SIMPLES…

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