I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It doesn’t get anymore ridiculous then this!

Grime star  Lethal B rants about “super group” N-Dubz stealing a song from him (I think) and then shows off his house MTV Cribs style.

The house  apparently cost £750k. I just hope he’s managing to keep up with the mortgage repayments.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Brown Eyez

*rubbing temples*


Your thoughts please “fam”…..

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  1. I’m confused, WHAT did they do, WHY does he care and WHY is he showing everybody his house so he can get robbed tomorrow night? Really??! I thought better of him to resort to this sort of foolishness. He’s made himself look mad!

  2. They stole his song, thats why he’s upset. Apparently he sent Tulissa a track called “I Need You” which he wanted her to sing, she agreed via email. Fast forward to a couple of months, then N-Dubz have a hit single called “I Need You. They had the two versions on YouTube, but some SONY big wig demanded it be taken down, so you cant hear it any more. It sounds exactly the same.
    I wish you saw the original video from “the black member of N-Duz” (cant remember his name), he showed his flat as a sign of the amount of money their making ( getting his “Duku” dollars up, I don’t speak grime, so I’m guessing that’s a type of grime currency lol)
    It was just a regular looking flat, hence why Lethal went on the offencesive, letting the “black one” know that they do not have the same tax bracket. Was very funny to watch.

  3. What a waste of 750K. Does the dude have any idea what he could have brought abroad for that kind of cash, even for a tenth of that cost? What kills it is even after the last mortgage payment you still don’t outright own your home in the UK, because the government still owns the land they can throw you off their “land” and take your “crib” at any time and not even have to pay you a red cent for it. The only way to circumnavigate this is to levitate the house off the ground.

  4. awww i see, well if they stole his song lethal should just sue them- *sighs* this is why its good to pay attention in school!!! he can hurt them HARDER if he sues, i hope he heard of ‘copyright’ b4??

  5. Verbs2010

    750k that is really stupid with this fluctuating and volatile economy. From the looks of things he didn’t even hire a designer to “dress” the house.To increase its value.For 400k you can buy an apartment in NH and own every corner of it.The UK gov has no right to take it from you Verbs2010 if you have paid it off.

    This reminds me of wiclef jean’s house in NJ.I could provide a link for y’all to see how ridiculous his house looks with all the money that he has in the bank.

  6. @ Verbs- So true about the whole land ownership thing in the UK…been saying it for years when ppl were telling me about being a mug for not buying a house on borrowed money…many of them have a different view today I assure you.

    About the video- Why does this come as ANY surprise to anyone. This is why I will keep banging on about black people wanting the cake of endorsing rappers like this in one breath even when all the signs tell u they are illiterate idiots (their lyrics, dress, name choice etc) but when they actually slip up and expose themselves people are genuinely astonished.

  7. Lechanoir

    It is extremely dumb to spend that kind of money on a house, especially here in the broke pocket UK and in this type of economic climate but this kind of backward thinking is what goes through young minds over here.

    This is a criminal government like most of the world’s governments and has been like this for a very long time, its only now that they are really taking off the velvet glove and finally revealing their iron fist. They’ll just take your house and dash you onto the street and if you want to argue with them they have a swat team of roid head cops just itching to bash your head in and shoot you up with 50000 volts. They just do what they want here. Look at another example of tyranny, now in the UK the police are breaking into people’s houses to teach them about security in the home(the whole exercise to acclimate the public to accept that police can come into a home at anytime with no warrant). Imagine one day being woken up by police standing in your bedroom:

    They get away with this things because the british public are spineless jelly fish, as long as folks can just get by and the affliction hasn’t hit them yet, they do not care about what is going on around them, will not focus on the danger ahead, they will not stand up for their rights and will willingly bow down to slavery. The people here love their servitude/slavery to the tyrannical nanny state and anyone who doesn’t like being a slave and questions authority, the public look upon with marveling glazed eyes and often disdain as if that person is mad, only because they do not have the courage to stand for freedom. As it stands now, the UK is worse than what Nazi Germany was under Hitler at the worst time of its history.


    Lets just think for a moment about other things that just silently slip pass the mind everyday like council tax. If its supposed to be a person’s house, how can they be paying council tax on it???? What about planning permission?? If its supposed to be a person’s property, why does a person have to seek permission from the council to build on or around “their” property? However, it doesn’t even stop there, lets talk about registration which by definition is the transfer of ownership of something from yourself to the person you are registering the item or property with, one of the biggest scams in modern day history. Lets see now, house, car, CHILDREN(birth certificate-long story behind that one) etc. Do we actually own anything anymore?

  8. @ reclaimin, picking up on your point on the video.

    I was listening to the history of motown today on radio (smooth fm to be precise lol..) and one of the key things they talked about was presentation. Apparently they had to teach their artists how to speak, talk, eat and behave in public. Presentation and communication was key in their business ( i was laughing when i heard this today, not because it was funny , but boy does it strike a cord. i take back my laughter now).

  9. Riiiight so all I heard was “init init init fam init fam fam init” I feel embarassed watching him. He’d rather “init fam” on video instead of suing them, give me strength. I understand the frustration but embarassing yourself hardly helps!

  10. OMG is that really how he speaks? i thought he was joking at first, but then realised he is actually just another dumb idiot that doesn’t know how to behave or speak, but yet is being given a public platform and heaps of money, for which he doesn’t have a clue how to utilise…so sad. OK he’s upset about the situation but why not take all that money and invest in some elocution lessons and learn how to communicate properly. he’s an absolute embarrassment…SHAAAMMMEEE Bizzle!

  11. I think he’s angry, these things happen all day in the music industry, people thiefing peoples songs, lyrics, hooks, beats etc,… I think He Maxwell [Lethal B] is VEX, cos he knows he can’t sue them, he has No real proof, nothing that will stick in the courts of law anyway, he knows it and NduBz knows it, so he’s on a hype ting, talking grease, and probably coked up to, which is just making him more, “YEah, POW, ARE u StuuuuuuuPID FAM, OI, FAM, INIT, DOE, NAH! What? POW!”…

  12. anyone in the same situation will be angry, and yes thats how he talks, thats how those that listen to him and ndubz talk- hes an artist by the people and for the same people, you people on the other hand need to stop complaining, he’s made- lets pray all the other black people wake up to this!! yes fr totally cosign with u- he cant do anything, thats why he’s angry next time he will learn to find reliable black people to make music with, and not dumb white girls!

  13. An old saying from home, i am direct translating it,

    ‘Show me who you walk with and i will show you your behaviours’

    ‘I guess it is the same as ‘birds of the same feather flock together’

    So, who is his ‘fam’? LMAO!! from the looks of things, well what can i say…

  14. Co-sign with fr… on this one.

    Established artists with deeper pockets can spend years and nuff dollars trying to prove their music was stolen, with no guarantee of success. Everyone says he should have gone the lawyer route instead of Youtube, but maybe he did and they told him their fees would dwarf any kind of payout he would get, on the remote chance he won. So yeah, he’s VEX! So at this point his only ‘comfort’ is letting his and NDubz audience know what went down, so they are who he is speaking to with all the “INIT, BOOM, FAM, POW!”

    I don’t really have a problem with Bizzle (or the way he speaks lol), but still, there are ways and means of conducting yourself.

  15. lol pheva if he had spoken any english the ndubz fans wouldnt have understood him!!

    shAT AP!!! that was helluva funny!

  16. “you people on the other hand need to stop complaining, he’s made”

    It doesn’t take long for someone to argue this. Made how? Because he like the vast majority of citizens works, lives in a home and has a large TV?! Is this how low the aspirations of ghettoized kids are? Did we look at the same house? Clearly anyone who likes this house has to be a kid or suffer from arrested development because this doesn’t signify ‘wealth’ or taste. Its the vision of a boy who has just been given a cash advance and told to kit out his home. I guess I would do that if I was 10 years old and got some 10 years he will look back at his ‘pad’ and cringe , if he actually grows into a mature man.
    Have u learned nothing from Damon Dash?lol!

    @ Lati- yeah,standard.
    Here’s how an interview can be conducted and still be a pop star:

  17. Where did it all go wrong? Once the trend setters of decent, real music, now it seems we are the trend setters of foolishness in public. The thing is, many of us can not relate to this video, but the opposite. Is this why we have all the decent music locked away ‘underground’, where no one knows about it? Oh well…i guess all hope is not lost.

  18. I just think he’s angry and trying to talk that “road talk” I’m sure when he’s in boardroom meetings with the people who sign his cheques he doesn’t talk like that to them. How he talks is his business, I don’t place expectations on folks to talk how I wish they would talk (believe me I wish he was more eloquent). However they’re not a reflection of me.

    Hey how he kits out his pad is a matter of taste and tastes differ and change as you live life lol. It’s unwise expose yourself this way to make a point but hey THAT’S ON HIM IF HE GETS TARGETED by exposing himself this way. *he shakes his head at the MTV Cribs mentality*

    I guess the main lesson is the music biz is shady and get everything copywritten. You can’t really trust folks. Songs have been stolen LOADS of times.

  19. recliamin do you know who lethal b is?? do you know what he does?? your obviously not a fan but thats beside the point, you cant expect a grime artist to sound like a harvard grad student, its not rocket science they are from the ghetto and communicating with each other as such, if he started coming out with; dear fans of ndubz the current situation as it may seem is rather complicated. . . . . . . . im sorry- he’d loose all his fans in a minute. I have nothing against the was he speaks except for the fact i barely understand any of it, because every area code in every area has a slang thats common to the people. Yes quite frankly if u make 20,000 a yr you will live in a council flat you make 30 u live private you make 50 you live luxury. Im not the type to make money and live in a single bedroom, you may be, but people are different. Nobody notices ’50 cent is too ghetto’ nobody complains eminem is a crackhead- they live in big mansions and indulge all sorts of luxuries- yet this poor guy gets out of peckham and he’s slain by those who deem themselves ‘educated’ puhleeze people get off your high horses- anyways misery loves company im guessin you’d expect lethal to continue his job at primark while he bunks with his mom and 5 brothers in south kmt

  20. *he shakes his head at the MTV Cribs mentality*

    That MTV Cribs mentality is where the problem is. The mere fact that he even settles his beef by showing his crib, *shakes head*. How about he comes up with a better song and compete healthily. Ok he is VEX, well, next time i get VEX, i’ll go find my most priced possesion and settle my scores on you tube? Not.

  21. Now, let the haterism on education start. This i want to hear.

    @ zeez zeez,

    What is your beef with education?

  22. Lethal is from the ghetto-you know the one in Peckham that is an area in London that is part of the UK that gives our FREE EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE…. remember now?

    Defenders to the backwards cause of niggerism…feel free fam

  23. “if he started coming out with; dear fans of ndubz the current situation as it may seem is rather complicated. . . . . . . . im sorry- he’d loose all his fans in a minute.”

    Am i the only one worried at that statement?

    Parents step up your game. That’s all i.

  24. Nobody notices ‘50 cent is too ghetto’ nobody complains eminem is a crackhead-

    Sorry I had to add to this, yes they do, but this thread isn’t about them…
    I am quite sure that most grime artists are thick skinned enough given their ‘edgy’ background to handle a little critique from a fellow Peckhamite(God this ghetto is harrowing,damn near nerve racking everytime I leave my door)
    The joke is that I can guaranteee that in the grand scheme of things, it’s people like me that are looking out for these kids and actually wishing them long lives and success in the main world as opposed of trying to intellectalise stupidity, dumbing down for them..cha!

  25. Isn’t this attitude towards education by some children who seem lost the problem those children who want to study face whilst at school. I can see Oprah made an excellent observation when she said that children in inner city schools do not understand the value of education. It is no wonder we have so many of them gravitating towards gang culture only to wake up when it is too late.

    You can live in the ‘ghetto’ and still succeed, and the ghetto does not have to be a ghetto, it is the people who live there who make it a ghetto whatever ghetto means.

    Must we go through the GIGGS thread again?

    Can’t someone be negative but positive? It is called constructive criticism.

  26. i have no beef with education, i am a highly educated individual, and no my institution isnt ‘south bank’ ‘metropolitan’ or anywhere you can find most black people! people are trying to COME OUT OF THE GHETTO darling not stay in- ok!!! I mean do we not read the same stories?? you low on observation?? i support education- when students are learning, not getting pregnant and shooting each other! CHECK THE FIGURES DARLING YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF STATS!! you can watch as many youtube videos from today till next week you’ll remain that way! as per the video; LETHAL KNOWS WHO HE’S TALKING TOO AND THATS THE WAY THEY COMMUNICATE *shake your head* till next season- it will remain thats way, if you dont understand it, or probably dont like it then it wasnt meant for you. We cant try and play the brother down because he can afford a 750 grand house- hell if i was makin the money tooo i’ll own two more in spain and one in the bahamas. If you dont want to live that way it doesnt mean your ‘intellectual’ or ‘educated’ this is where people begin to annoy me THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LIVING BY YOUR MEANS. why are black people soo hateful?? why do you all sound soo angry?? all of a sudden he’s wrong bcos he showed his house?? when someone has already explained it was in response to something else?? im guessin if he was on mtv cribs you lot will be crying blood by now?? i pity you

  27. Mate, your really going off on a tangent.

    To suggest that the commentators who do not justify another idiots actions means that they do not themselves in their day to day lives live a very positive and healthy existence is the lie you’ve sold yourself.
    You probably call it Haterism-a term conjured up to justify questionable behaviour and actions by others. Sweeping statements like “why are black people so hateful” just exposes that trait. What I should be asking is why do black ppl like yourself (assuming u r) defend extremely feral actions of other black ppl because they are black? To me, to not tell a friend that what they are embarking on is not a good idea if far more hateful. Lethal probably will have that convo with someone and express some level of shame and hindsight if he has a soul and on ounce of self respect-something the street mans dem are supposed to have bags of-respect.
    My friend, there are places in the world that still live by community values and one of the attributes is to check others and yourself. To buy into this solely consumerist spin that tells you that you are your own person and do what you want because it’s all about you is only there to make you consume more. Do you really think that saying something is wrong is hateful? How does this level of thinking transcend to young black kids then? Or is it different with the kids? This is the constant mixed message that some of us send out daily.

    You probably think I’m some dashiki, afro puff incence bearer who takes life way too seriously,every conversation refers back to 400 years and wants to be a martyr by living in an area like Peckham to keep it real and ohhhhhh so angry.
    Anger is a passion, it can be used for great good.

    Have it whatever way you want at the end of the day your boys actions were the actions of a dickhead. Does it really go any further than that?

    Jan, next idiotic rapper clip please!

  28. reclaimin, i have to use the most hated term of the century, yes your a hater- you say he’s wrong? his actions are wrong? according to what judge of which court?? sometimes you actually need to take a long good look at yourself and change you, rather than try and look down on those (more succesful i might add) around you. Now we can say he’s an idiot because he bought an expensive house and uses (rather hilarious phrases) but why do we really say these things?? Why do we feel the need to look down on people because of the way they look the way the express themselves or the fact they have more money? The soo called educated individuals how do they sound? Prince harry is educated isnt he? one of the best schools, have you heard him speak? how does he sound?

    Anger is a passion, it can be used for great good.

    I soo disagree with you, when you dont express that anger against yourself and use it to better you theres nothing good or great about it. but with that i rest my case, truth is theres nothing people like lethal b can do (except die) that will please any of you- he can give all his money to charity and youll find something new to say

    the afro puff incence bearer cannot be pleased, and lethal probably dont give a poof about it!

  29. “truth is theres nothing people like lethal b can do (except die) that will please any of you”

    Well, there you go. Get Rich or Die trying.x

  30. I am waiting for the ‘he has money he does not need education argument’.

    That is what many say now.

  31. Zeez Zeez:

    The court of public opinion here has condemned his actions as stupid, irrational and full of folly. These so called “phrases” you talk about have been thought up and passed down to musicians and film makers who then spread this garbage down to the public. There is a agenda in case you didn’t know, to reduce the vocabulary among whom the elitists describe as ‘the cattle’ and your pal Lethal whether knowingly or unknowingly is helping this agenda to blossom.

    I trust my instincts which clearly tell me that his response was a foolish one. I do not do this “lets look at it another way” nonsense, I call it as it is and how it stands, you ought to do the same. See how you have jumped to the defence of a man whom you don’t even know or have connection with? It is as almost as if you have projected yourself into Lethal and you feel that you are a part of him, therefore you must jump to his defence. These artists do not need to defend themselves when they have zealots who will police blogs and verbally bash folks who call out the foolish behaviours of their gods/idols for what they are. Grow up and get a life.

  32. I sorry, I have to come back here again because I have to comment on something else you said.

    You talked about not playing the brother down because he can afford a house that is worth 750K.


    1. Is it a smart move to purchase a house in one of the most draconian police state control grids in the world?

    2. Is it also wise to purchase property in a country whereby even if you buy the house outright, you still do not own it because it is on land owned by the Queen/State?

    3. Since musicians and film makers are known as the culture creators, would it not be wiser for Lethal to communicate in a more academic manner, thus passing down positive mannerisms to his fans and not drawing the usual stereotypical opinions toward himself?

  33. Questions 1 and 2 and 4 are irrelevant and irrational, they are based on pure disdain.:-( However, question 3 is relevant.:-D

  34. So anyway, why did N-dubs feel the need to steal from Bizzle (let’s face it, they did). It can’t be that hard for them to come up with a hook for a song on their own.

  35. verbs,

    I agree with most of things you pointed out earlier. However I would like to point this out.This is no secret that we are basically items or numbers .We do not own the ground we have our feets on but just the four walls and the roof really.

    All those extra taxes are worth at least 70% of the actual house in the long run.Some taxes just don’t make sense to me and the property tax one that encenses me.

    Now when you buy an apartment in the western hemisphere.The cosmetic changes have to be very subtle and minor from the outside because the gov does not want you to alter the design of your house drastically because its design is supposed to match that of the neighborhood,colour scheme included. Boris Johnson himself caught hell for this.
    The terrace is ugly as hell.

    The fact that we are clustered together or piled on top of one another means we have to negociate everything , noise level , housing improvement etc..

    We own a house in the French WI.We are wasting a lot of money on legal disputes with rich people who want to buy the pieces of land around us.They would build those huge pads and completely block your view.

    I have to post this wyclef jean lin. Because y’all need to see this. I mean his rolls royce is more expensive than the house.BTW he speaks creole most times .

  36. Dera:

    How can question 4 not be relevant? The last time I checked fashion was part of the culture creation trend. Also in reference to the others, can you please elaborate instead of your typical stab and run antics.

  37. Lechanoir:

    I have to agree, this tax, that tax, this restriction, that restriction. This place called the UK is something else. The solution in my opinion is to buy a large patch of land abroad and build your own house with land to spare for peanuts on the pound, grow your own food and get off the grid as much as possible.

  38. some may not know, and you can’t tell everyone, but I hear you Verbs, ! in regards to this land and flying off the grid thing, I’m with you!

    ps I think people can talk how ever they feel like, but there are times and places, newsnight, when america has just sworn in thier first black president ever, no a good time to be speaking road, street, slang!

    on youtube, Vex as you have been blatantly robbed and rubbed the wrong way with it… apples and oranges.

  39. Lati:

    Because this is the age of austerity/deindustrialism for the middle classes of the west. Watch the film 1984 to see your future in the west and what you will be reduced to in the name of “saving the earth/green environmentalism” and “savaging the economy”. Soon you will not have anything but a government shack for a room to live in and your only purpose for existence will be to work for the state. No holidays, no family, no fun, no rights, no enjoyment, no leisure, no children, nothing. This is why I am saying if it is possible, get off the grid as much as possible and return to the basics.


    People can see that something is blatantly wrong but they have always dismissed their instincts in favour of false hopes. The UK government is a criminal syndicate clearly run by corporate entities which do not have our best interests at heart and who clearly want to rob us of all our wealth and reduce us to a third world state and it is happening. This “new world order” that the governments of the world are bringing in clearly does not have anybody’s best interests at heart, it just a question of when will the population stop wollowing in trash television, denial, selfishness and self bubbles of false security and face up to the Goliath beast that has been created by these criminals to take down the public?

  40. lol braaaaaaap lethal B cumin dwn ard on n-dubz yhh….dya no wot i actually like n-dubz but if dey stealin lethals title and ting yhh dats just lyk rudeness on a whole nuvva level 4 real.

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