Miquita Oliver

Oh dear,  it looks like annoying TV presenter Miquita Oliver is in a spot of bother….

Via Yahoo TV

T4 presenter Miquita Oliver was reportedly suspended from the show after she was caught swearing about a singer.

The Daily Mirror reports that US singer Ke$ha’s management heard Miquita calling the star a four-letter word following a backstage interview at the NME Awards.

An insider told the paper: “Miquita was having a really bad day. She blurted out the angry words and thought no one had heard her. She didn’t mean anything personally, it was a spur of the moment thing.

Over-rated new artist Ke$ha

“They (Ke$ha’s management) complained to Miquita’s bosses who dealt with her straight away. She was given a serious telling off, and told to take some time off.” Continue Reading…..

For a start I don’t understand why this Ke$ha is so popular. I just don’t get it.  She’s rubbish and needs to disappear.

And as for a troubled Miquita, who constantly appears on screen looking like she spent the night sleeping in dustbin cart, and thinks her interview style is “witty”, well I can’t say she’ll be missed.

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  1. kesha as an artist? do people really dig her music or just her?? i don’t know,… as for Miquita, I think she’s down with that certain type of indie crowd, the ones who talk, walk and dress like they just don’t give a hoot’s nanny, I saw her in Grove (Ladbroke, Not Biker lol) a while back and she had that appearence and a pint in her hand LOL, (nothing wrong with that I know, but if you had seen her and her small entourage, me and my mate just had to chuckle)

  2. Who actually gives a rats arse, some little tv presenter(oh look at me, I’m on tv oow I must be famous) talentless bint,slagging off some American spoilt brat, that believes in that mickey mouse world that just about all americans live in and sounding more like minnie mouse when she sings. If this is the best publicity T4 can come up with to make this S**t more popular then you are dumber than them for watching it.

  3. Kei$ha? Who the hell is she? Hmmm…. 4 LETTERS… CUNT? LMAO Miquita Oliver? She sound hood as hell……oh puhlease news casters here get busted cursing and all they do is apologize and move on… o_O

  4. Miquita Oliver only has a job because she’s related to Andi Peters and Neneh Cherry. Let’s face it – her interview style is dreadful, she ain’t witty, she’s ugly and doesn’t even have a fit body!
    If she was any good she would have at least had a stab of presenting on another network but I guess she’ll be on T4 until she’s 60

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