Former music mogul Damon Dash tipped off the paparazzi and arranged for them to take some photographs of him and his daughter out and about.

Damon looks like a mere shadow of his former self.

Damon Dash

Via Rhymes With Snitch

Click HERE to view more pics.

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  1. what happen to the arty / hippie / cult-like movement he had going on?? I thought that was well interesting, maybe it’s still going on, but he does look like a whole different man, and maybe thats a good think, nothing wrong with humble pie now and again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love bruk pockets. Never chastise a man when he is down. Jimmy yes, dame is a hustla. W/out him jayz won’t have millions. *roc sign*

  3. come on now, he’s just out and about with his kid, you think he flossed 24/7 and dressed flashy all the time even when he was throwing up the roc sign?

    I know he aint rich anymore but come on even at the height of his wealth he must’ve had some off days hahahahaha.

  4. LOL

    Err yes he did floss 24/7 (well that’s what he kept telling people). Remember the now infamous Cribs episode. LOL!!!

    However all the flossing stopped circa 2005 not long after he and Jay split.

  5. I think u should post the cribs episode Jan’, just a thought, but the image above, the jacket, the jeans turned over at the bottom, the addidas, this just ain’t the same Dame, I can’t write this one off as ‘a day off’ lol. he is a changed man! for the better maybe too?

  6. haha I’m just sayin’ you couldn’t have totally bought into the whole mtv cribs rocafella image? hahahha I know he aint the same man money-wise and he must be humbled by now but come on janice this one photo can’t be used to totally sum his present life up! LOL

    all i am sayin’ is I’m sure when he hits town he doesnt go looking like that lol

  7. @ Karl Nova… I see ya point, and I’m Lmao, “this one photo canโ€™t be used to totally sum his present life up” what a sad state of affairs if that was the case LOOOL!

    but I hear you bro.

    It would be cruel Janice, but still, the Contrast ๐Ÿ™‚ (I;m just saying lol)

  8. The photo might not sum him up, but his situation might just sum him nevertheless. Does he look like he has or ever had a plan B? lol

  9. Cute girl… Dame has cooled down you can see his bullish ways has taken a tole on him….his gallery opening was a huge hit…still not feeling burk pockets he he he he

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