Not only did the Guardian interview Giggs, it looks like the journalist actually visited him in Peckham…

Well I’ve seen it all now….

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  1. Lorrrrrdy Giggs speak up man !!!

    From 3:16 onwards about the firearms CRINGGGGGGGGGE !!!
    Giggs says it’s only when he started to do music that he realised how oblivious people were to his world, ” Mad World ” etc etc


  2. I think he done well. Also agree with what he was saying all the way. You’ll find yourself in a heated argument if you tell someone one with a criminal record they have nuff choices.

  3. Although I haven’t seen the vid but I would like the heated arrument to begin…

    Like i’ve said before, tired of people (especially black people) expecting sympathy for the wrong choices that they were warned to steer from… f*cking hoo

  4. I see both sides of this arguement and well, boyyy, doing the ‘right thing’ (making the right choice) isn’t always easy, isnt always as straight forward as it seems, especially when one’s moral compass has been warn away by thier, childhood experiences, upbringing, and / or, environment… I’m not saying it’s ok, it’s alright, all I’m saying is it’s not always easy, especially today were sooo many lines are Blurred… but that isn#’t an excuse, I’m just saying lol.

  5. @ fr come off the fence na and say what you mean lol

    Re Giggs – his explanation for his crimes were weak, just like the many other youts on the street who make excuses for trifiling. Giggs himself said he can see how is ” Mad world ” is being perceived by people who choose not to live that lifestyle, now he has had an opportunity to make music .

    No matter what your social class/upbringing is, there’s never any excuse to pick up a gun/knife AND USE IT !!!. NONE WHAT SO EVER !!!

    I grew up on a rough estate, in a one parent family, but I chose not to hang around on the street and get involved in the wahala……


    All these youts are just making excuses, ….about they’re fighting over POST CODES. What a fkg nonsense !!!

    They are not child soldiers, living in certain parts of Africa where they get torn from their families from a young age, drugged and forced to rob, steal and kill. Those people have no CHOICES !!!

    These youts don’t know they are born. I’m ready for any of them that are going to shout about living in a ghetto with no opportunities to succeed. Pick up a book and get of the street. Work for a living, do anything to get that money legally.

    If it’s not as easy as I’m saying then why do so many youts with the same social class/poor upbringing succeed. It’s all about lack of respect for life, quick money and greed… PERIOD !!!

  6. @ agnes kuye
    The Real world dont work that simple!

    I hear you if your a vegan, dont believe peoples emotions can overcome their logic or instinct, experience stress, imbalances, mislead, tricked, in too deep etc.

    But again…
    If you have a criminal record for whatever reason or circumstance your options are further limited. Yes! being a black male also makes things a lot harder, period. Call it an excuse or whatever you want the fact remains, there are far too many examples…

    Try telling people whos been abducted by aliens that they dont exist and make a logical black n white theory for it. It just wont get nowhere like this argument.

    ps. The postcode thing we agree on, thats just plain stupid animal/beast behaviour, but thats not what this was about.

    @ reclaimin
    how can you even comment without watching?! your funny!

  7. @ The Real NV I hear ya and I’m not trying to paint it black and white. I’m only too aware of the REAL social issues that affect Black men….

    My point is simply prevention is better than cure. In A LOT OF the cases that I have come across, there are no real excuses for living the life of crime other than laziness and the desire to get quick money.

    No one wants to work for 40 years and get peanuts for it. Hell, I’d rob a bank tomorrow for the easy life and to floss all day long, but the reality of that is I’d get locked up, so I do a daily grind like every one else.

    My point is DO WHAT YOU DO, but don’t blame it on no ghetto, when there really isn’t one !!! These kids need to talk the truth, they make themselves look ridiculous by blaming their greed on social pressures/ victims of circumstances… It’s not a good enough reason 😦

    Sorry but I can’t condone anyone using a knife /gun to obliterate another person, because they’re a victim of social pressure.

    With regards to the ‘postcode issue’, it may not be directly related to Giggs video, but it’s a BIG MAJOR issue related to the gangs and what the kids are fighting over. Giggs mentioned that he used to/or does carry fire arms for whatever reason, ( his words ), ” cos the next man does and for protection”,…. so as far I’m concerned it’s very related.
    none of it has any weight!!!

    Do you speak from experience ? only someone in that ‘mad world’ would be able to understand/decipher the destructive & unjustifiable lifestyle of these youts.

  8. Here here Agnes. To much “poor me why cant I live the MTV lifestyle” syndrome going on with these kids.
    We live in a country where education is free, healthcare is free, if your out of work you can sign on.
    You go to any other country outside of the UK and you do not get those privilages. When there are whole families living of the state and living well, you cant tell me thats inpoverished.
    Todays youngsters measure their levels of poverty at not being able to iwn a £100 pair of trainers. When you have no shoes on your foot bottom, thats impoverished. When you live in a house that made of corregated iron, thats impoveriahed.
    Its inexcusable behaivourm they expect for things to be handed to them, forgetting the hard word that goes into being able to afford you own items.
    Giggs really didnt give a good reason for doing what he did, if he did have a genuine good reason, then I’m sure it would have been easy for him to explain.
    Tired of the lame excuses, thats why we have a nation of lazy children with more excuses than a brother going to jail, they should save it for Oprah cos I for one am plain bored.

  9. I think the journalist did well and tried to get him to give his side, but no he did not have a good excuse to give and therefore did not give it.

    If you are going to turn your life around, good, turn it around, but accept the consequences that come with the choices that you made in the past. Take them on as punishment and when you ‘make it’ don’t make it out to be like there was no other choice you could have taken or had, because there was one in the first place, it never was used.

    Anyway, these misguided children sometimes have their parents to blame. The problem sometimes is, the kids have no parental guidance and that is not to say that there are those who tear away from their parents guidance and choose the wrong path. Especially when a parent is struggling to juggle jobs to provide for their kids and instead of appreciating the parents efforts, staying in school, they go astray.

    In many third world countries you find that in many cases the moral standards at home that many parents tend to give match that of the schools, so there tends to be some consistency, and i am not saying that there are no spoiled brats who slip through the net, coz there are, but in many cases, as long as you are still a certain age, your choices are almost non existent and you have no choice but to stick to the plan of going to school(if you have that opportunity in the first place), while in developed countries, you can afford to drop out of school or whatever and still have a choice.

  10. Agnes, you really hit the nail on the head with greed and laziness as MAJOR factors to these edioooot youths…

    @ Real NV, I watched a really good show on the BBC called The Day The Immigrants Left (it shoud still be on BBC Iplayer) and you’re excuses are symptomatic of the lazy modern British way- always looking for excuses . You really should check it out, cos it’s an insightful look into how modern day Brits have soooo many excuses for doing absolutly f*ck alll with their lives.
    I think it’s a damn shame that young black kids have adopted this old Empire belief tht society owes them something given that many are only second generation to the country-

    And to go back to another valid point that Agnes raised, we never hear about the successes, I am blessed to be around 100% working, non-criminal, loving black people young and old but I can’t pick up a medium and see that testament, no I have to see Gigaboo

  11. This is not a society that celebrates hard work but looks down at it. They will celebrate anything b4 they do hardwork. Its not a value in this society. You just have to look at who they put on a pedestal and how they exaggerate their success and journey. Most cases its mere empty success, with no hardwork or skills or talent or education. Kids sit and do alot of wishful thinking. Shameful attitude. Some parents are not any wiser.

  12. @ agnes kuye
    I work with these kids on a daily and have some experiences of my own. so i take it more personal, I think mostly external factors are to blame and what a kid perceived as a small choice can sometimes open a massive negative reaction. Prevention goes against taking risks, I think a little of both is needed in life to learn.

    firstly giggs is not lying its a truthful statement made. Whether it makes sense to you is irrelevant he’s given you his truth so find out why instead of judgement, if you haven’t been put in that situation the answers will be hard to morally understand. Lottery winners: some go broke within a couple years and some cut off old friends/fam, seems silly, careless or selfish from the outside but is it really? we haven’t been put in that situation of a bag of free money put instantly into your lap.

    When you dip your foot into the influenced gang lifestyle, it can pull you in the deep end with a bad catch 22 with many to follow, testing loyalties etc. For these kids of today they face it at young ages often in school which makes things even harder as sometimes you dont even know your in a gang you may see it as just with your friends you grew up with.

    When you are warned or luckily escape from a gunman/gang stabbing and you know they have knowledge of your address or whereabouts, you prepare for the enemy and your precious one life on this planet. If you cant afford to move out, you protect yourself and your family from harm by any means necessary as long as the innocent are not harmed. This is not hard to understand and is fully justified if your life and family are priority no1.

    The police seem to turn up when your injured or dead so putting your trust in them is a fools game. They are simply too busy giving out fines for non-valid bendy bus/train tickets, and like to bring all available officers and cars to arrest one person.

    If your plain lazy its because your overweight, undernourished or have a sleeping condition (like Sickle cell can trigger).
    Otherwise its due to boredom, being scared (tortoise in shell), very stressed/depressed, or paranoid. Always a reason for it and can change given the positive change in circumstances. Giggs doesn’t seem to be lazy, quiet active if you ask me.

    Lastly to do with this ghetto argument. If i haven’t eaten all day, and my belly is rumbling I will say I am hungry. Someone might say people in Ethiopia are hungry you dont know the meaning of hungry. This doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of saying im hungry as my condition still fits the meaning.

    Ghetto- meaning from Wikpedia:
    1. a district where members of an ethnic, religious, or cultural minority are congregated.
    2. an economically depressed urban district predominately inhabited by members of one ethnic group or religion.

    Moaning, criticizing, passing judgement doesn’t help the situation it makes it worse as your just alienating the situation or relating it to your upbringing or the way you upbring your own. These kids need guidance and help, If you want to help know them first, then simply help. If any of you actually spent a day just listening to the kids (not your kids or cousins!) on a deep level of conversation and openness you would change your perception on the subject guaranteed.

    there is far more people available for work than jobs available, racism still exists in work, more are losing jobs and pay cuts, people are being forced to do any job even though highly skilled in a particular area. Should we all shut up and stop complaining using these excuses like they don’t exist?
    I’ll def watch the show if still on iplayer,

  13. What this society has done with these rehabilitation programmes is to deal with results and not the causes. A person i know worked with runaway kids and ended up leaving his job, because these kids blackmailed workers, eg if u let me smoke, i will do my homework,kids knew that if they didn’t do homework, the workers were held responsible. Side note. There is no need for gangs whatsoever, i know some join to belong, maybe they lack a sense of belonging, but 2 kill 2 belong, is not right at all.

  14. @lati
    Damn! blackmailed staff? that’s bad management at its finest.

    your probably right about the results thing. Everything seems to be about meeting targets these days.

    gangs, groups, armies, political parties, mafia’s, royals, gentlemen’s clubs etc. All the same to me. A bunch of people on a hype for a form of control.

  15. It also shows that kids lack boundaries and hardly know the real meaning of consequences and they also expect that there will always be someone else to pick up after them. This particular rehabilitation was like a hotel, basically where kids had video games and all. Probably had more than they ever had at their homes. Society is seriously corrupting these kids and it is to their disadvantage in the long run.

    As for the gangs, kids need to get their act together because there are more healthy ways to show off and be powerful or rival. They could try academic rivalry, skills, talent. Why they choose to rival in murder, drugs etc.. is beyond me.

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