The “prestigious” Brit Awards took place last night and aired live on ITV 1.

The show was a complete shambles but host Peter Kay and his dead pan humour made me laugh out loud on several occasions.  

The majority of the artists who appeared in front of the camera appeared to be “under the influence”. 

Actor Idris Elba looked a mess when he galloped on stage, wearing dark shades which he then quickly removed, to present an award. He looked drunk and high.  

Lilly Allen was completely off her face (well nothing new there) and I don’t even want to talk about Liam Gallagher (what a fool!).

Anyway Mad News would like to congratulate Dizzie Rascal for winning the Best British Male award. However I still don’t understand why the camera cut away from Dizzee during his acceptance speech and zoomed in on Jay-Z’s mug. What was that all about????

Congratulations also goes out to boyband/X-factor finalists JLS who took home two awards and that mad woman Lady Gaga (lol).

Highlights and Lowlights of the evening…. 

The “highly anticipated” performance from the “nation’s sweetheart”, “Saint” Cheryl Cole was a colossal joke. She can’t sing and mimed (the only artist to do so) –  BADLY!!!

The convicted batterer of toilet attendants/”alleged” racist is currently going through a hard time. Yes….unfortunately footballer husband Ashley Cole has been accused of cheating on her with another woman AGAIN… amongst other things. But last night talentless Cheryl put on a brave face and performed “through the pain”.

My heart bleeds for you Cheryl…. it really does…. 

JLS’ performance was weak. I expected a lot more.

Lady Gaga is a strong live vocalist but she should of sang one of her well known tracks.


Jay-Z and Alicia Keys  

Dizzie Rascal’s collaboration with Florence (from Florence and the Machine).

Robbie Williams. 


Did you watch the Brit Awards last night? If so then what did you think?

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  1. The england football team is doomed come world cup. I hope they don’t blame the referee or SA or their opponets, when booted out first round. Ok, JT, AC, NEXT-> LOL. No comment on awards.

  2. Peter Kay made me LOL alot, he kept the show ticking over, Florence and the machines with Dizzy Rascal, Lilly Allen (I do love Lilly Allen, and she looked great in her wig, lol) ermmm that was my highlights oh and peter kay calling Noel G a Knob’ead LOOOL…

    I didn’t get the whole jumping with fists and strides from side to side swinging like YEAH, were heavy type movements from JLS, but anyway, let them do THERE ting I guess,

    and alot of people seemed to either drunk or straight buzzing, lady gaga what was she doing, playing that thing on stage, that was just off key, like why is she doing that, is she REALLY Playing that sound??

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