I originally posted news of Alexandra’s impending trip to Haiti on February 8th.

That was a quick visit….

Via Digital Spy

Alexandra Burke has said that she is ‘heartbroken’ after visiting Haiti to see the devastation caused by the country’s recent earthquake disaster.

The X Factor winner flew out to Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince earlier this week in a bid to raise further awareness of the struggles faced by the country.

During her visit, Burke met ‘miracle boy’ Kiki Joachin, 7, who was rescued from rubble after days trapped underground. She also visited a Save The Children camp, where she played with youngsters and handed out presents.

The 21-year-old told The Sun: “The desperation of so many people has broken my heart. Kiki is the bravest person I’ve ever met.”

She continued: “You see the poverty and destruction in the papers or on the news, but nothing prepares you for this. It’s like being punched in the stomach. I just hope millions buy the ‘Everybody Hurts’ single. This is a whole country on its knees.” Continue Reading….

I look forward to watching the half-hour ITV 1 documentary Alex.

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  1. ohh dear!!! not even a week or a 5 day business week at that. I had your back Alex but u didn’t come through enough for my liking. The haters will have you for lunch smh.

  2. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (don’t really wanna hear it Alex, thought maybe, just maybe, but NAHHHH, what was I thinking, it’s always business!)

  3. damn well atleast she went,most celebs haven’t even touched the place just simply writting cheques in the comfort of their mansions..good on you Alex

  4. There is nothing wrong with writing a cheque in your mansion. Don’t get mad if you get criticized for being dodgy.

  5. That was a quick visit.

    So, what if it was a quick visit??!!

    She didn’t have to go at all, and could have simply satisfied herself with her couple of lines on the charity single, and making a donation from the comfort of her home.

    I for one am happy that Alexandra made the trip to Haiti – and has already announced her intention to return in 6 months time – as she can now provide greater insight into what’s happening there based on genuine experience.

    Something that those people carping on the sidelines about the duration of her visit are in no position to do….

  6. @Lorri

    “and has already announced her intention to return in 6 months time ”

    That’s fantastic news!

    And like I said before I look forward to watching the ITV 1 documentary.

    As for the “quick visit” remark. It’s just an observation luv. Calm down.

  7. You know what, If it comes to be known that thia stunt is about her seriously wanting to help and do good, and about her looking publicity from this, then I will hold up my hand, but I wouldn’t hold ya breath.

  8. I just cant stand people picking up kids, shedding a few tear having they picture taken with someone and then back in Starbucks by night fall! Its so colonial. So she brought food,sleeping bags, fresh water, gas hobs and first aid kits – kmt, she brought a camera and a career move -kmt!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sadly many of us are caught up in the art of donation and who is donating. We would defend the giver in a heartbeat before we defend the beggar or needy. The celebrity charity phenomenon is taking a different course and many are victims of the trend. That is not to say that there are no genuine. If only the pretense would end. As if the rest needed to step in haiti to give money and be seen as genuine. Celebrities and their fans are too touchy.

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