It’s been reported that in a recent interview with Playboy singer John Mayer likened his penis to white supremacist (Klu Klux Klan member) David Duke.

For some reason the star was asked if  black women threw themselves at him.

Mayer then responded,

“I don’t think I open myself to it. My d**k is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f**king David Duke c**k. I’m going to start dating separately from my d**k.”

Mayer also said,

Someone asked me the other day, “What does it feel like now to have a hood pass?” And by the way, it’s sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a nigger pass. Why are you pulling a punch and calling it a hood pass if you really have a hood pass? But I said, “I can’t really have a hood pass. I’ve never walked into a restaurant, asked for a table and been told, ‘We’re full.’”

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Hilarious John.. Hilarious! Your wit is sharper than a samurai sword…..

*shaking head*

Ha ha ha ha!

Oh dear…… Oh dear…. Oh dear…..

His management and publicist must be tearing their hair out as I type.

Ha ha ha ha!

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  1. Oh dear indeed.

    Its just be me but I didnt find his comments racist. They were stupid, ignorant and terrible attempts at humour but not racist imo. The only thing that bothered me was him deciding to tell the good readers of Playboy what being black means, erm… no sir.

  2. I’ve never understood the fascination with this guy…

    He seems to be up his own arse.

    Anyway he always attempts to be humourous, very sarcastic.

    He thinks all black people love him…

    What just because Jay-Z, Kanye and the rest of their cronies co-sign you John??


    Too funny!

  3. An angry commentor compared his head to a toilet brush. I thought that was bizzare, what has a toilet brush got to do with anything? lmaorof

  4. I don’t think Mayer is a racist. His statements, while stupid and ignorant, weren’t malicious, and actually hold some truth to them.

    Why are we, as a people, soooooo ready to jump down someone eles’s throat for perceived racism, whereas we kill each other every frigging day in numbers exponentially higher than the Klan ever did?


  5. We as a human race kill eachother, and the kkk did more than just kill black people. That is no comparison at all. My stomach churned at that sundance.

  6. @ dera :
    What sickens you more?

    John Mayer saying something stupid, or the veritable legions of Black people killing each other daily?

    I’m just sayin’…

  7. I know what you are saying. It is the comparison to kkk i totally disagree with. The times in which they killed people were so significant and painful to compare to todays reckless foolishness. C’mon now.

  8. I think we’re saying the same thing, dera…

    Sort of.

    I totally agree that what the Klan did was reprehensible and not anywhere near the same level in terms of severity. I get that.

    What I’m saying is that we tend to expend disproportionate amount of energy fighting sh–t like what Mayer did versus when we treat each other worse than the Klan ever did, even in the antebellum South.

    I think we’re saying the same thing, but different ways, no?

  9. I think John Mayer is being backlashed for the very same reason. It is not so much the comment, it is his foolishness to joke about the kkk in a reckless manner, And use the N word along with it.

  10. Some of the comments i read seemed to lead to a historical read with different perspectives, and i think that is where the backlash came from. That is what i was trying to say.

  11. I guess I see where you’re coming from Sundance but here comes the but, I am sitting in the privacy of my own home typing this. I think when you are interviewed knowingly for a publication whose sole interest is to sprak interest in its medium, there are lines that you may not want to muddy given that the people you speak to are not there to understand your inner being in a 30 minute interview or whatever..
    I don’t think these shocker statements he made stem from racism but he really didn’t choose his platform to show his quirky ironic humour..
    I do agree that alot of black folk love a shout out racism card in any instance and that it really does nothing for progression..

  12. He is another twat. Now am going to check 4 his music which i’ve never heard of, if i can get it on that tube.

  13. I didn’t find the comments racist either it is not his fault brown/black chics ain’t checkin’ for him… but to compare your dick to such an animal such as David Duke is uhm well … dumb…. I jumped the gun before I read the article and had to retract what I said because at the end of the day if some cutie brown/black chic rocked him, he would be all in it…

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