Where did they find the cast? The acting looks so WOODEN!!! E.g. mark 0.41

The film also looks cheesy.


Ondene Marchant (Lucy Stanhope-Bosumpim) is beautiful, talented and destined to read Law at Oxford. Shes spent her whole life following demanding study plans laid down by her ambitious mother Hyacinth (Suzann Mclean.) However Ondene is desperate to break free from her mothers demands, and she soon discovers freestyle basketball accepting an offer of lessons from charismatic student Leon (Arinze Kene) and convinces her to enter a Freestyle competition to win £15,000. When Hyacinth finds out, she resolves to put an end to the relationship.

In Cinemas 26th February

Out on DVD 1st March.

Also available On Sky Box Office, iTunes, Lovefilm and Flex –  26th February.

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  1. In a way I’m glad to see more films from the black community coming through, I just hope hope that we up our game and level of production soon, judging by the trailer this looks like a Poor UK version of ‘Love & Basketball’ (wheres the originality?)

    as for the cast, they needed somebody who can play and act, guess they went for someone who can really play, and act a little, lol

    but the intented target audience won’t mind all that.

  2. @Janice aka Miss Mad News
    A little harsh my dear.

    The film ain’t great but lets be honest how many Black Directors in the UK get to helm a film & see it in cinemas.

    The UK industry is still in a Johannesburg 77 mode where Black talent behind the camera is concerned.

  3. @Janice aka Miss Mad News

    Apart form Noel Clarke is anyone of colour getting the chance to direct films in the UK?

    The answer is a big fat no. Now lets just say this film makes a little money (I know its not likely) then the director Kolton Lee might get another shoot at making something he really wants to do.

    As I said there are little to no chances of Black filmmakers getting to make films, especially now every UK Film Producer can’t seem to see no further than Mr. Clarke.

  4. @ Urban C… the issue is the material, Noel Clarke had the backing, and had an open door, but he also had GOOD material, you can paint and brick, and tie beautiful flowers to it, but at the core it’s still a brick, … and I in no way mean any disrespect to Kolton Lee, I know it’s tough to break in, but boy, I’m just not to sure if assigning your self to a film like ‘Freestyle’ is really helping??? I guess time will tell.

  5. so I watched the trailer again, and it looks as though the director did a very good job, looks at the shoots and what not, but you can only work with what you have, as in the script and the CAST!

  6. @FR…
    The film was made on a micro budget just 500K which is nothing in film terms.
    Kolton has made better films mainly shorts & a film called Cherps but whats a Black filmmaker to do if you don’t get the chances. You think they’d give a person of colour a film like Nowhere boy or An Education to direct. Man you got to grab your chances where you can.

  7. People read all comments. I am 25, I worked on this film as a Freestyle Basketball Player…. The talent that was available was very good and for the budget (£100k) the actors etc were limited but done an awesome job! Kolton and Lincia done an amazing job for what they had. (One camera, limited crew). I wish more films like this were made to portray real British youth and what is actually happening in the UK. I wish Kolton and Lincia every success. I have seen the film at numerous screenings and is a real good feature film. I recommend you see the film not just the trailer!!

  8. I just watched the film and think it was very good and dealt with issues that are very revelant to black people in the UK, black mother growing up on a council estate moving out and not wanting anything to do with people there, the light skin dark skin issue, the main character studying hard so he can go to uni, but not forgetting where he came from. I’m from the US but have lived in the UK for 6 months and what I find is just pure hate amongst black people even worse than the US and that’s saying something you moan about the MOBOs you moan about Urban UK music artists it’s crazy all the comments I’ve read seem to just hate on this film, it’s like it needs the US seal of approvall before you like it, you guys really need to wake up and start getting behind what you do have.

  9. this movie is the bomb. the music is cool and the basketball part is excellent. this ain’t no poor mans version of love and basketball. i like both movies cause they deal with the same stuff basketball skills and romance between friends.

  10. @Janice aka Miss Mad News this aint no poor mans version of love and basketball.if they made a movie thats on netflix it has to be good enough.

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