I hope this isn’t just a ‘PR move’ because Alex’s music career seems to have stalled of late…

I wonder if she’s fronting a documentary…..

Do you know what? I need to stop being so cynical! 

Via Digital Spy

The singer is to visit the troubled country this week after recently taking part in Simon Cowell’s Haiti charity single.

Speaking to the News of the World, Burke explained: “For me, singing two lines on a single doesn’t mean I have really helped. I wanted to go out and physically help the kids. I’m not a doctor, but I can give clothes, food and love. At least I’ll be able to make a couple of kids smile.”

She added: “It hurt me when I saw the photographs of dead bodies on the streets. I was really angry, thinking ‘what is this world coming to?’ That is when I begged my label to let me go out there.

She actually begged the label to let her go…


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  1. hmmmmm, I guess time will tell, looking at what she said it seems, as though she is about helping, for real, but I’m not convinced to be honest.

  2. Everyone who wants to shit is heading 4 haiti. Having said that, all help is welcome and appreciated. Kudos to genuine folks.

  3. I was cynical at first too.. but I heard someone mention today that a few weeks after the incident Haiti is gradually slipping away from ‘breaking news’ so maybe it’s a good thing to remind people that there’s still a lot of help needed and like Lati said ‘Kudos to the genuine ones’

    Hopefully Miss Burke is real about her concern, i don’t see why she shouldn’t be.

  4. Lanre, i think the shock phase is over. What we need to see now is where all donated money is being utilised. That would be more of a motivator 4 people on the outside who are donating. What are the chances of that happening? Don’t know.

  5. Lets be real.. begging her label for what? she wouldnt get dropped for taking it upon herself to skip a week out of the ‘busy’ burke schedule to actually do some leg work out there.. imagine the bad press that would go down if she got reprimanded for charity work. talk is cheap alex… talk is very cheap

  6. sadly we all know charities regard hugs as chargable and many will be accounted for in the books with a few expensive pecks on the cheek.

    We also know to well that celeb charities and a camera go together like rasta’s and white girls. I think a small doc or web video log is to be expected and is no harm. Help is help at the end of the day especially when someone offers and is not told to help. She’s staying longer than 2 days. All worthy of kudos to me as she didn’t really need to do it with regards to that single.

  7. some haitians will be grateful for her visit and helping hand. In her position i’d probly do exactly the same, im sure most of you would too. She wants to be seen as a bit of a rebel towards her label, as her small disagreements and i want things my way has been publicised in the past this is no different. Her label will look into things like how can we benifit from this but as long as the thought was her own and was a simple I want to do more than this single and actually go and help for a bit, she canted be knocked in my books.

  8. The reason charitable orgs and acts have lost meaning is because we all think and say that it is help needed without calling some out 4 what they are actually doing(benefiting and promoting). The same reason those taking and recieving aid have abused it. Charities encourage dependency coz its a business, creates jobs etc, and some celebs 2 have contributed to the blur image of charity. But anyway, either way i hope those in need benefit. In the long run….

  9. @lati
    I dont follow your points lati.
    how have charitable orgs lost meaning? What meaning? its probly less currupt now than before!

    Personally going out celeb or not and helping face to face is simply help (aid) not to be confused and intertwined with charity (business).

    Dependancies are more to do with currency values, world bank loans and world trading with its laws. Which will keep poverty in poverty more, with no hope of stabalising. Sorry but I dont call hugging and long grain rice much of a dependancy.

    The more I think about it, the more I think she’s personally doing a good thing and hope she enjoys the experience and does more hands on stuff in the future.
    All of ya’ll leave her alone alone! And dont start talking about her nose either, ya’ll are just haters!

  10. I am talking about celebs in general. As 4 charitable orgs, it’s a business, there is a take and recieve. The product being those in need whose face is used to collect money(truth), why does money disappear or not reach where it should most times? And as 4 celebs, some of them when they do wrong and careers are at stake, what do most do? Get involved in charity work and then parade it in newspapers or any media outlets. Even when kids have been sexually abused, how much publicity have they got?

  11. I mean even we are willing to excuse abuse of those in need bse they are getting help. As a result, people have become objects. Another result, poor countries have been disempowered and exploited leaving them in the same positiom hence a cycle created.

  12. I fail 2 understand why aid gets unconditional love especially relief aid to countries when in many cases it comes with strings attached that usually are not favourable for the reciever. I was once asked, ‘would you rather not have the aid then and why then should we give you the aid’. As far as am concerned, that is not attitude of someone with your best interest at heart. And don’t even get me started on those who have abused aid and have led their people 2 believe that their countries are poor.

  13. The countries that contributed to Haiti’s poverty status are the very ones that landed when the earthquake hit. Haiti has had to over depend on charity. This alone is not a good sign. It took an earth quake for their debt to be considered for removal. Forgive me if i don’t applaud USA and French relief efforts. I am not applauding those taking advantage. I applaud those who donated. For the record, charities depend on donated money. Donators have a say even though they are not physically in Haiti. Cha

  14. The down side of being in a vulnerable position in reality, is that you lose your rights and vision sadly. Haitians need help but at the same time they need those offering to do it properly and treat them with respect, not to take away their cultural values or anything. At the moment they would take anything as they have no choice. In superior countries, you will not find them being disrespected incase of tragedies and children being plucked. Is it too much to ask for Haiti? Is it? Anyone?

  15. It was reported that if those arrested American christians get sentenced, it might hinder charity from USA. Already you can see the power imbalance at play. Haiti will have to take whatever is thrown at them without question whether it is right or wrong. But do we have to bury our heads in the sand about it?

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