Former Mis-Teeq front woman Sabrina Washington is back on the music scene with her debut single OMG (Oh My Gosh).

I think Sabrina looks great in the video, but the person responsible for the entire look of the video and it’s concept doesn’t seem to have an original bone in his/her body.

As for OMG… I love a good Pop track but sadly this isn’t one.

Sabrina is actually a strong vocalist who should be showing off her abilities on a well produced/superior track. 

OMG will be officially released on the 15th March.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Tried to watch it until the end..but couldn’t. Nobody should mess with Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer for a start and the attempt to style her as a black Lady Gaga failed – loved her make up though LOL

    I wish her well, but that’s not the track that’s gna thrust her back into the limelight she craves so much. A weak track for a comeback single. 1-0 to Alesha.

  2. Err…I can’t believe I’m “saying” this…She looked kinda nice…facially…till the brown wig. As for the clothes, that’s another story altogether. Felt sorry for the dude – you know, with the glass/mirror, then the flowers, hope he got paid. Her vocals were over produced, c’mon, she has a killer voice, you should have let it shine.

  3. Defo a Lady Gaga influence there. I reckon it could be a pop number one, as people seem to love this sound, but a miss for me.

    No originality in the video, Beyonce/Gaga’s been there done that.
    Less is more video wise or perhaps they were trying to detach from the whack song.

  4. over cheesy (imo) but she look good though, not really feeling the whole lady gaga thing, and the whole skin out skin out ting, but she has much potential, she just needs to do her and not what her ‘advisers’ say lol

    but I looked forward to seeing more from her.

  5. Karl…..noooooooo….Alexandra’s “Bady boys” is pure S**t…lol.

    Sabrina looks good in the video but like what most of you have said its a Gaga/Beyonce carbon copy video. Sabrina has a good voice – the people behind the music of the track let her down BUT…it will probably be a semi pop hit…she’s stepped into the “pop trap”..let’s hope she gets out with the rest of her music, it will probably have some success pop wise though.

  6. To me, I think she looks great and the song is catchy. So what if there’s a Lady Gaga influence in the concept? We get influenced by others everyday, that’s part of life. As humans, we turn to just criticize without even thinking. Just give her a chance to stand first rather than making her fall before she can even stand.

  7. After reading through the comments and thinking hard, i came to the conclusion that none wanted her to fail, they were just saying. I am not going to critcize you for criticizing others.

  8. @Yenih Steph

    The general feeling is that Sabrina can sing but is being prevented from showing this off.

    But if you want to criticize people for giving their honest opinions on this forum then so be it.

    Sugercoat until your hearts content.

  9. I think saying that the song is catchy sums up all of this Euro pop shit..”Compare the market/meerkat” is catchy but I don’t want it on my ipod.
    We all seem to be twobit, thrid rate judges rather than bonafide fans of music like this. Being subjective may make you look well read as far as typing on a blog anonymously goes BUT it’s still a shit song. This new desperate jump onto Eurocheese pop should be seen as that and not as somehow substantial because a black person is singing it..Next you lot will be telling me that the remix by BASS HUNTER is dancefloor friendly..Lemme go back to listening to my CHOKLATE lp yeah.xx

  10. PS: Jan you need to do a straight up YES or NO vote on some of these Are you going to purchase the said product because you like it and value it enough? YES or friggin NO? LOL

  11. Hate the song. I can see the Lady Gaga influence in the video and some RiRi. It is as though they have hidden Sabrina’s identity. In parts her efforts in the video seem forced. Surely for all his faults they could have gotten Taio Cruz or David Guetta to make a banging track for her.

    I just don’t get it. Lost in translation

    Sabrina deserves better than this and her record label and management team are doing her a dis-service.

  12. We all know Sabrina Washington has a great voice and CAN sing. We all want her to win right? The song is catchy and the video is nice even though as some have mentioned it is Lady Gagaish BUT I’m just not feeling this song too much personally. However this song CAN be a hit in the current music world, I mean why not? if “beat again” by JLS can be number one and “Bad boys” by Alexandra could be number one why not this? (well it doesn’t have the x factor machine behind it but still……….)

    I hope the next song will be stronger or maybe Donaeo should remix it!

  13. @Yenih Steph… are we all robots that we have to like the same shit over and over again. If it looks great to you then wonderful, but if other people think it’s tired/repetitive then you should respect that too. What happened to a bit of ORIGINALITY !!!

    Why does ‘not liking’ the song mean we are criticizing Sabrina’s efforts without even thinking, I think you can safely say most people know what they like/dislike.

    As most people have said she has a good voice/she looks good, but It’s whack pop !!! Sabrina can still do pop and keep it fresh, there is nothing new here, so get over it !!!

  14. was just browsing world star hiphop and it says Sabrina is Uk Cash Money member. I never knew that. I guess with the backing of such a good group she should go far. I await the remix

  15. I know you want a comment on the song but I got to say She looks great in the video.

    Okay, I got to agree it’s not that orignal a tune what with the Lady Gaga styling the stupid Auto Tune voice overlay add to the rather weak lyrics.

    Its a pity she didn’t release straight after Get Me Out of Here to gurantee a No.1 but it will probably chart in Top Ten.

    I’d love to know why she went with the tune as I heard her sing live and she Can actually sing.

    Your telling me they couldn’t find a brother in London to be the guy in the video. The UK music industry. Please!!!!

  16. LOL! She is NOT signed 2 CASH MONEY UK , they R watching her she put this out herself . Good Rumours.

  17. I read all of the comments before writing mine. It’s seem to Sabrina has people from one end of the spectrum to the other. What I think is not important. I can say this, in Europe this still of music is running rammped so in that respect it’s the same old same old. However in the states this style of music is the BIG money maker. If Sabrnia could find away to get a deal in the stated she will blow up…I know Frankie Beverly and his raod manager Joe really love Sabrnia. May be they can take her to the next level in the states. This girl got that thang and if the record execvtives in the UK can’t hear and see that same on them. I know from experience she got that thing that can make her a super star. I’m a fan now, I wih Sabrina all the success in the world. Good luck Sabrnia, a fan from the states…..

  18. Sorry I didn’t proof my early comment before submitting it. Please for give my grammer and sped spelled words….


  19. I kinda like the song! Everyone seems to be criticising her on here that she is a Lady Gaga copycat but isn’t this same Gaga heavenly influenced by Madonna?? In my opinion all the young artists of our days seem to go back to the old days for inspiration be it lyrically or in their image presentation. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé seem to draw their inspiration from Madonna (imagewise). Alexander Burke copies Beyoncé and Rihanna, Alesha Dixon the same so why can’t Sabrina get on it in the act?
    When Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown came out, they seemed to have a certain copy thing going on. Usher, Chris Brown, Jason Derullo, Neyo etc all influenced by MJ so the basic point is, everyone is a copycat so let’s encourage her to do her thang and rise up!

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