American citizens pose for a photo at police headquarters in Port-au-Princ. In the front row from left to right are Carla Thompson, 53, of Meridien, Idaho, Laura Silsby, 40, of Boise, Idaho, Nicole Lark Ford, 18, of Middleton, Idaho, and in the back row left to right are Steve McMullen, 56, of Twin Falls, Idaho, Jim Allen, 47, of Amarillo, Texas, Silas Thompson, 19, of Twin Falls, Idaho, Paul Thompson, 43, and Drew Culborth, 34, of Topeka, Kansas

Via The Mail Online

A group of 10 American Baptists were being held in the Haitian capital today after trying take 33 children out of the country.

The church group, most of them from Idaho, allegedly lacked the proper documents when they were arrested on Friday night in a bus along with children from 2 months to 12 years old who had survived the catastrophic earthquake.

The group say they were setting up an orphanage across the border in the Dominican Republic.

‘In this chaos the government is in right now we were just trying to do the right thing,’ the group’s spokeswoman, Laura Silsby, told reporters at the judicial police headquarters in the capital, where the Americans were being held pending a Monday hearing before a judge.

The Baptists’ ‘Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission’ was described as an effort to save abandoned, traumatised children.

Their plan was to scoop up 100 youngsters and take them by bus to a 45-room hotel at Cabarete, a beach resort in the Dominican Republic, that they were converting into an orphanage.

Whether they realised it or not, these Americans – the first known to be taken into custody since the January 12 quake – put themselves in the middle of a firestorm in Haiti.  Continue Reading….

Did these fools actually think it would be OK to take those children and stick them in an orphanage across the border without the appropriate documentation??? 

Plus the children who they attempted to smuggle out of the country, may have relatives who are desperately trying to find them.

As far as I am concerned these so-called “christians” are nothing but vultures swooping in to Haiti preying on the weak and distressed,  particularly children. 

Right now the children of Haiti are vulnerable to being preyed upon by child traffickers and paedophiles. 

It’s been reported that US troops have beefed up security at the docks after reports children were being smuggled out to sea.

It has also been reported that UN teams are currently racing to find children being preyed on.

A Unicef spokesperson said, “As well as the health concerns and malnutrition concerns, we are now concerned unaccompanied children will be exploited by unscrupulous people who may wish to traffic them for adoption, the sex trade or domestic servitude.”

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  1. The so called human that wrote the above article. Has a bad case of know nothing. While he was sitting home doing nothing other people including Christians were trying to help people who were hurting. Even if he had needed help our people would have tried to help. That’s what Christ told his people to do. May the Lord bless and keep them all safe. Even the so called human.

  2. Helping christian?? Haitians are victims in their own rights due 2 unfortunate circumstances, they don’t need some folks stripping them of their dignity and what is left of it. This was plain wrong. Where were the christians b4 the earthquake? Ugh

  3. The Christian’s were there BEFORE the earthquake…that is how AMERICAN People are Missing and have Died. Where do you think they would be if we did stay out of their country? Let AMERICA not donate MILLION’s of dollar’s …..let’s see where they would be and how they would suffer. They are many christian people who have tried to help but we all see the devil doesn’t turn the other cheek.

  4. This so called rescue mission sounds suspect to me. I know that the organs of the dead are already being harvested for shipping abroad. This whole thing is suspect, the talk on the street is that this earthquake is down to HAARP running an experiment. It is also suspect that the US were running a drill exercise involving a hurricane hitting Haiti a week before the actual quake. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

  5. Where would they be? Its good to see that they are better off now. Oh pulease.., the people who genuinely donated their money would not even condone this shit. Rolls eyes

  6. When a person or people are in chaos or vulnerable it does not automatically mean that the person in a better position can do as they wish. A group of young children in a bus with no single haitian adult is questionable in all cases. Christians are not immune to wrong doing, and in this case, they did wrong. No excuses. Will these ancient antics ever end? It does not look like they will.

  7. Some people act like this is not an opportunity for job creation. Yes, the Haitians are in despair but let us not act like some people are not benefiting from their misery. Miss me with the ‘where would they be, or let America not donate their millions, blah blah blah’. The question is, where would you be or what would you be doing? If you have better things to be doing and this is not important, just get on with your life and leave those genuine people to do their thing, atleast i know they will not belittle the people they are helping.

  8. And America is not the only one donating, allover the world people are donating , miss me with that one too. Even the Haitians are helping each other on small scales, it is just that they are not reporting these things, and some have or need to grab the headlines or whatever for whatever reason.

  9. It truly is unfortunate that the Christian Baptists from Idaho did not hop through the “appropriate” governmental hoops in their attempts to help out in Haiti, but to call them “vultures,” I think, is to level an undeserved judgment against caring people who were doing their best to help ease human suffering in a time of crisis. Haiti has long been under the thumb of a dictatorship; dictators are notorious for dragging their feet when those underneath them need help, and While I don’t condone any person, Christian or otherwise, deliberately thumbing his or her nose at authority, it is certainly highly possible that these Idaho natives were simply good-hearted, compassionate folks doing their best to try to alleviate a small portion of the unimaginable suffering they must have seen going on all around them in the wake of the earthquakes. From my perspective, what they tried to do, however imperfectly, constitutes a far more loving act than someone far removed from the incident criticizing them, and/or calling them names from afar on the internet. At least they were there, trying to lend a hand. However imperfectly they did that, I applaud the fact that these Christians left their comfortable homes, got off their “Blessed Assurances” and tried to do something to help.

  10. Okay first off while you are sitting at home on the computer bashing the Christians that were over there doing something. Why don’t you just say a prayer for the people that are helping and risking their life. These people were helping little kids. On a mission trip and you want to sit on the computer and bash them with out knowing ? You have no respect. Enjoy your life getting fat behind a computer while little kids are starving out there.

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