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Charity Beatbullying have confirmed to the BBC that they will no longer be working with N-Dubz star Dappy after he sent a death threat text message to a Radio 1 listener.

Dappy became involved with the government backed campaign, Beatbullying, in 2009 and even made a speech protesting against cyber bullying.

N-Dubz themselves even wrote the song called ‘R U Cyber Safe?’ for the cause.

Yet despite this, he still took the time to send a death threat to a 22-year-old Chloe Moody after she called him “vile”, “repulsive” “a little boy with a hat” on Chris Moyles’ breakfast show. Continue Reading….

Oh dear…. being called “vile” and “repulsive” has got to hurt.

However Dappy really needs to develop a thicker skin and needs to heed the advice of Public Enemy- “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!”

As for now being dropped from the anti bullying charity… you couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried!


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  1. These kids have been hyped up and removed from the reality. They don’t realise that it is a false image that has been built 4 them for the benefit of those who made them. If this is not a wake up call for them Paul Mooney style, then i don’t know what is.

  2. i think the data proetection side is pretty serious!!!
    how he was able to do that IS A LITTLE BIT OF A SLIP UP BY THE bbc!!!
    not everybody’s gonna like you or your music!!!
    its just the way it is….
    believing the hype can reallly get you in the wrong place!!

  3. I found out that one of my lil cousins loves this gut soooo much, like he’s her idol, I think she meet him recently and was besides herself, that made her year, …. I heard about it, and could only think about reclaimin’ comment about having messed up role models, If people like this is who the next generation is looking to then we are in serious trouble, and yes I know we have to teach our young ones, but you see where I going!

  4. @ Janice, wha happen to the last N-Dubz Post, (comments closed on that one LOOOL) I wonder why? 😉

  5. What are you guys talking about, I read one post where apparently see said she didnt like his music and then he called her, now she calls a guy vile, repulsive a lil boy with a hot… OMGGGG Comments on his song is one thing, but attacking the guy personally, he had every right to find out who this person is and do what he did. People think that they can do or say wtvr they please behind a veil of anonimity, Gwaaaan rudebwoy mek dem know xD

  6. no need Janice, I just the Love the Zero Tolerence on foolishness, and had to holla concerning that one. lol

    Madnews Cracks me up sometimes, makes my day, differently.

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