Dr Gus Casely-Hayford

Tune in to BBC Four tonight and watch the documentary Lost Kingdoms Of Africa, a four-part series in which British art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford explores the pre-colonial history of some of Africa’s most important kingdoms.

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Lost Kingdoms Of Africa. BBC Four, 9pm tonight (January 5th).

Why is this documentary not being aired on BBC 1???

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  1. This show is really great, a very good chance to see some of the continents rich and diverse history. Which is not often told.

    Great work Gus

  2. Excellent stuff about Ethiopia. Keep me posted about other G C-H stuff and opportunites to quiz him/enter related forums.

  3. Superficial treatments are to me a sign of Africans respect for nature. If the whole world were to follow this example the earth will be a much safer place.

  4. I’m an archaeology and anthropology joint honours student. I think this program is nice for the majority of society but for a student its alittle fustrating. The presenter keeps harking back to the archaeological academic attitude of 80 years ago, it come along way since then. Hes obiviously not a archaeologist or anthropologist. This is because the aim of his series is to prove that africa had “complex” civilisations too, but wait a sec, “complex” is not a word some of us use anymore. All culture is complex, so to say one culture is complex just like european culture fuels the arguement to retain such colonial terms. I don’t understand what hes getting at sometimes, and when he says things like “OMG this is beautiful, I haven’t seen or heard about anything like this” just shows how ignorant he is. What the hell have his reasearches been doing before this production was made. All culture is beautiful, all cultural expressions (buildings, art etc) is amazing and complex. Thats the archaeology of today, and the presenter of this program is just prolonging the image of colonial archaeology with his frequent comments on western archaeology. Without those comments, and with a better reasearch team this program would be intreasting.

  5. Auz you need to get over it – your sounding as your getting an inferiority complex. You got to understand that Gus has been told that his race (africans) have never achieved anything in the past. So for him this programme is a personal adventure for him. You will never understand.

    I have met only a few white people who aren’t pertaining to be black who have a level headed understanding of where the black man is coming from your obviously one of those many white people who are still blinkered and therefore come across as if your getting an inferiority complex

  6. I watched them all. that is the least we can do. thank you very much for all the trouble you went to. i would like to get in touch with Dr Gus. And yes, i have spread the good news.

  7. A group of us Afrikans watched the presentation. there has been systematic omission of information that shows Afrika in positive light. even when white guys came across unrefuted evidence- which they took home with them, now found in the British museum – yes the plaques from Mali ,or the wall in Zimbabwe; they refused to believe. Dr Gas is merely informing us Afrikans who have been led to believe our ancestors were savage barbarians incapable of anything consructive. Do you still want information swept under the carpet while praises of Columbus’ discoveries continue to be taught in schools in Afrika? Auz, you not care to know the kind of history still taught in Afrika, we do. Dr. Gas just helped the whole continent update her history. We cannot thank him enough. it may not be interesting to you. it was honey to us.

  8. Great stuff. About time a respected presenter was given the finances to tell the truth about africa. I knew of these lost kingdoms years ago through my interest in studying History A Level and researching civilisations. I’ve been waiting for such a programme for a long time. This needs to be taught in schools as it is a fascinating subject, with lots more topics to be discussed.

  9. Hi, my son is about to start a history project and I thought I’d pick one of Dk Gus Lost Kingdom programmes as a choice subject. Any idea which would make an interesting topic to a 9 year old and how easy it would be to get pictures and stuff. He’s going to school in Dublin and I have no desire to tell the Europeans about Europe!

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