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Prime Minister Gordon Brown has given the go-ahead for full body scanners to be introduced at Britain’s airports.

BAA, which runs six UK airports, said it would now install the machines “as soon as is practical” at Heathrow. Continue Reading…..

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. It’s gonna be a damn inconvenience, but if it prevents me from getting blown up, I’m ll for it. Worrrrrd !!!

  2. It’s nothing to do with the blue peter bomber, they were already planning this and now have a “legitimate” reason to shove it upon us. The plan for this intrusive contraption was leaked a few weeks ago!

  3. This is the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution and the sucker public fall for it every single time, signing over more of their rights and liberties in exchange for more bondage and slavery. Is the general public so zoned out that they cannot see a convenient set up when it slams them in the face?

    The next stage is the taser braclets……yes you read correctly, taser braclets which zapp you if you get out of line anytime between putting them on and taking them off at the end of your flight. Don’t believe me, check this out.


    They say it would be used for hijack situations. Anyone who believes this is a true sucker. They’ll zapp you for asking for a knive and folk and not eating with your hands, any excuse will do.

  4. Body Scanning at Airports

    The total body scanning that has recently commenced at some UK airports
    is an issue many people ( no matter what race or culture or religion
    they belong to)are uncomfortable with.

    There are differences between man and other creations:
    The superiority and honor that God almighty has given to man is seen
    in many things, for example;
    * Man’s intellectual superiority over others, enabling him to do things
    which others are unable to do, such as learning the various sciences
    and applying this knowledge for technological development.
    * Submission of other creations for man, including the sun as a source
    of heat and electricity, the moon as a source of light, the stars as
    navigational tools and the earth for farming and building places for
    * Man’s ability to reason and being able to distinguish between right
    and wrong, between health and sickness and between what is beneficial
    and harmful etc.
    All of the above qualities, however, can be attributed to other living
    creations even though these may be of a much lesser degree compared to

    But two attributes of man are unique and not given to any other
    a. Speech.
    b. Covering the body with a garment or dress.

    Covering the private area of the body and its importance is connected
    with an instinctual characteristic of human beings (i.e. Shame or
    Shyness) which does not require any book or law, rather everyone
    recognizes this by default.

    Is there a case of necessity?
    Without any doubt the answer is no, for the following reasons;
    1. To this date, there has not been a confirmed case of explosives
    being carried in clothing other than the recent one on an American
    flight, the reliability of which is yet to be fully established to make
    a case of necessity.
    2. Body scanning has been used on American and other airports with a
    huge cost and high failure rate.
    3. No aircraft has ever been destroyed by someone carrying explosives
    in his clothing.
    4. As for the recent case that took place on an American flight, the
    American president himself, accepted the responsibility of his
    intelligence agency in that they possessed all the information and yet
    failed to take the right action in time. This clearly shows that
    intelligence is sufficient and far superior as a tool to prevent this
    kind of incident than a need to see people naked on mere suspicion.
    Uncovering some one’s body against his or her will is a an immoral
    and shameful act.

  5. Without committing any crime we will become virtually prisoners of this country – no exit from airports = no non Uk holidays no quality leisure time etc, if we refuse to use the scanner.

    Which political party will make available alternative measures if they gain power at the General Election?

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