Taken from the album Blue Print 3, the ‘mighty J-Hova’ drops the new video for On To The Next One, produced by Swizz Beatz.

Oh and look the video is released just as a new decade begins!

A genius move Jay!

For some strange reason this track reminds me of Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot.

Yeah we get it Jay! You’re a very rich man, you have President Obama on speed dial and you roll with the men who pull all the strings!

Good for you!!! Happy New Year!!!

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. ive listened to the album once!!!!
    and i dont remember this song…
    maybe because the album didnt hit me at al.. good luck hova!!! but i aint feeling it ~~

  2. @ Janice – surprised you missed the chance to call out Jay’s devilish symbolism in this video!

  3. Hey, his entertaining yall. Yall want to call him a devil worshipper,his going to do just like that

  4. Oh I see what he’s doing…. Old Jay pays attention and has no doubt watched all the videos on YouTube which accuse him of devil worship etc etc.

    So to keep the world talking he sits down with a director makes a video like this….

    The man’s a genius….. Good luck Jay……..

  5. thats why the track is called “on to the nex one” dispelling the shrewd the rumors and entertaining all you bloggers! .. “yall should grow the fuck up, come on let jay coach you janice 🙂 . you starting to sound like sandra rose.

  6. Why are you swearing at people??? Is it necessary?

    Yes I see what Jay is doing…. Like I said the man’s a genius! He has done a FANTASTIC job of dispelling the rumours etc. I wish him the best of luck!

  7. @ Lati… for some reason I’m struggling to put my feelings into words, but it’s like, even though I like to see what he is doing, I’m not really interested in Jay-z anymore, I don’t / can’t buy into him, and the nonsense he kicks, preaches, raps, ministers lol… to me the man is becoming more and more plain face and openly Evil, but yet even more he is packaged as a (some what ‘Now’ ) role model for young black brothers to follow, (be as successful as Jay..etc) (I’m not a rapper I’m a business man) “…Let me coach you!” HA, No Thanks,

    the man is a liar, just like the devil he follows and bows down to…

    I guess thats how I feel, and don’t even get me started on swizzy, in fact I’m not gonna say nothing at all.

    but the video is well done lol, ahhah (creatively, from a creative point alone), the editing, the way it’s shot, even the idea’s and concept, it’s pretty awesome, just a shame about the dark and devlish substance, content, clips, tones, words (hidden in pretty I’m here to help matter, looking me everybody, I’m flying…) YAWN!

  8. I thought the video was cool but it didn’t match the song… I only watched it once visually cool but … *divakattgurl shrug* whatever…..

  9. @ Fr, I’ve watched this video several times, first on mute, then forced myself to listen to his lyrics. lol I have mixed feelings about it.

    I think this video was more directed to christian americans more so than anyone else. I do not know who makes these videos of where he/kanye/Bey are potrayed as devil worshipers but i get the sense that they are American based, not sure if it is christians who make them, i don’t have a clue. And i basically think that what he was trying to do in that video is what they have done to him, hence the cross and whatever else he showed in that video that is basically anti-christian.

    Maybe he is anti-christian who is married to a christian, lol, already see his conflict and dilemma especially that his work is public mercy based,lol
    But then again, this is the same man who keeps on saying that life begins after church. I don’t even want to go into that, why does he feel the need to tell/ direct people out of church?

    I thought in some parts he was defending Bey, i think where he was saying looking for perfection and sexy and what not, then he went on to defend his hustle/and fellow associates, the part where he was talking about record labels not holding him and him holding them or something like that anyway, lol. And i think he is saying he will do whatever he needs to do inorder to gain success even if it means watering down his work in some cases or breaking the religious rules(which i think is more in defence of bey than himself), hence on to the next one because it’s all about business. The video was in black and white anyway, hmmm..(which reminds me of Bey’s Black culture song, same thing) lol

    Seriously, how old is he??? I bet too old to be playing these games with the public. That video was waaaaaaay too young for him and kind of silly. lol

    He has been doing music for how long??? Then he comes up with lyrics that brag about how much he makes, what wine he drinks and service he gets and start a war basically with christians, grow up Jay, ten steps forward and ten backwards. Please *rolls eyes* I thought he was waaay past that stage when he got his first cheque as an artist and bought his first car. lol

  10. Ps: When his time is up, i wonder whether his success will be respected as much as he wants it to be. Either way, i dislike what i see in some of the artists who work for him and how they present themselves.

  11. He wants to be a rebel? I will wait and see how this works out for him. America is so Christian and they take it serious.

  12. @ dera… I think he is a rebel, he is a chief / head rebel in terms of rebels, he leads them lol, and he’s into the recruitment and development of rebels. lol ahaha

    @ Lati … Defiance comes to mind after reading your comments Lati, he is a defiant one lol, relentless, fully aligned to HIS and THIER agenda, regardless of the casulties it may cause along the way.

    dude is 40, nah seriously, he’s 40 and still rapping like that, ??? I think he does certain things cos he can, and he still has plenty to boast about (with a man like Hov, this will never stop), Obama on Text, wow, NO ONE CARES LOL… beisdes we all know why and how comes u have him and people of great power in positions on text

    I don’t see Bey is a Christian, she may have appeared as a sheep under the shepard, but now appears more to have been a wolve in sheeps clothing, 😉

    And he [Jay] would direct people away from the church, that is all part of the agenda and plan, he is like anakin, becoming darth vader, he is the darth vader of this rap shhhh lol!

    this might just read as some funny shhh or madness, but there is much truth too 😉

  13. @ Fr, i will put it down to individual choices. I mean, some people want fame so bad that they would take anything. Look at Xfactor, how many have gone on to do really well and lasted? so many did cover albums , like one album and disappeared off the face of the earth. You have deluded kids on these shows. Such shows look legit because the whole public is involved. Same con, different face, played differently.

    As for Jay, stringing religion into this…smh Why???

  14. The video does not bother me, it looks cool. However, having watched the youtube videos, he is right to be angry. I believe this is a counter attack done in bad taste. He has accomplished alot and this was not necessary, he could have done without the antics and controversy. @ Fr, new upcoming artists being signed lack the knowledge they need prior to signing deals. There’s not enough information out there and those who can help, never help. They get are trapped because no one can help prior.:-(

  15. In a way i sympathise with him because he has been criticised for the route he has taken music wise and selling out, and also critcised for religious beliefs. The industry is the devil if you ask me. Everyone is in it for what they can get out of it no matter who gets burnt along the way. Jay z could have done without the religious foolishness, i hear you Fr on that matter.

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