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Grime star Wiley has claimed that fellow artists including Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk have abandoned their roots.

The rapper, who reached number two with single ‘Wearing My Rolex’ last year, claimed that underground movements in other genres have been more commercially successful without selling out.

“If we’d all stayed together we could have seen a bit more power,” he told the Daily Star.

“Hip-hop and drum and bass acts stay together more.”

The ‘hardworking’ and ever so ‘reliable’ Wiley has spoken!

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  1. Totally agree with him. They changed their sound completely but still insist they didn’t change it that much.

  2. If he’s gonna have a go at them, then he better direct his disdain at Dizzee too who I don’t even recognise anymore! At the end of the day they’re doing what needs to be done to “make it” commercially and if anybody took any notice of him then he’d be doing it too and coming out with some sub-standard dance or pop shit.

  3. no matter how many times wiley may bug out!!!
    i cant help but listen to what he has to say!!
    i dont alway agree BUT ON THIS ONE i think he is right
    tho people may be doing what they have to do
    but the end result is folks have allowed the mainstream avenue to help BURY THEY’RE ORIGINAL ROOTS!!
    ITS LIKE IF YOU WANNA GET ON you gotta leave your original music behind… not attacking anyone but look at the end results of this chart success!!!!
    shouldnt we be seeing more artists comig thru!! that rhyme and stuff!!!
    but were seeing the same ones!!
    and they cant do their original music anymore!!
    this has a knock on effect for the rest of the genre that they come from…
    they must be all thinking we gotta leave to get thru!!
    which fragments the movement!!!
    the social acceptance that is being afforded the new generation is one way orientated!!!
    they are not being allowed to bring their culture to the forfronnt .. only the commercial option..!!
    this is killing the undeground morale!

  4. but Ty that’s exactly what wiley is doing, have you heard his new song? it’s on the same sound as Dizzee’s ‘Bonkers’.

    He’s doing what he has to do to get a hit so it’s a bit cheeky of him to talk about anyone else especially when tinchy is in his new video so he’s obviously loyal to wiley.

  5. Wiley is making money..pure and simple. You can’t knock him for that. He has the kiddies to feed and wants a big slice of that pie Dizzee has already been tucking into for several months. Underground music stays underground because it’s just not popular. I have most of Wiley’s back catalogue, which is extremely strong, but just not shifting. He’s a def’ a better producer than he is lyrycist. I too always like to hear what he has to say he is always interesting and uncensored about the inner wrangles.(we all know he can’t keep his mouth shut) The industry has not been able to market Wiley and he has had his own problems coming to terms with the spotlight success brings. I do like this new more confidant Wiley that has emerged. I have faith that he is still working his roots behind the scenes and nuturing young talent.

  6. Firstly, we can’t take this word for word, I don’t think Wiley would really disrespect Chippie or Tinchy like that, he wouldn’t speak that badly about them (would he?), but he may have questioned the way the [Grime] scene has stalled [many times] and can’t seem to break through from the underground up and may have thrown a few names in that could’ve help MORE, but I don’t think he would’ve called anyone of them two a sell out!

    I like listening to Wiley, right or wrong he always has a lot to say and says things in a very colourful manner, he’s entertaining (imo)

    He still makes music for the street and with that brings through alot of youth and talented individuals to a level where there is Good exposure for them, where from there they can crack on (if they choose to put the work in)…

    Tinchy who dropped his album (which I didn’t bother to purchase) which was probably mostly commercial, I don’t know, but I do know at that time or before he dropped two free downloadable E.P.’s which were (imo) geared more towards the street and for me -where decent enough to satisfy the hordes of underground heads craving that ‘rawer’ form of ‘urban’ music, the rawer side of Tinchy perhaps.

    Wiley Makes chart toppers now -ok, (like Ghetto said, who don’t wanna be rich, who don’t wanna be big, who don’t wanna be famous? WHO?) but his last ALBUM ‘race against time’, had enough grime bangers (street music / real grime music if you like lol) to keep grime fans happy!

    What am I really saying, Lay of the Dude, he’s a talented brother with much vision, not perfect, who is?, but still I say we support the man and not crucify him lol.

    Ps… TY -come out of ya Cave brotherman lol, u made a good and VALID point! 😉

    (above link is a good interview with Wiley and the BIG DAWG! tim westwood lol… I’m telling you Wiley is Funny!… Oct 2009!

    “NAH, you know what it is bro, … I used to say Dad, are you coming to see me this weekend… and he’d say, Yes Son, I’m coming to see you on Saturday, and he Never Came Bro!… ” LOL Wiley excusing why he never used to turn up to certain tings lol.

  7. wow didn’t realise I wrote so much, damn, LOL, anyway…

    @ Marvel…

    I’ve been watching the recent video’s and been keeping up with the ‘beef’ roll deep vs bloodline, it’s quite interesting, I don’t think Wiley will say anything much more, and I hope nothing extra comes from it @shotGun Ting’ Wow lol.

    I hope not, theres really no need lol.

  8. lol ty you dont need to go into any cave, your point is very valid and i agree with you. Im just saying wiley isnt in a place to talk if he’s doing the exact same thing.

    I dont see any issue with what wiley, dizzee or any of them are doing, as long as i like what i hear i couldnt care less what genre it is.

  9. well Dizzee last three albums were on independent labels. Wiley has mentioned that some songs have been released not of his choosing because of record contracts owners choice etc. maybe chipmunk has to be all oopsy daisy while tinchy does what he does.

    Well at least Kano is still around.

  10. Weak quotations, but if Wiley did say something akin to the headline of this ‘gossipy’ article, then he needs his head checked out for high levels of hypocrisy. Wiley is probably one of the biggest sell-outs next to Rascal and Kano so he can’t say anything. And I don’t understand those people who state how these sell-outs bring the youth into the music industry. What exactly do they represent? What exactly do they perpetuate in their music? Grime is dead. Face it or be an outcast. Now that’s real. These moots have no relevant message that will develop youngsters in this age. The music they produce won’t only keep urban communities in a rapid state of decline as these heads were originally seen as role models and in many quarters, still are, but their music is now so commercial, pop/disco based fruity, sugar-coated tripe that it’s more of a cataclyst for demise than anything.

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