The Blast From The Past R&B concert took place at the Philips Arena on Friday (December 10th) and Dru Hill, Changing Faces, Troop, Blackstreet, K-CI & JoJo, Guy, Next, and Jagged Edge performed on the night.

Check out K-CI…. This has to be karma for the way he treated Mary J Blige all those years ago…

Oh dear…..

I would have loved to have seen female duo Changing Faces. I was a fan but have to admit that those girls could not sing live.

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  1. “The Blast from the Past” Concert by Atlanta’s Smooth Entertainment was the worst show I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

    Let me tell you the ways:

    1) Here are the list of performers: Troope, Next, KC & Jojo, Dru Hill, Changing Faces, Blackstreet, Guy, Jagged Edge and Guy (not in that order, if I left out anyone please add them). No disrespect to Changing Faces but can you believe that they performed best among the long list of 90’s mega stars? Note worthy — KC & Jojo were either high, drunk or both; a Blackstreet member, spoiled the featured performance by Guy, telling the audience that Teddy Riley wouldn’t be performing with Guy – saying it was f’ed up but gave no explanation why!

    2) Only Blackstreet and Guy were introduced, there was “no” MC for the program; artist just appeared on stage —it’s been ten years since we have seen most of the performers, oftentimes, the audience was asking each other, who is that on the stage?

    3) There were two miniature screens stage left and right at the back of the stage (small for a basketball arena), worse still, people constantly walked in front of the projected images. The tele-screens in Phillips Arena were no better, they displayed like an old ass television.

    4) The monitors (speakers) on the stage were out! This meant that the performing artist could not hear the music they were performing; many of them complained openly, especially Jagged Edge (thanks JE).

    5) There was “no”, “no” spotlight for the performers – I’m not making this $%#& up! Teddy Riley commented that – this is supposed to be a classy show and they don’t have a spotlight for us (thanks TR). That’s not all… when the performers went to either end of the stage, the audience could not see them until lights from the audiences cell phone shined on them (I’m not joking, thought I was watching The Blair Witch Project).

    6) Only Blackstreet and Guy had a band, all others used tracks played by a deejay; a few times I think the deejay played the wrong song. Oh yeah, during intermission the deejay played MJ once and the audience sung along; afterwards he played music to relax or go to sleep too.

    7) The microphone on your karaoke player was better than the microphones there (in disgust, KC & Jojo thrown them on the stage), so many of the artist asked the audience “can you hear me”, I thought the question was part of the lyrics of their new songs!

    8) KC & Jojo called Dru Hill out on stage — “Where is m’fkg Sisco, people say they sound like us!” Later Dru Hill did the same but let KC & Jojo sing a song with them (good sportsmanship, huh). Oh yeah, Dru Hill went on to embarrass them by singing one of their songs better than they could; they did the same to Next and Blackstreet (even one song originally song by David Hollister). I guess the latter is my opinion!

    9) When Guy finally appeared on the stage, 60% of the audience was either leaving or had left. Aaron and Damian Hall performed well, even with the poor sound quality but appeared to give in to their disappointment three songs into their set and quit after about 4 or 5 songs — oh yeah, they did not perform “Teddy’s Jam” or “Groove Me” — can you believe that $@#%!

    10) The Phillips Area turned on the air conditioning about two-thirds way through the concert; it was colder than a m’fker in that joint!

    11) My ticket was $63 (twice! some were much higher) and $10 for parking; we all should request a refund from: SMOOTH ENTERTAINMENT – ya’ll won’t get me again!

    12) I went to my tickets to see who promoted that damn show and it listed “MOOTH ENTERTAINMENT” so I Googled the m’fkers! I couldn’t find them (damn), know why? The tickets left the “S” off SMOOTH – this $@#% is absurd — they couldn’t even get their name spelled right.

    Finally, everybody that went to this fiasco should write [S]mooth Entertainment and the performers and demand their damn money back — $@#% I could have donated the $200 for the night to a worthy cost!

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