So not only is X-Factor judge/singer Cheryl Cole the “nations sweet heart”,  a “national treasure”, alleged racist and convicted batterer of toilet attendants, she is also an R&B artist!

Can somebody please tell me when this happened??? I must have been in a deep coma.

Cheryl’s number 1 single Fight For This Love is featured on the recently released compilation album R&B Collection 2010

First BBC 1xtra wasted airtime playing her track (I am still baffled by that decision), then she was featured on the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) website and now this!

Hanging out with gullible Black Eyed Peas front man Will.Iam does not make you an R&B star Cheryl.  

I swear if they start rotating her videos on MTV Base and BET that will be the final straw! I will lose it big time!

You may have pulled the wool over the nations eyes Cheryl, but you don’t fool me luv!

Sophie Amogbokpa

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  1. Well, these so called RnB compilations always have pop or rap music on them. I mean this one has N’Bubz, Dizzy Rascal and the Sugababes.

    But yeah, having her on is particularly galling, given her past!

  2. …and she was featured on the Mobo website a while back…you’re right, what the hell is going on??!!

  3. The do play her on MTV BASE. That pop b**h gets on my nerves. I can never consider buying or a free download of that R&B compilation as she is on it. she is hilarious when she tries to slang up her talk. WE ARE NOT FOOLED and I doubt Simon Cowell is either. Money bull ish. The worst joke about cheryl tweedy cole is that she is part of the bullyproof campaign. they stopped comments as people brought up her past transgressions on YouTube. haha shame!!!

  4. I recommend ‘the midnight soul collection’ from ‘Time life’ 4 those looking 4 R n B collection. You will not regret it. A classic collection and on point.

  5. @ Janice is it possible tht the woman has changed and grown up,maybe she has generally learned from her mistakes.

  6. The music industry is all about connections, if someone is well connected people tend to look the other way….Will. Iam is a top dog.

  7. Lawd I would have worked that girl over if she even raised her damn hand at me, I can guarantee she won’t ever utter the words “black bitch” ever again!!! Twot! Trust me she ain’t flying in the US… she ain’t no Mariah Carey!!!

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