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John Barnes, the former Liverpool and England winger, has been declared bankrupt by a Liverpool insolvency court only days after he was fired as manager of Tranmere Rovers.

Barnes, 45, gave his occupation as a ‘provider of media services, lately a footballer’. He was declared insolvent and will be discharged on 14 October, 2010.

The hearing took place five days after Barnes’ dismissal from Prenton Park, where his side lost eight of the 11 games under his control. Barnes had quit as manager of Jamaica in May to take over at the League One club, who are local to him.

It was the culmination of an unhappy career in management for Barnes, who had a lucrative playing career, winning 79 England caps and twice winning the Footballer of the Year award. He was still at Watford when he was first capped for England and after his golden years at Liverpool he moved to Newcastle in 1997 and appeared for them as a late substitute in the 1998 FA Cup final, becoming one of a handful of players to appear for three clubs in the Wembley showpiece game.

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John Barnes has made a lot of money over the years and continued to make a lot of money long after his football career ended. So how did the man end up bankrupt???

UPDATE: The Times Online reports that John is playing down the situation, and insists his bankruptcy is due to a “tax oversight” which he is now dealing with.

I respect John’s past achievements and hope he succeeds in getting his finances in order.  But I will NEVER forgive him for defending former football manager Ron Atkinson after he called Chelsea player Marcel Desailly a ‘Lazy thick nigger” back in 2004.

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  1. What exactly was he defending?? You are only good if you score and give them glory and pay your taxes, apart from that, i guess he is about to find out.

    And Barnes has had a crap time as a manager, everywhere he goes he has nearly been fired for not being good, so i wonder why they still give him managerial posts. I’ve seen him commentating alot on channel five and the type of leagues that feature on channel five have clubs that are not widely known anyway. As for his bunkruptcy, i could care less about it. He will survive somehow.

  2. @lati

    He got on TV and said that Ron was not a racist and went on about how Ron had helped black footballers in the past, (yeah John Ron was just a good business man. it didnt mean he liked you) so of course he could never be a racist. I was appalled. I lost all respect for him after that.

  3. @ janice, i read a piece a while ago where a BNP member said that Ashley cole is not British ethnically, therefore not british(but which british is ethnically british or what percentage are ethnically british anyway), and that as long as they paid their taxes and literally scored 4 england, thats all that mattered. But barnes is deluded, he was a valuable commodity at the time like karlnova said.

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