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Javine and Harvey during "happier" times.

Javine must be really desperate for the attention, sympathy and dough.

It was always going to end in tears dear! Move on! Focus on your daughter and the future. 

Via The News Of The World

STRICTLY Come Dancing star Alesha Dixon’s hip hop ex-husband MC Harvey is today branded a SERIAL love rat who cheated on her with SEVEN women during their year-long marriage.

New judge Alesha will be devastated by our revelations – until now the former Mis-Teeq singer has blamed sexy Eurovision star Javine Hylton for stealing her man and wrecking the relationship.

But it’s Javine herself who is now telling all on So Solid Crew rapper Harvey after dumping him over his bedhopping and violence.

Now in hiding with their one-year-old daughter, Javine told us: “Harvey is a serial womaniser with a big problem. He cheated on Alesha with A LOT of women. I did her a big favour by taking him off her hands – and after three horrible years, boy do I regret it.” Continue Reading….

Javine’s in hiding and Harvey’s various lovers were afraid to blab about his cheating ways.

Wow I had no idea Harvey was such a ‘gangster’…..

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  1. “Wow I had no idea Harvey was such a ‘gangster’…..”

    u like him now don’t u… 😉

  2. The bredder confided in her that he was a cheat and she still went there??????? What did you expect woman??? It is sad to see black people adopting the foolish habits from the knuckleheads of this land. Did Alesha have any children for Harvey?

  3. cracking up @ pheva, I think ya on to something, all of a sudden Harvey has become attractive to Janice, the new and improved Jim Jones LOL…

    but yeah on a different note, I know man like harvey, they can get any girl they want, but treats them like nothing, like dirt, mad aggressive and all sorts,… and nuff young guys are taking viagra, it’s nothing new, foolish if you ask me, all that can’t be good for ya heart.

  4. She had better get a JOB and stop the nonsense. Or go back to study and get herself some qualifications and stop seeking celebrity status.

  5. what interested me with this story …. is how once again the news of the world used the world hip hop again in reference to harvey’s alleged bad boy incidents.. can any body tell me why hip hop music is being connected to harvey!!
    i dont understand!!! ( well i do ) but i dont wanna accept it

  6. @Ty

    It is convenient to them to make a linkage to hiphop as then the ignorant population of this country can continue to ride on their petty powertrips and justify their thinking that black people are a bunch of animals. We live in a country where people’s leisure is to be indoctrinated daily and to have their decisions made for them by the mainstream media, including what clothes to wear for the day.

    Its just another topic for the spineless yellowbacks of this country to jump upon and feel power within themselves rather than dealing with the real issues at hand. The underlying message here is that all men(particularly black men)involved in the hiphop culture sleep around, commit adultery, behave like reckless animals and cannot be trusted.

    So many ignorant fools are going to run with this story to the bank. It may have been better for Javine to keep her mouth shut as the coming onslaught will do us a black people no favours.

  7. Is it me or is this guy a nutcase?

    Alesha’s a straight dime piece…I probably wouldn’t cheat on her, just off of looks alone~!


    Also, when it states “…it’s Javine herself who is now telling all on So Solid Crew rapper Harvey after dumping him over his bedhopping…” is this just outright false? Forgive my ignorance RE: UK rap acts (I’m getting a great education here @ this site, Jan~!), but is he NOT a rapper?

  8. dera,

    I’m just trying to say that I thought Alesha is so pretty that a man would be a complete idiot to cheat on her. She may, however, have that same attitude about her that Halle Berry (arguably the most beautiful woman of ALL TIME) had…men cheated on her left and right.

    I’m also trying to figure out if Harvey is/was in fact really a rap artist. If so, then I’m not too sure why ty and Verbs are so upset @ the initial article’s usage of hip hop…

    That’s all I’m sayin’~! It’s all about being educated, and reading everyone’s comments serves to enlighten me to things I (as genius as I am!) am admittedly ignorant of.

  9. I was more interested in the hip hop bit too. Knowing nothing about rap i just kept quiet but thank you for clarifying that and good night. lol

  10. I feel like I should say karma is a b*tch and she got what she deserved, but I feel somewhat sorry for her! :s

  11. @ Sundance

    Because the dumb clucks of this country think all black people are hiphop or at least all of us listen to hiphop, so the article mentioning hiphop will fuel people to think that all black people cheat on their girlfriends/wives and that this is part of our general culture(even though they have been doing this long before we came to this land). This is one angle of it.

    Its a British thing, you would have to understand the mentality of the people of this land to see where we are coming from.

  12. I had to double check myself on the rapper/Mc=hip hop.

    Not all men can be trusted, nothing more nothing less. The same goes for women.

  13. @Verbs :
    I’ve been doing a little bit of research, and the level of racism you all experience across the pond is ridiculous.

    I thought it was bad over here….SHEESH~!

  14. How about the stereotype that ALL MEN ARE CHEATS/OF ALL RACES, Which has been going on forever and many women can swear by, never mind the black man? Blame the black woman for speaking out/javine who by the way mentioned harvey as a rapper and hang her dirty laundry for money.

  15. Sundance

    Yeah, they are very slick over here with their racism and extremely 2 faced when it comes to blatant comments, “ooops sorry, it was an accident”. I don’t know why they bother even apologising as most of the culprits over here only say sorry to maintain good pr, not because they are truly repentant. The mask is beginning to come off and the british public are starting to show their true colours, what they really think of blacks and other majority groups.

  16. Harvey (IMO) is not even an MC let alone artist, I remember him from the old so solid days, he was like a hype man, he about two lines, (har, har, vey, vey, solid fam-i-ly) and that was all he really said LOL

    @ Janice – The Viagra thing, I think it’s about being the talk of the female toilets, wanting to be a stud, without the hard work, … but guys like harvey, most likely have spread himself about sooo much that he probably don’t have a lot left in his tank and maybe struggles to get it up nowadays for those frequent and unspecial occasions, so he needs a little pick me up 😉

  17. Not this time FR. harvey was the sponger and demanding one and in 75k debt of javine’s money. lol

    ‘(har, har, vey, vey, solid fam-i-ly) ‘ He is still a rapper and a hip hop artist even if he does iit poorly. lol

  18. All these women thinks they can tie us down… “hehehehe”…. Am laughing at y’all for real… Until I find the True love, I Will remain a playa for lifeee….. I rate harvey though.. Hes Gangsta…. dats wat am talking bout… bang and trash…. All Dayyyy…

  19. Da Playa:

    You’ve been suckered in by a globalist elite programme to separate women from men. You talk about playing women but your backside is being rooted and shafted by acting out in typical programmed fashion. You are a laughing stock to rappers and the elite of the world who watch you mimmick and parrot everything you are shown on television. Got lube for your rectum sir?

  20. WOW.. i am late to get this info. He claimed on some other website that he cheated on Alesha because she didn’t want kids. So, Harvey, um, whats the reason for cheating on Javine eh?? Hmm

    ANyhoo, Javine is feeling the karma now I expect (ha ha) As for Harvey, his comeuppance will come

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