Singer and TV personality (she will appear on Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing as a regular judge) Alesha Dixon has announced that she plans on making a “hard hitting” documentary about absent fathers.

Dixon will be fronting this documentary so it will basically shine the spotlight on young women from within the black community who are possibly unemployed, struggling to raise at least three children by the themselves somewhere deep in South London, because their ‘road man’ baby fathers just got up one day, left, and never returned.

Then the spotlight will focus on the black man who will end up looking worthless and completely irresponsible before the documentary reaches it’s climax.

Dixon will then visit psychologists, community workers, social workers, and a host of UK ‘urban’ personalities, to discuss finding a solution to this problem.

Then she will conclude with some words of wisdom Rev Run style.

The End.

This documentary is going to be sooooo uplifting!

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  1. You can take a cow to the river but you cannot force it to drink. May be forcing them to pay child support.

    And why are the psychologists, social workers etc… the ones to find solutions and not the single mothers or absent fathers? Like these psychologists, social workers are not prone to being single parents or having absent fathers.

    These documentaries can be good but the way they execute them sometimes just leaves you wondering, what was the the point? Instead of tackling the root problems, they make people look victims and take away the responsibility from them, and what good is that?

    How do widows survive? They are left single parents but some of them and their children survive pretty well.

  2. hmm, well hopefully alesha’s doc will be more interesting than Jamelia’s Whose hair is it anyway?’ expose on the weave industry…a waste of licence fee money imo

  3. Jan has laid it down, and I truly think that the documentary will go exactly as it has been laid out. Black man, brace yourself.

  4. It depends on who is doing it and why. Some journalists are good at these documentaries. ‘Absent fathers’ as a topic does not sound like it is going to cover much or serve any purpose. There are many reasons why women end up single parents, some out of unfortunate circumstances and some out of their own making. Exposing absent fathers does not make sense. If you are already faced with a problem, get on with it and see how you got there in the first place.

  5. If i was a single parent, my last worry would be an absent partner. First priority would be my kids. Some women get caught up in their ex and forget their children. Why concern myself with someone who does not want to be there in the first place? If she’s doing this documentary, i hope it focuses more on the single mothers, when they had their children, if they are unemployed, why?, what skills/qualifications have they got, if not, why? No point of exposing absent fathers.

  6. I think u hit on the nail janice, not a good look at all, we def’ do not need this now, or perhaps any time in the future, … what purpose is the documentary really gonna serve?…

    is Alesha on facebook, … let me ask her lol!

  7. lets face it………. alsha didnt come up with this documentary!!
    she never commissioned it or research it…
    she’s just the celebrity chosen to give it that black but acceptable face!!…
    the real issue for me is WHY ARE THIS PARTICULAR CHANNEL covering this topic!!
    what do they hope to accomplish!!
    dirty laundry is dirty laundry!!
    but this doesnt really seem genuinely interested in finding a solution …
    just more and more and more and more!!finger pointing!!

  8. good ole english media programming!!
    isnt their some country people problems they could cover.. but no !!!inner city pressure is lovely to watch with crumpets and tea!
    only way i look at it.. IS THIS PROGRAM IS NOT MADE FOR MY BENEFIT!

  9. Single parenting is not exclusive to black people. My question is, why is it focusing on the black community yet it’s a national outcry? Make it for all so that everyone benefits. Absent fathers as a topic seriously is crap.

  10. i appear in this programme and feel that the comment about it focusing on the black community is absolutely out of context, i am a white female, and thanx t this programme i found my dad after 23 years, id been looking for 8 years,, watch it, u may be suprised

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