X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke apparently cannot wait to release her debut album.

The highly exciteable singer told The Sun,

“If I could turn round and say to the label, ‘OK, done, let’s release it tomorrow’, I would. I’m so excited to bring it out – my blood’s boiling. It’s not going to be what you expect it to be. The label have told me they’re very proud at the moment.”

Burke also disclosed that she has been receiving support from Beyoncé during the recording process.

“I’ve seen her three times during the making of this album. She’s an amazing woman. She’s been giving me vocal advice and advice to make sure I’m keeping on top of my game. I look up to her a lot and I can learn a lot from her.”

I bet she still breaks down in to tears and gushes for England every time Beyonce’s in her presence.

Just take it down a notch with the hero worship Alexandra!

Anyway like the rest of the world I am desperate to hear her debut album.

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  1. Another ‘Beyonce’ in the making. Give me unsigned uk artists all day everyday. Everytime she cried and bowled, i picked up the phone and voted jls, and i never vote. Anyway, i await the single and video 2 c her new antics.

  2. (quote) Everytime she cried and bowled, i picked up the phone and voted jls – omg hahahahaha!

    Me one, i can wait – im not buying into another desperate artist- just cos you can sing doesnt mean we aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll after to see your face daily …honestly sorry you artists in here but if i ruled the world i’d wipe the floor of these kind of ‘leg up artists’!!!!

    gosh im in a bad mood!

  3. too true Lati- her carrying on’s made me vote for Rachel and she never finished a song! lol!

  4. Lol, poor rachel, she was better but they did not have time to groom her. Miss sunshine played her game and the last straw 4 me came when she invited jls 4 xmas dinner. I shook my head and said, missy, u r really good. Like they didn’t have family who could cook. Lol

  5. LOL Verbs, i feel sorry for her especially now, personally i am saving to buy MJ CDS & VIDEOS & CONCERT VIDEOS, even if they cost me 100 quid, and i refuse to do do ebay and download in this case. HMV. LOL

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